TwiNj : Love On A Mission (One Slot) ~ by Shatakshi and Ria

TwiNj: Love On A Mission (One Shot)
Hey all!
Shatakshi, the author of “So A Lion Fell In Love With A Lamb” and Ria, the author of “Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be?” are together again.
Thank you so much for all your comments and support. We both are really glad that you all liked our previous one shot. Sorry we couldn’t reply to each one’s comment individually as we both were really busy this week.
As our earlier slot was a simple love story so this time we have tried something new.

Well, here’s another one for you all. We hope you all will like it.
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So let’s start
• • •
The scene revolves around the Headquarters of Indian Army.

A girl is seen walking…she is wearing a blue jeans with a white tucked in shirt and a leather vest over it along with a holster holding her gun…her hairs tied is a high pony tail.

“My I come in sir”, she seeked permission standing infront of a huge cabin.

“Come in Agent Taneja”, the person sitting in the cabin said.

“Jai hind Sir”, she saluted him with a stiff posture and an expressionless face.
The name plated indicated that it was Field Marshal Amar Ravat’s cabin….a man in his early fifties.
“Agent Taneja…. Again Army needs u….u have to stalk an international Gangster Sameer Khurana….I know u might be thinking that what is the need of Army to interfere in these matters which could have been handled by the Police and Govt….but the issue is that he has some confidential information regarding outcoming operations and plan which later can affect our country’s security….u will have our force assistance with u….the work u have to do is to get information of his each and every movement and direct us….if u need some company in this operation u are free to say”, he guided her.

“No sir….I will do it”, she said sternly.
“I expected the same from u….take these …here are ur tickets , passport and yes ur new identity….from now u are Twinkle Agarwal….I hope everything is clear now….u have to fly for Paris within 2 days…u have to trap him and hand him over to California Headquaters….later after further investigations we will shift him here”, he said.

“Yes”, said Twinkle and saluting Mr. Ravat she left the place.
In 2 days all the preparations were done and now she left for Paris.


Flight landed in Paris and a girl wearing a pink crop top with a loose shirt and capry came out of airport….she was twinkle….her new look made her look flawless.
She approached a taxi then drove to brokers place to get her new house keys which was earlier arranged for her…n then directly drove off to her house.
After unpacking many of her stuffs and arranging her GPS device which was tracing Sameer she started her work. Suddenly her door bell rang.
“Who will be here now?? Did anyone get information of me being here? Let’s check”, she thought and opened the door.
She found her broker and a guy facing his back.
“Actually ma’am he is going to share this flat with u as discussed earlier”, the broker said.
Twinkle gave a confused look.

“I wasn’t informed anything about it earlier….and why will he share this flat with me….I don’t even know him”, she said sternly.
“Ma’am it was known earlier….ur father booked the house and I informed him about the same….u can’t back off”, replied the broker.
Twinkle thinks, “I think Field Marshal Raval might have done this…but before doing anything I have to confirm.”
She instantly messaged him and he agreed broker’s words….she felt strange but then dropped the thought.
“Ohh…okay…let him be here….my father didn’t inform me about it”, she replied.
The Broker left and the boy turned around….he was approximately of the same age like her… Wearing a black full sleeves V neck T shirt along with a blue denims and a black shade….his body was sculpted and he had a maintained physique.
“Hey Lovely Lady”, he said forwarding his hand.
“Mind ur words…”, she warned him.
“Oops!!…I think u dont like compliments…but, anyways myself Kunj…Kunj Sharma”, he said entering the house.
“Ya ya Whatever….”, she said rolling her eyes and started moving inside her room when suddenly she stopped and went n sat on the couch beside him. Kunj arched his eyebrows seeing her.
T : What?
K : No nothing. (smiles)
T : Listen, I wanted to warn u that don’t u dare to enter my room….NEVER EVER…
K : (sarcastically) I can still stay here if u keep ur volume low.

T : Shut up….and u won’t talk to me neither spoil my privacy….everything will be done individually dont expect any kind of help or teamwork becoz I’m not gonna do anything for u…..n yes don’t even try to get cozy with me….becoz I’m a black belt n ur such act can harm ur manhood.
Kunj was smiling all the time.

K : n what if u tried to rape me??
T : (making a disgusted frown) U have a shitty head…n that’s never gonna happen.
T : ummm…so, what is ur profession?? I mean what do u do to earn a living?
K : I’m an employee in corporate office.
T : Ok fine…
Saying this she left for her room.
Kunj thought, “This girl is literally a bomb….” and smiled.
Days passed by n now it’s been a week since they are living together but, hardly talk…many a times, he tried but, Twinkle was hardly available. But, now they were friends….as she didn’t use harsh words for him becoz she found him good.


Twinkle returned completely exhausted and found Kunj in a brown leather jacket with a white round neck inner and a blue jeans.

T : R u going somewhere?? (She said relaxing on the sofa.)
K : Yeah.. Actually I was going to pub to hangout with friends….I know u are also going there only.

Twinkle thinks, “How does he know that I will go to pub behind Sameer….Strange!”
Kunj then clarifies his words.

K : I mean to say that u are coming with me….afterall we are friends right?
T : ok…I will get ready in 10 mins…
Saying this she went inside to dress herself. Kunj was waiting for her went he heard the sound of door. He was awestruck to see her beauty.
Kunj thinks, “God!!…she is so pretty.”
T : Come let’s go.
Kunj didn’t say anything….just kept on moving forward….here twinkle was moving back but didn’t utter a word. Finally the wall blocked her way.

T : Ku..kunj wh..what are u doing
K : shhh (placing his finger on her lips)
She closed her eyes on his touch. He then moved towards her ears.
K : (whispers) U look beautiful!
N then backed off. Twinkle blushed.
Suddenly a thought came in her mind, “Wait Twinkle what are u doing?….u can’t do this…this will never happen. …I can’t misguide Kunj…becoz we can never be one….”
She pushed him and ran to her room. Kunj was shocked with her actions. He didn’t go for the party but, Twinkle after sometime tip toed from the house as her operation was at stake and she can’t ignore her work becoz of her newly experienced feelings.

Neither of them uttered a word…. The entire morning was like a silent movie….both wanted to say many things….it was visible from their eyes but mouth was not allowing them. Finally they spoke up together.
“I’m sorry.”
(Both smiled.)
K : I’m sorry Twinkle…I didn’t do that intentionally.
T : I know Kunj…n I’m sorry too for over reacting…. don’t know what happened to me at that time….I think no one came so close to me ever so this might be the reason.

K : Seriously twinkle??…u mean to say that u never had a bf…
T : (rolling her eyes) Like u had many.
K : Yes I probably had 17 gf’s…but right now I’m single. (He says with a wink)
Twinkle’s jaws were dropped on hearing this.
T : Ohh now I get it…u were flirting with me these days right??…bl**dy flirt.
She says throwing the cushion….n left to her room. Leaving a laughing Kunj behind.
He thinks, “I love u Agent Twinkle Taneja….I know ur identity…but u dont know mine….the day I saw u, u made me go crazy….u are the first n the last lady in my life….my lady love!”
He removed her photo from his wallet and kissed it.
With the passing days Twinkle’s affection for Kunj was growing…and here kunj was madly in love with her.
One day twinkle was behind Sameer when she noticed Kunj…. But, before she could call him he disappeared in the crowd. She came back home

T : Kunj (she yelled)
K : Yes Twinkle
He says sipping his coffee
Seeing him calm she thought, “I think I misunderstood him with someone else….God Twinkle u are seeing Kunj everywhere….control ur love dumb head”, she smiles
K : Twinkle, where are u lost?
T : no nothing.

Twinkle was arranging her cupboard busy in Kunj’s thoughts when she received a message.

She saw the sender and found it out to be Kunj’s. She opened the messaged and read it.
“Come to Hotel Meridian at 7.”
“Why would he call me there?”, wondered Twinkle and looked at her watch.
“Gosh! It’s already 5. I need to get ready and start. Aj Kunj ke hosh udhaane honge (Today, Kunj has to lose his senses)”, said Twinkle to herself and patted her forehead for being stupid.
She got up and choosing her dress went to change. After an hour Twinkle was ready. She had dressed herself in a black knee-length dress with netted embroidery all over it along with matching accessories and black heels.

She applied a little make-up and looked drop-dead gorgeous. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled looking at herself. She wore her black-silver combined watch and said, “I am coming Kunj.” She left her home and drove away to the hotel.

She parked her car and was about to walk inside when she thought, “Where should I go? Shall I call him? No, I’ll go ask the receptionist and then surprise him.” She walked away to the reception and asked the receptionist, “Kunj Sharma?”
“One second ma’am. I’ll just check”, replied the receptionist.
“Ma’am, we’ve a booking by Kunj Sarna’s name. But, Kunj Sharma isn’t there”, replied the receptionist.
Twinkle looked on confused but, later thought may be the receptionist booked it by the wrong name.
“Okay. Room number?”, asked Twinkle.
“Ma’am, room number 405. But, he told us to direct you to the pool side”, replied the receptionist.

“Okay thank you so much”, said Twinkle and walked away to the pool side.

She found the pool side completely decorated with red and white balloons all over.
Small bulbs made the place look more beautiful at night.
She went towards the pool and looked here and there to find Kunj.
She found him standing at a distance facing his back towards her. She thought to suprise him and tip-toed up to him.
She was about to hug him from back when he said, “Twinkle shouldn’t know what I actually do. She only knows I’m an employee in a corporate office.”
Twinkle was startled while Kunj disconnected the call. He turned around and saw Twinkle standing there.
“Twinkle?”, he uttered being afraid.
“Kunj Sarna, would you mind telling me what do you exactly do”, said Twinkle folding her arms.
“Twinkle, you’re getting me wrong”, said Kunj.
“I was getting you wrong. I don’t even know you. You just hid everything from me. I don’t even know what do you to earn a living. When you’ve to hide this that means it’s something illegal. This relationship, our so-called friendship….ur care and affection for me, everything was just a lie. Anyways, I need to arrest you Mr. Kunj Sarna”, said Twinkle as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

Twinkle took out the handcuffs and was about to arrest Kunj when he put his hand back and took out his revolver.
“Don’t try to act smart”, yelled Twinkle.
Kunj pulled Twinkle behind him and shot another person.
“Sameer Khurana!!”, exclaimed Twinkle.
“Why did you kill him? I had to hand him to the headquarters in California”, shouted Twinkle without realizing her words.
“And from where did u get this revolver??” she asked curiously.

“I’ve shot him on his leg. He’s injured”, said Kunj putting his revolver back.
“How did you know he wasn’t to be shot?”, asked Twinkle.
“Senior Under Cover Agent Kunj Sarna, New York City headquarters”, said Kunj and called someone. Twinkle’s jaws dropped as she looked on amused.
“Sameer Khurana is injured. Come and take him from Hotel Meridian”, said Kunj and disconnected the call.
Twinkle started hitting him and said, “You idiot! Why didn’t you tell me that you’re an under cover agent? Okay fine. I understand that. But, now when I was shouting at you then why were you quite?”
Kunj pulled her closer and kissed her. Twinkle remained shocked as Kunj continued kissing her passionately.
Kunj pulled back after a few minutes and asked,
“Now, what?” Twinkle pushed him back and said,
“Answer my questions first.” Kunj again pulled her closer and was about to kiss her when she bent down.
“First tell me”, said Twinkle.
“I was here to protect u as guided by Mr Raval…but see my silly heart slipped for u”, he says smiling.
Twinkle gave him death glares as her questions were still unanswered.
“ok …ok..” he raised his hand in a way to surrender.

“I was thinking how to react? Should I let you die or should I save you”, replied Kunj.
Twinkle pushed him back and said, “What?” She started hitting Kunj’s chest when Kunj pulled her towards himself and tightened his grip around her waist.
Twinkle was about to speak but, Kunj placed his forefinger on her lips and whispered,
“I love you!” Twinkle smiled as she turned crimson.
“You look so cute”, said Kunj kissing her cheeks.
Twinkle pulled away and was about to walk away when Kunj held her wrist and said, “It’s only me and you tonight.” Twinkle freed her hand from his grip and ran away.
“Twinkle, wait”, shouted Kunj and started chasing her. After some time, Twinkle and Kunj stood in front of each other at a bit distance completely exhausted. Kunj started moving towards Twinkle and said, “Don’t move.” Twinkle bent down and splashing some water on Kunj’s face ran inside the hotel.

Kunj followed her inside the hotel and later, both of them got inside the booked room.
Kunj locked the door and said, “Now, where will you run?”
He started moving towards her while Twinkle moved back. She was moving back until she got stuck by the wall. Kunj moved closer to her and placed his hands on the wall to prevent her from escaping.
Twinkle looked at him and said, “Yours forever.”

Kunj smiled and pulled her closer by her waist. Kunj tightened his grip and kissed her.
Twinkle responded back and they kissed each other passionately as Twinkle was caressing his hair. They pulled back after almost 10 minutes and smiled looking at each other. Twinkle turned around in shyness and was about to go when Kunj held her hand and moved towards her.
He swiftly slid his hands down her hands and later, engulfed her in a back hug. He moved his hair to the front and started kissing her neck. Twinkle closed her eyes and continued relishing his touch. “I love you!”, said Twinkle after sometime. Kunj smiled and rested his chin on her shoulder. He kissed her left cheek and said, “Love you too!” Twinkle smiled as Kunj turned her around and picked her up in his arms.He gently kissed her forehead and came on top of her. He kissed her as Twinkle responded and started unbuttoning his shirt. After sometime, Twinkle removed his shirt and came on top of him pushing him down.

Kunj smiled as Twinkle kissed his neck. Kunj unzipped her dress and removed it. Twinkle shied and looked away while Kunj pulled her close and said, “You’re only mine.” Twinkle smiled and kissed Kunj’s left cheek. After around an hour, Twinkle laid down on the bed wearing Kunj’s shirt and both of them fell asleep in each other’s embrace.

• • • • •

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Suni,
      Thank you so much dear. We both are really glad that you liked our writing.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

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    You both r making me jealous.
    This was the best writing piece I ever read.
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    With love

    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Mitali,
      Thank you so much dear. We both are really glad that you liked our writing. Hope you all keep supporting the two of us similarly.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Manu,
      Thank you so much dear. We’re really glad that you liked our writing. Please don’t worry. All your problems will surely get sorted out soon.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

      1. Thankyou soooo much di love u

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Sana,
      Thank you so much dear!?

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Ayu,
      Thank you so much! We’re glad that you liked it.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

      1. Ayu


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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Thank you so much Kinjal!

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

  36. Foreverfanoftwinj

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey DQ,
      Aapka bahut bahut shukriya Jo aap ne comment kiya. Matlab srsly ham aap ke shukra guzaar rahenge.
      Anyways, jokes apart, thank you so much for commenting. We’re really glad that you liked it. Also, Shatakshi ke hisaab usse Baad mein Barabar kar Lena.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Romaisha,
      Thank you so much! We both are really glad that you liked it. We’ll soon be back with our writings. Hope you all keep supporting and commenting similarly.

      Loads of love.?
      ~ Ria

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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Hey Shama
      Thanks for reading dear…
      N 80 comments me humare replies bhi h??
      Glad that u liked it


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    1. ShatakshiRia

      Awww Daamini
      It was shoo sweet
      Love u too❤❤
      N thanks a lot for reading it
      U always make me smile when I read ur comment
      N all the best dear for ur exam
      Ik u will rock it up??

      ~ Shatakshi

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