Twinj: What is Love ??? (OS by ROSHINI)

Hi everyone, hope u ppl remember me, sry I am nt posting my ff for few days, my exams are going on. So need little time.
Moreover I am here with a gud news and os treat for u all!!!!!

Yes, from past 1 year I am on TU page, it stared on 2nd March 2016. One year gave me a lot gud frnds amazing sistas much fun. New life I say!!!!

So no more bakwass lets move on to os hope u ppl will like it on my TU anniversary


It has been 3 months of my marraige with kunj, but we never behaved like a typical husband and wife. I knew him only as a great business tycoon. I still remember that day of our marriage which is arranged one.
We both agreed to marraige on our own wish, as I had done my graduation my parents made me marry under stress full circumstances. Even kunj was also settled at that time.

I am a very modern yet traditional girl, who aims fr a big things in life. My only wish was to chase up my dreams n pursue them. Such a passionate one I am, but after my marriage I was held back.
No!! Kunj never told me to get back infact I understood his potentials.

We both were staying in new York due to his dream of new company here. While thinking all of these my memory took me back to my day of marriage.

* flashback*
As I heard the door open I looked up to see kunj moving towards me. As I was a arranged one I was nt at all comfortable in taking up our relationship.
But I felt huge shock when kunj said me these words. We had a little compatibility.
‘I am the person who believe in marraige strongly, the love which it gives,’ He said while I kept on nodding.
‘Me too, but y shouldn’t we start our relationship by being frnds?’ I asked putting my hand forth.
He smiled n joined me.
‘Go sleep,’ He said.
We both didn’t mind sharing a bed after all we are married now.
I ddint went fr work as I started managing home. When he came back from office, we used to hv a family dinner with whole members n thn talking overnight by cuddling in our bed. We had a pure relationship. May be this is wt I meant as pure, I don’t knw bt fr me it was divine.
*flashback done*

3 months passed n today we both r staying here. While I finished writing me dairy, door bell rang!!
I went to open n saw kunj full tired.

Asusual we had dinner n were about to sleep.
‘Twinkle, can u get me a cover in my bag,’ He asked settling on the bed. I opened his bag n took out an envelope. I moved to bed.
‘Open it, it’s for u,’ He said
With a curiosity I opened the envelope n was hell shocked as well as surprised.
I looked at him while he smiled.
I couldn’t believe it.

The letter stated about me being appointed as a RJ at local Newyork radio station.

‘How?’ I asked
‘I know it’s ur dream,’ He replied.
‘Twinkle, see now u r married, u r my sole responsibility. UR parents can’t say anything to u. So just chill n go pursue ur dream baby,’ He replied keeping his laptop aside.
True! ! My parents never allowed me fr this job bt nw he is supporting me. I didn’t know hw to thank him coz saying thankq is a smallest thing to do fr him.

I ran upto him n hugged him sitting on the bed. He smiled n carased my back. I closed my eyes on his shoulders hugging my cutest teddy, my love kunj!!!!
Yes I love him like anything.

Next day mrng, he dropped me at the station n i nervously started up my first ever program. In very few days the whole of city started listening to me. I was very happy. Daily kunj used to drop n pick me up.

*end of twinkles pov*

Kunj s pov :
‘Hello…. new York. It’s really happy to welcome you all again. Get ready to listen my bak bak.
So now today’s topic is….
Oh!!! The very toughest as well as best one MARRAIGE’
So guys share ur views on marraige with me, ur twinkle but before that enjoy this song…’

I used to believe….
We were burning on the edges something beautiful
Something beautiful
Smoke n mirrors keep us waiting on a miracle
On a miracle ..
Say go thru the darkest of days
Heavens a heart break away never let u go never let me down….
Oh it’s been hell of a ride…….

I was lost in the song while smething motivated me some unknown force drived me to pick up my phone.
‘So guys!! After such an awesome song here we hv a caller, let’s see who is thr to share their views on marraige,’
Hello, hi… whose it.
‘Before that I need to share my feeling,’ the voice said.
‘But let me knw ur name first,’twinkle said.
‘First let me share my view,’ voice said.
‘I think I knw u coz I feel that I heard u, okay then continue…,’ she said.
“Fr me marraige is a sacred thing in everyone’s life. But I learnt the meaning of it after my lovely wife. She is such an awesome girl, no one can be like her. She is the one who supported me at every part of my life, s he being the best student gave up her career only fr me n my family, I can’t say thankq fr her coz it’s the smaller thing I can do for her but only thing which I can do is keeping her happy forever…. moreover I LOVE HER……..,’ HE said n paused for a while.
Here even twinkle had a different feeling listening to him.
Only thing came to her mind is…. same words which she had in her mind.
Can’t. …say thank you….smallest thing….to him… I love him….

She got disturbed when the person on call spoke.
‘And finally my name is….Nikhil,’ He said n cut the call.

*end of kunj s pov *

Twinkles pov:
‘Nikhil nice talking to u, u gave the best view ever. ….may ur wishes come true, ‘ twinkle said playing a last song on her program n left.
Kunj was waiting for her in the car.
She came n sat next to him silently.
‘What happened, today radio is so silent,’ He asked.
‘No..actually I had a last caller who is so awesome, I couldn’t believe his words. He seems very nice,’ I said.
‘Yeah even i heard him, soo,’kunj said.
‘So… I think I love him,’ I said.
With a jerk he stopped the car
‘What??’ Kunj was in shock
‘Yeah…. I really love him, I knw I am married bt he seems to be my soulmate,’ I said with little confusion.
Kunj was pale.
‘K do as u wish,’ He said.
‘I knw u will agree,’ I said hugging him while he jerked me off.
‘Why are u angry?’ I asked.
‘No…nting,’ He said.
‘Its okay tell na…. Mr. Nikhil kunj sarna,’ I asked him.
While he went blank!!!!!
I looked at him n laughed out
‘Soo… u knw…,’ He asked
‘How couldn’t I recognise my cute hubby s voice….,’ I said while he hugged me tight.
‘But u ddint gave reply fr my proposal,’ He complained making a pout
Stupid he is! !
‘I already gave,’ I said bt he was nt ready to get it.
‘When??…..u neve…..’
I pecked him on his lips in the middle. Within no time it started raining. He looked shockingly at me.
While I blushed.
He slowly moved towards me n cupped my face.
‘Kunj…. I am very happy as u supported me fr my dreams,’ I said.
‘No.. u r wrong. Still I didn’t finish ur dream of being a writer,’ He said making me shock.
‘I knw everything,’He said taking out my wish list.
My mouth wide opens n i started hitting him
‘Oh…sry!!!’ He said.
‘This is nt the way to say sry,’ I pouted in anger.
No time he kissed me leaving me boggled fr a while. It was a passionate yet full of love.
‘I only knew this way of saying sry,’ He said with huge cuteness.
I smiled at myself.

●●●●THE END●●●●

Conclusion: Love is nt a part of lie it’s the thing which should support u nt the one which Spoils u. Be patient fr such love.
Marriage is nt the thing which puts barriers fr our life n dreams it’s the one which gives confidence n the life partner is the one who will stand fr the loved ones….


SO hw is it??? Sry fr longer one.
Share ur views.

Note: i told u abt gud news!!!
Tashan e ishq is airing on z anmol frm 8.30pm. Hope u all enjoy it all again…. bye…
After exams will be back

Before that on 29th of this month I will give all of u an awesome bday treat of mine.

Bye lovely ppl

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