TwiNj: You are My Love, My Life..!! #one shot..! [Happy bday Vaasu di nd Tamanna]

Hi guys..!
A very happy birthday to Vaasu di..!
may this day brings a lot of joy in ur life.. may ur life be fulfilled with happiness… ❤❤???????❤?????????? Love u loads di….!
Nd a belated happy birthday to tamanna..! I wished u on insta but i so wanted to write something for u..! Wasn’t able to write on ur day becuz my net was not working..! Nd plus i didn’t had time.. here is a gift from me to both of u..!
LOVE YOU ?????❤❤❤❤❤❤

Here we go with an os..

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
A girl was shown crying her heart out lying on her bed hugging a teddy. Her eyes were swollen. She was crying for hours. She was murmuring something. She is revealed to be Twinkle.
T – ‘I m missing you so much my love. Please come back soon. I know you must have forgotten me but I never forget you not even for a second. Though you were not around me but you were in my heart always. I miss you so much. Me thak gayi hum sabko ye dikhate huay ke main khush hun..! Me tumhare bina khush nhi reh sakti Kunj.. u r my life.. to kya hua me ne tumhe bataya nhi.. to kya hai ke tum wese hi feel nhi krty jesa me kerti hun..! But atleast hum pehly ki tarah besties to reh sakte hain na..! Our trio..! The famous trio of school..! Me, u nd tamanna..! How can u forget us so easily..! We both r missing u.. plss come back..! I love you Kunj..! I love you…!’
She cleared her tears as someone knocked the door.
T – ‘Come in..!’ She spoke as Tamanna entered the room. She sensed that Twinkle was again crying for him. It was her habit since Kunj left 10 years ago..! To abroad for his higher studies..! Tamanna came and sat down with her on the bed.
Ta – ‘U were again crying?’
T – ‘No, I was not crying. Why would I cry?’
Ta – ‘You can’t lie from me.’
T – ‘I know..! Yehi to problem hai me tujhse jhoot hi nhi bol paati..!’ Tamanna held her hand..
Ta – ‘Twinkle.. kyun roti hai uske liye itna..! Hum dono jaante hain ke Kunj wapis zaroor aayega.. afterall wo hum dono se door reh hi nhi sakta..!’
T – ‘But 10 saal se reh raha hai.’
Ta – ‘Tu hi chahti thi na ke wo ek successful men bane..! Apne father ki tarah na bane..! To phir..!’
T – ‘Haan yarr.. lekin..’
Ta – ‘Koi lekin nhi..! Or haan u never told him abt ur feelings why?’
T – ‘Becuz I was scared.’ Tamanna laughs
Ta – ‘U were scared of him..! Like seriously.! Siyappa queen was scared of his Sadu Sarna..!’
T – ‘Hans le..! Jitna hansna hai hans..! What if he doesn’t feels the same abt me..! I would have lost a best friend..’
Ta – ‘Tu bht sochti hai.. u knw what I m damn sure he loves you..!’
T – ‘No, he don’t love me..!’
Ta – ‘Nd how can u say that?’
T – ‘Becuz he never tried to contact me after he left..’

Their talks were interrupted when someone entered the room..!
Tamanna nd Twinkle clinged on to the person.
T & Ta – ‘Vaaasuu dii.. u came finally…’
V – ‘Aarrayy choro to mujhe..’
The trio sat on the bed.
V – ‘So why were u crying Twinkle..?’
Ta – ‘Again the same thing di…’
V – ‘Kunj? Ryt?’
T – ‘Di..! Me kya karun.? I miss him so much..’
V – ‘I told u na if ur love is true then he’ll surely return for you..!’
T – ‘But di I m scared..’
V – ‘Why?’
T – ‘What if he never returns.?’
Ta – ‘Yarr be positive..’
V – ‘He will surely come back.’
Ta – ‘Itna roye gi na to aankhein swell ker jaayengi.. or jab kunj aayega to pehchan bhi nahi paayega..’
V – ‘Haan darr jaye ga dekh ker…’
They all laugh…
T – ‘Thanks to both of u.. u both made me laugh when I m not in a mood to smile.. love u..’ the trio shared a hug.
Ta & V – ‘Love you too..’
• • • •

Kunj, Twinkle nd Tamanna were friends from the very first day of school till the last day of 10th class..! They were the best of friends, they share secrets, they laugh together, they cry together nd were eo support when there were any ups nd downs.. Kunj’s father was a drukard and Twinkle wanted Kunj to see as a successful man nd not like his father. He also hated his father. Kunj’s caring nature nd sweet behaviour made Twinkle fell in love wid him. She never had the guts to tell him how much she loves him.
It is proved that the more you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fell for them. Same was with Twinkle. She loves him deeply madly. The thought of being away from her Sadu Sarna was the thing she hates..! Until one day, after their 10th result. Twinkle nd Tamanna received a note of Kunj in which it was written that he is leaving for US for higher studies nd will miss them both, they both were sad but the saddest was Twinkle becuz she loves him. It had been 10 years when Kunj left to US. He never tried to contact her. He knew her wish, that she wanted to see him a successful man nd there he was fulfilling her wish. He wanted to surprise her. He fufilled her wish nd made SARNA EMPIRE..! Nd now he was the most successful nd youngest bussinessman.
The airplane landed. A guy of age about 26 came out of the airport with bodyguards around him. He was wearing a black tuxedo nd was wearing his fav shades which Twinkle gifted him on his 16th bday. Yes, he was none other than our handsome hunk Kunj Sarna. He took off his shades.’
K – ‘Twinkle, I did it. I fulfilled ur wish. I badly want to see you, want to confess my love, want to tell you how much I craved for you in these years, how much I missed our bonding, our trio. Tu jo mujhe dekhna chahti thi me wo bann gaya hun Twinkle. Me aaraha hun tujhe lene! But not so easily. Afterall ye Kunj, Twinkle ki love story hai koi normal sa proposal thoda hi hoga! Proposal with a Twist.’ He smiled nd cleared his tears which came out unknowingly. He sat in the car nd left.
Next Scene ~
Tamanna was talking on phone wid someone. Opp side is muted.
Ta – ‘What seriously u r here? I misssed u so much yarr!’
Opp – *mute*
Ta – ‘Yeah I know. I just hope everything goes well.’
Opp – *mute*
Ta – ‘Superb plan, by the way can i tell this to vaasu di?’
Opp – *mute*
Ta – ‘Okk byee..! Twinkle is here..’
She cuts the call. Twinkle asked to whom she was talking.
Ta – ‘Maa ki call thi..’
T – ‘Nhi batana chahti to na bataa! But don’t lie.’ Saying this Twinkle left.
Ta – ‘I m sorry Twinkle. I had to lie.’
Next Day ~
Vaasu di nd tamanna were convincing Twinkle for going in the party.
Ta – ‘Twinkle plss na chall..’
T – ‘No way..’
V – ‘Twinkle take this as an order of mine. U have to go!’
T – ‘Diiii..! Plss naa..’
Ta – ‘U have to ..’
T – ‘Achaa fynn..’ she said nd left from there frustrated.
Ta – ‘Yayyy dii.. our plan is working..’
V – ‘Sshhh.. dheere bol..! U knw na deewaron ke bhi kaan hote hain..’
Ta – ‘Ohh yeahh…’ they both seemed to be very excited..

At Night ~
Twinkle was busy choosing a dress for herself to wear in the party. Tamanna came there with a parcel.
Ta – ‘Twinkle.. its for u.’
T – ‘Kisne bheja?’ She asked taking it from her.
Ta – ‘I don’t know.’
She opened the parcel and saw a beautiful red full length gown with netted white sleeves and white netted neck with red flowers on it.. She took it out and placed it on herself nd looked in the mirror. She imagined Kunj indicating ‘PERFECT’, she smiled then realized she was imagining nd became sad. She saw matching accessories nd heels with it..! A note was stick on it. She took it.
It read –
‘For the most beautiful nd gorgeous girl I have ever seen in my life! Wear this today. I know u r confused but u’ll soon get to know who am I?’
Your lover ~
She was boggled. She thought that it must be Kunj but she shooved away her thoughts that how can he be Kunj.. she wore the gown nd did light makeup. She applied red lipstick which made her even more gorgeous. Tamanna came in.
Ta – ‘Twinkle, u r looking stunning yarr..! Evry guy would fall for u.’
T – ‘I just want Kunj to fall for me..’
Ta – (murmurs) ‘He had already fallen for u.’
T – ‘What did u just said?’
Ta – ‘Nothing..let’s go Vaasu di is waiting outside..’
They both left.
After sometime they reached the place where the party was going on. The three entere in.. the party was on full swing. Twinkle sat down in the bar. Tamanna nd Vaasu di left to meet others. Twinkle was sittiing when someone came nd asked for water.
Twinkle sensed the voice familiar. She looked a the person nd he looked the other way.
T – ‘Hey excuse me.?’ She called him. He looked at her making her go numb. She went totally senseless… her every organ in shock. Tears made their way out her eyes.
T – ‘Kuu…ku..kunjj..’ she spoke with much difficulty. Tamanna nd Vaasu di were watching the whole scene standing at a distance. Yes he was Kunj.
K – ‘I don’t know you? Who are you?’ This made Twinkle more shocked.
T – ‘Kunj.. I m.. I m your Twinkle…! Your siyappa queen..! Ur best frnd..! Remember we were frnds from the first day of school.. u me nd tamanna..’ she was crying badly.
K – ‘Hey miss whatever. Please! I don’t know who u r..! So pls stay away.’ Saying this he left from there… twinkle waw shocked..! Her love her best friend forget her. She broke down. Kunj came to Vaasu di nd Tamanna..!
K – ‘I m really feeling bad for her..! I didn’t knew she would be so hurt..’ he had tears in his eyes. Twinkle stood up nd sat in the car nd drove off..
Ta – ‘Array Kunj.. ye to bs thoda sa dukh hai.. an aagy to usy khushiyan hi deni hain na tumhein…’
V – ‘Ab jaao..! U knw na kahan gayi hogi wo..!’
K – ‘Hmm..’ he smiled broadly nd ran from there. He sat in the car nd left.

Next Scene ~
Twinkle came to a place. It was dark..! She was crying badly..! A voice stopped her.
Voice – ‘Mujhe pata tha tum yahan zaroor aaogi…!’
She was surprised.. It was his voice…! Her sadu sarna’s voice..
Voice – ‘Mujhe pata tha..! School days me bhi jab bhi tu sad hoti thi yahin aati thi..! This was ur fav place.. jab bhi ham ladte thay tu yaaha aati thi..’
Suddenly there was a spark of light.. the whole place lit up..! The trees were decorated with the lights..! There were every pic of theirs of their school days sticked on the trees..! She ran here nd there nd took out all the pics..! There were also some cards..! Some sorry cards..! Some thank you cards..!
Voice – ‘Tere hi liye hai sab..! Sabr rakh..’
T – ‘Tum jo bhi ho saamne kyun nhi aarahe..?’
Voice – ‘Tu to aesy bol rahi hai jese nhi janti me kon hun..’
T – ‘Haan me jaanti hun per dekhna chahti hun kahin firse mujhe recognize kerne se inkaar to nhi karo gay..’
Voice – ‘Never.. twinkle sorry for hurting u from the very first day till now..! Nd thank you for the best frnd..! Nd for giving me a lover in a frnd..’ twinkle was surprised by the last line. She turned around nd saw Kunj whose arms were stretched. She ran to him nd hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her. She started sobbing.
K – ‘Ro kyun rahi hai?’
T – ‘Why u said tht u don’t knw me.’
K – ‘sorry.. vo actually na sadu sarna apni siyappa queen se mil raha tha to itni normal meeting to nhi hoti na.. so i tried to make it interesting..’
She started beating him
T – ‘U r so bad..’
K – ‘But I m yours..!’ She stopped..! He holds her hand nd went on his knees..!
K – ‘Twinkle, me nhi jaanta kab se me tumse itna pyaar karne laga hun.. mgr ye janta hun jabse pyaar ko samjha hai.. jabse pyaar ko jaana hai.. sirf tumse pyaar kya hai..! I love you Twinkle..! I love u alot..! You are my love, my life..Will u marry me? Will u marry your sadu sarna? Would u like to be my Siyappa Queen only? Will you become Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna..?’
Twinkle had tears in her eyes..! Vaasu di nd Tamanna shouted – ‘Twinkle say yes..!’ She looked at them who were standing at a corner. She kneeled down nd hugged him tightly..!
T – ‘I would love to become Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna! I love you too Kunj!’ He hugged her even more tighter. They both got up. Vaasu di nd Tamanna came there.
Ta – ‘Plan successful..’
T – ‘Means..! U knew that..’
V – ‘Me too..’
T – ‘Matlab sab ko pata tha..! Nd I was crying..! Bht bure ho..’
Ta – ‘Sorry..’
V – ‘Sorry..’
T – ‘U broke the frndship rule..’
Ta & V – ‘Oopss..’
V – ‘Kunj, promise me you’ll never leave her again not even for a second?’
Twinkle looked at him teary eyed.
K – ‘I promise.’
V – ‘U don’t know how much she cried..! How many tears she shed for u..’
He looked at her.
K – ‘Twinkle I told you! These tears r very precious. Never waste them for a selfish person like me.’
T – ‘Who told u my Kunj is selfish? He is the best person in this world.’
Ta – ‘Ahemm ahemmm…!!!’ She coughed..
Twinkle realized what she just infront of both..
K – ‘Aj kisi ka special day hai..! Someone’s bday..’
T – ‘Ohh yess…’
V – ‘U remember..’
K – ‘How can I forget…’
He put the cake on the table ..!
K – ‘Sorry tamanna.. I wasn’t there on ur bday..! So here u both celebrate ur bday..’
Vaasu di nd Tamanna cuts the cake..! The feed to eo..! They all shared a group hug..!
Kunj kissed Twinkle’s forhehead..!

How was it? Hope u like it…!
Drop down ur comments..
Loads of love -???

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  1. Nishfd

    Lovely os. …
    At the party when kunj didn’t recognise twinki I ws what is going on. ..
    Bt the ending ws so pure n lovely. ….
    Hope I m first to cmmnt …

  2. PURVI MY CUTIE PIE DEAR I HAVE NO WORDS LEFT TO APPRECIATE YOUR WRITING it was too much good nice marvellous mind blowing amazing outstanding superb incredible splendid slightly sad perfectly portrayed emotions soooooooo good master piece fantastic and everything i said earlier that I have no words left to appreciate the writing I SALUTE YOU you are a superb writer you will definitely become a great and famous author and please post your devil wala ff and bay khudi wala ff as soon as possible as I am hell desperate for it please jaldi karo pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lots of love my sweetie pie my sweetheart my darling my vanilla my cup cake my muffin love you soooooo much.?

  3. Sohi

    Lovely os

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing awesome fabulous cute

  5. SidMin23

    Love it and happy birthday both of u

  6. Presha

    Just loved it…
    Too good….
    Love u…

  7. Ramya

    Purvi awesome amazing superb
    So cute lovely
    Love u keep smiling

  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Pehle tu batha, kitna special feel karayegi yaar? Pehle wo mission love ab yeh! I don’t have words to thank you! kya kahun mai! You always make me feel so special! Today also u made me cry but this time the tears were of Happiness! You made me speechless! I don’t know What to say! I m spellbound! U are just Amazing yaar! Uske upar teri yeh writings! Just in love with it! This OS was too good! No words to describe how much I loved it!

    With Love,
    Urs Shona!

  9. SidMinTwiNj

    Purvi my cutie pie thank you so much for this amazing OS… Thank you for ur sweet gesture…it legit made me feel so special… Can’t express how I’m feeling after receiving this much love from u all ppl… This b-day is indeed one of the bestest b-days ever only coz of u n other TU ppl… Once again thank you…

    LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤??????

  10. It was cute

  11. Baby

    I knew it was u ♥
    itna sweet oh god amazing marvelleous to cute……♥
    loved it…..♥
    happy birthday vaasu dii srriee m late…♥love u dii…..♥
    loved it soooooooo mch…..♥
    cute girl puru am missing u where r u dear……♥
    love u ♥

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