Twinj in Love #OS Part2~ by Shreya (Lovely)


Twinj in Love?(Part 2)

Hi…Sonal I dt ur b’day is on 5th..and in previous part only I said that I am wishing u in advance as I won’t visit Tu after now for some days due to exams…

Kunj’s Pov-
“listen…wait”..I called rushing behind her….

-Pov ends.

The girl crossed Manohar & Usha..”uncle…tell your stupid son…I won’t marry him “..saying she went out of the house.. Kunj reached there and gave a questioning look to them pointing towards the door…”Our daughter-in-law…” Usha said smiling..
“Papa”.. Kunj exclaimed with surprise…”what are you looking at us?..rush and bring Twinkle back… Goooooo”..Manohar rendered throwing car keys towards him…he did a nice catch and ran….(so the girl was Twinkle)… “Bring our daughter-in-law back or else don’t enter this house…”..Manohar shouted as Kunj ran with the brightest grin..”Don worry dad” said Kunj.

Kunj’s Pov-
Oh my!…I am soooo happy…jumping here like a maniac..I am gonna marry Twinkle.. MY TWINKLE!!! That too just in 2 days!!..I…I can’t believe this!..She proved today why she’s one of the best vocalist in Mumbai..My girl you are awesome….but…but…but…where’s the bride?..haye meri raajhdhaani..kahaan gyi?.. Tere bina kaise shaadi hogi?!!…I looked around stopping the car as my eyes fell on her walking at the roadside… I pressed the horn to grab her attention.. She looked at me blankly and surprisingly she went there…Where? the woods…”C’mon Twinkle don’t be insane…at least look at the weather.. Its so barbarous… “..I said getting out of the car..she din listened.. This girl is so stubborn… “Twinkle… Twinkle… “..I called out rushing behind her in the woods…”For god sake stop Twinkle.. “..I shouted…but she ignored…I ran and held her wrist and pulled her towards me with force..She landed on me with her front touching my chest…I held her from her waist…we were engrossed in each others’ eyes… I was lost in the brown ocean which were saying a heaven lot of things….our proximity was the much that I could feel her warm breath as does she…
All of a sudden she pushed me..”I don’t wanna talk to you Kunj”..she said…
“But why?”.. I asked…”why!!..haan.. Let me tell you innocent Kunj Sarna…”..saying this she started hitting me with her satchel!… “Aaah…!!…aah..!”…”U never told that you loved me!..hamesha..hamesha I felt that I am only stupid enough to love you…and chod kar aane ko tyaar the..u told all to a stranger but not me!….I am not gonna leave you…”…She said while hitting me all the time.
She stopped at hugged me tight…I was surprised but repopricated digging my face in her neck..”I Love you Kunj”…she breathed making my lips curve in a bright smile..”I Love you too…I love soooooo much “..I whispered.

We parted maintaining an eye lock..she was in my started pouring.. We were just drowned in eo…my wet girl was tempting me..I kissed her cheeks…my eyes fell on her pulpy lips..I felt that she saw the thirst in my eyes.. she came closer and sucked my lower lip before giving me a peck right there..and went a bit away..I slid my palm on her bare waist tightened my grip..I Kissed her smooching with my was a long liplock full of Passion and Pure love…

Pov ends
?Next Scene?

‘@Sarna Farmhouse’
A big…luxurious room is shown decorated like a bride..with candles and red& white roses and blue orchids with the make-go-crazy aroma in the romantic airs of the room..Kunj enters wearing a cream sherwani with pants..with his Love in his arms in a bridal style…Twinkle was dressed up in her wedding dress:.. A red and cream lehenga (the same as in the show she wore when Twinj were about to get married on kunj’s b’day but Yuvi replaced Kunj..that was really beautiful?)

They were looking at each other..Kunj carried her till the bed and made her stand..he was looking at her with eyes glutted with Love.
Twinkle smiled…Kunj caressed her face and kissed her forehead.. “I am so glad to have you in my life..thanks for becoming my life partner..Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna..”..Kunj said removing the duppata from her head.. listening which Twinkle’s lips turned into a curve.. “I love you Kunj”.. She said..
It started to rain outside..” Amazing timing Twinkle Sarna!..look it started to rain listening to the most wonderful words in your sweet voice.. “..saying Kunj stepped a bit backward looking at her..” Why are you looking at me like this?..wait..don’t think to take me to the rain..”..she warned..”but I’ve already thought of it..”..he said arching his eyebrow and lifted her again and took her to the balcony… Both started to get wet..he put her down and looked at her lovingly.. Caressing her face and tucked her strand of hair behind her ear..he rotated her and pulled her closer from her waist..water droplets on her lovely face were making Kunj loose his control over his hormones.. He removed her nath(nose ring) and kissed her all over her she wrapped her arms around him..he sucked her lips for a long passionate kiss and they were into it for long.

They parted being out of breath..Kunj bent his neck and planted hell lot of kisses on her neck..his hands were exploring her back since it was abackless blouse…Twinkle was feeling crores of butterflies in her stomach..and she knew that this is going to cont till long she was caressing her hands on his nape and hairs..”Kunj..”..she was breathing heavily.. she pushed him a bit..and rushed inside the room being shy..Kunj smiled.

He entered and saw her standing in front of the mirror drying her hair..she saw him through the mirror.. and passed a blushy smile..he motioned towards her and backhugged her ..tracing his lips on her nape and shoulder after removing her neck jewellery.. He turned her..and removed her earrings and kissed her ears later..he removed her dupatta sucking her neck…”’ll catch cold”..Twinkle said biting her lips..her looked at her arching his eyebrow ..she opened the 3 buttons of his sherwani and removed it..and caressed his chest at looked at him with hungry eyes.. Kunj removed her skirt and whispered.. “Its your turn my s*xy chick”.. She smiled while her cheeks turned crimson.. He slid his fingers on her spine Making her shiver..he opened the knot of her blouse while was licking..and biting her neck..Twinkle was moaning hard making him go crazy.. He removed her blouse just then Twinkle flipped them and started kissing..licking.. Sucking his chest and neck..while his hands explored her front..Twinkle arched her back when Kunj starting sucking her around… He picpicked her up and laid her on the cozy bed and came on top of her…soon the left pieces of clothes were off them..Kunj pulled the blanket only Twinkle’s heavenly hard moans and groans were audible…..the two souls made love and took their relationship to the most beautiful stage of togetherness…

Romance credit- Priyanjali di
Thanx di???

Heyyy…I’m back with it…thanks to all those who commented.. And will comment now…Love you lovely k lovelies?

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it I knew the girl is Twinkle Loved the hot romance between them 🙂 Keep writing and post your ff’s soon 🙂

  2. Outstanding

  3. Angita

    Awesome awesome awesome
    Sweet cute and just terrific

  4. Wow this was amazing.. I read both parts now and I must say it was superb.. I knew the girl was twinkle.. really loved this os.. ❤❤ and best of luck for your exams 🙂

  5. Adya

    Ahhhhaaaaaa……what a hot nd lovely os….jst like u…..Achha my god….wht a superb writing yrr….in both the parts….nd yeah go rock ur exams…nd come back with a blast ….Okk?????
    Fan os yrr…..Plss keep writing…..
    Loads of love

  6. Supriya18d

    Wow lovely awsm yr I luv it

  7. Kruti

    Shreya nd priyanjali both of u were just outstanding…..I throughly enjoyed read both d parts of d os

  8. Apurva

    It was fab… i had 90 % chances that the girl would b twinkle… and about the other part it was also fab.. twinj romance was superb.. keep writing more dear…

  9. Chiku

    Shreya and priyanjali u both are awesome ?????
    Loved it
    Glad to see u both

  10. Aamu

    Oye….tu kya cheez hai yaar..just amazing……
    N d girl was twinkle only…i had thought of it only….
    Just soooo much romantic…awwww loved it..♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
    Haaaye priyanjali di u rocked…..such a sweeet 1

  11. Lama

    Awesome yr…do write more

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous romantic epi tha….priyanjali dii you nailed it…..

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