Twinj: LOVE ME LIKE YOU DO (Prologue)

Hey guys I am ayushi here…. well I am new writer and this is my first ff. Hope you support me…. and do give me encouraging comments…. it is a sidmin aka twinj ff….

Prologue: –
This is story of a girl named twinkle taneja who is a on a mission to kill the most powerful gangster he turns out to be her lover kunj sarna….. what happens when she gets to know the truth and his real face…. will she leave him or kill him… whom will she choose her duty or her lover…what u guys think whom she has to choose…to know more stay tuned guys to this ff… hope you all liked it…
Prologue ends…

So guys do u want me to continue or not… shower your love and comments on me…. so it’s a bye from ayushi… love u all see you soon guys take care hope you liked it…..and can I join in your family or not… let me know through your comments….bye stay happy and stay blessed…. criticisms and suggestions are most welcomed…bye bye tata see you soon hope I did not bore you guys…

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  1. SidMin

    Interesting concept waiting for it 🙂

    1. Ayushi46

      thanx a lot sidmin yippee glad u loved it..!!!!!!!!!! love u lots…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sayeeda

    Amazing concept…. Awesome… Too good… Waiting for the next one.. Post soon….
    Welcome to TEI TU family dear.. All the very best for your ff.. ?

    1. Ayushi46

      thanx a lot sayeeda..!!!!!!!!!!!!! yippee you loved it i am on cloud9..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u lots..!!!!!!! thanks for welcoming me it is my pleasure..!!!!!! thanks for your congratulations..!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Joonakanksha

    Do continue

    1. Ayushi46

      thank u Joonakanksaha..!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      love u lots…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ria

    Aayushi, do post it soon.
    A warm welcome to our family from all of us.
    I liked the concept.?

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks ria…!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will post it soon..!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks for your welcome it’s my pleasure..!!!!!!!!!
      thanks for liking the concept..!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Seems promising!!!

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks shreya..!!!!!!!!!!!
      may be it seems promising..!!!!!!!!!
      love u lots lots lots and lots..!!!!! for such wonderful comment..!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hey ayushi.. welcome to tu ?.. ur ff seems interesting.. do cont soon ?

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks SidVee..!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for your welcome..!!!!!!!!! will continue soon..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      love u lots…!!!!!!!!!!!!
      keep smiling always..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Very interesting ayushI
    Keep continue

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks Sidmin-daamini..!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    interesting….do continue soon……

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks purnima..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will continue soon..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Fan

    Interesting continue

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks fan..!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure..!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Intersesting…do continue..

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks jasmin..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure….!!!!!!!!!!
      love u lots..!!!!!!!!!
      stay blessed..!!!!!!!
      keep smiling always..!!!!!!!!!

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Interesting and plz continue and I am also new to tei family ……

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks sanjanaagrawal…!!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure..!!!!!!!!!

  12. Rashiverma2199

    Amazing concept….lovely….pls continue….

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks rashiverma2199..!!!!!!!!!
      will continue for sure..!!!!!!!!!!!!
      love u lots..!!!!!!!
      stay blessed and in your dp twinj aka sidmin are looking so cute..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Angita

    Welcome to tu ayushi
    Nice concept all the best

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks angita..!!!!!!
      thanx a lot for liking my concept….!!!!!!!!!!!
      thanks for your congratulations..!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kritika14

    Aayushi, post the next part asap. I really like the plot. Andandand, welcome to tu? will be waiting for the next part 🙂

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks monica..!!!!!!!! will try to post asap…!!!!!!!! thanks a lot for your welcome..!!!!!!!! will be posting asap..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love u lots lots lots and lots..!!!!!!! keep smiling always..!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay blessed…!!!!!!!! be happy and stay happy..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Shreya098

    Amazing prologue..
    Continue soon

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks shreya098 is your real name is shreya??? or something else please tell me your name..!!!!!!!!!!!! will continue for sure..!!!!!!!! love u lots lots lots lots and lots..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stay blessed…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep smiling always..!!!!!!! stay happy and be happy always..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Shreya098

        Ya my name is shreya..
        Thanks for ur sweet words..
        Luv u..

      2. Ayushi46

        oh which ffs u write on tei..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. Shreya098

        I am not writing any ff…
        I am a loyal reader ?

  16. Shatakshi

    Hey aayushi
    It seems really interesting
    Go for it girl
    Loved it to the core❤❤

    1. Ayushi46

      thanks shatakshi..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      will go for it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      next part posted on 6;20 like that only..!!!!!!!!!1
      love u lots..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Baby

    hey ayushi dear amazing n
    dont ask cn i join d family or nt
    u r welcmed by d family vry happily
    osm ff seems to b intresting
    post nxt cntinue
    n sry fr cmnting soooo late dear

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