Twinj: Love introduced by journey OS by rosh (bharath bandh special)


Hi frndss, roshini here I am also bored on bhaarath bandh so planned to entertain u, let’s see smething is going on bandh day wts it?? Go on reading….

Twinj: A journey changed my life.

A pleasant morning I stepped out of my hostel gate carrying handbag and phone in my hands. As I came out I heard my frnd shouting at me frm the window.

Frnd: twinki be carefull na!! Give me a call when u reach home. Don’t forget.
Twinkle :k chinki don’t wry I will call u when I reach home.chill I am nt a kid.

I smiled at her with love as she gave me a flying kiss n i waved at her n left the place.

As I came on the road I could see there was no one on the road obviously it’s bandh(strike) na…bt i am also too foolish as I am planning to go home on bandh day I know I can’t find any vehicles bt still I have decided to go home as I am having continous holidays fr ganesha festival.

I made my way near bus stop and waited not fr a bus bt at least fr any sign of getting lift. To my luck after a longtime I saw a mini bus without wasting any time fr thoughts I got into the mini bus.

Ohhh!!! It’s full. God I can’t stand n travel all the way to home it’s too far na…I was thinking when I heard a person saying me to move forward as seat was available at back,I rushed to back seats.
Though it was a mini bus it had 4 seats at back which was occupied by a old man,a kid and a handsome guy towards the window. I went n sat between kid n the guy.

I took a sigh of relief as I got a bus and opened my mobile texted chinki abt getting into bus n plugged in my earphones to push the time of journey with lovely music.
After few hours I felt bored as the entire bus ppl were busy with thr stuffs. I noticed the old man sleeping n the kid was at the verge of sleeping tooo as I turned my head to left,the handsome guy dressed in red full sleeves casual n blue jeans having a headphones in his ears n enjoying the music. Literally speaking I was attracted to him, I had some feel charisma fr him. His clean crop hair, closed eyes little eyelids n pink lips were awesome n made me fall fr him.

But I held back myself n tapped on my head fr my over imagination n feelings and became busy with my phone fr next few minutes. My luck was sooo gud that within no time the bus got punctured. Everyone got down from the bus and were waiting fr any other vehicle for lift. But thr was no sign of bicycle also. I felt like we were stuck at some forbidden place where we won’t get anything.

I slowly made my way towards a rock n sat on it trying to get signals in my phone but all in vain. As I was busy with that I heard a voice
It was a small kid. I smiled at him he was holding my favourite chocolate
T:hellooo wts ur name?
I asked taking him into my lap
He replied cutely trying to open his chocolate.
T:i will open it fr u
I took the chocolate from his hand saying this he was simply blinking his eyes and staring me cutely.
As I opened it n gave he started eating it after a while I asked eagerly
T:won’t u give it to me??
M:it’s nooo mine that bhaiya gave it to me so I won’t share it with u, if u want ask him…..
He said n shouted
M:kunj….bhaiya a. …..!!!

I saw the handsome who sat next to me cming towards me.
M:bhaiya this di also wants chocolate she is asking with me…
Kunj made one eyebrow up n looked at me damn cutely.
I just smiled in embarrassment giving it’s just fr fun look.
As manu jumped from my lap n ran away.
Then kunj took out one more chocolate n handed me.
T:noo…..I was just…
K:it’s OK u can take it…it’s have more with me.
I looked at him in questioned face
T:if u have still more then y ru giving only one
I asked making puppy face fr which he laughed. I also joined him laughing at me stupidity.

We both sat down n started talking about some random talks about ourselves to pass the time.

Kehte hain
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishara mano mujko banaya tera jaise hi kisi ke liye…

I was completely lost in his thoughts n thinking the way he talks the way he thinks everything made me close to him I was completely in love with him.

Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Kaise hum jaane, hume kya pata
Kuch toh hai tujh se raabta
Tu humsafar hai
Phir kya fikar hai
Jeene ki wajah hi yehi hai
Marna issi ke liye

What??? Love???
Soo sudden….ohh ya love is an accident right it will happen in few seconds it doesn’t need years to fall in love only one fraction of second is enough to fall in love and even fr me tooo that one magical moment happened.
That one second made me fall in love with him, as I felt him as my soul mate I was damn sure about him.

Kehte hain
Khuda ne iss jahaan mein
Sabhi ke liye kisi na kisi ko hai banaaya
har kisi ke liye…

Finally the bus got ready we all got into bus bt i wanted him to tell something those magical words…bt i hesitated what he will think of me?? Then I took a paper n wrote on it n slowly put it into his bag.
We had a nice time on the way he was sooo jovial sometimes angry,naughty,lovely,concern everything.
He was the one perfect thing that wanted to happen in my life. I was waiting fr person like him.

Then it’s time to leave… heart was not ready fr it.
T:kunj…come home na
K:Haa some othr time twinki even I want to go home it’s already late na
I just smiled n was about to move he held my wrist n dragged to hug me. I was lost in his embrace. Before I could say smething he snapped at me.
K:ohh madam don’t u wanna go home??
I just came out my day dreaming he was just smiling at him asking me to go with a teary eyes I stepped out of the bus n bus moved leaving behind me alone,taking away my kunj.

That was the last day I saw him.

After 3 years,
Even today I am waiting fr him, still no sign of atleast his existence. I loved him n i will be loving him till the last breath of my life may be even after that coz I gave my heart to him which can’t be retaken again. If my love is true I will get him at any circumstances. That’s what I believed.

I finished my studies n was in search of job.
As I was lost in thoughts I got a call from office fr interview. I went for interview.
As I entered the interview room my heart started bursting out in nervousness. I controlled myself tries to smile n entered.
T:may I come in sir??
A person in chair facing towards me asked me to come in.
I went n sat in the cosy chair infront him.
He asked some questions n i answered him.
Boss:u r hired!!
T:thnkq sir

I said holding all my happiness to be formal
Boss:and finally twinkle ji I love u…
I was shocked
T:wt the hell? ??ru mad….
I was about to burst out on him without remembering him as my boss I stopped.
Boss: s twinkle ji I love u soo much.
T: sry I don’t hv such intension. Can I leave??
Boss: wait fr few minutes in that room
He pointed to a room in his cabin. I was held back fr few seconds.
T:excuse me???
Boss: Ohh dnt get wrong pls

Saying this he went outside n i moved towards the room I opened the door n it was all dark I moved in n the door banged behind me my heart came out fr an instance.

I controlled my fear n ran towards the door n tried opening it bt all in vain. I heard someone singing.

hmm Meharbaani jaate-jaate mujhpe kar gaya
Guzarta saa lamha ek daaman bhar gaya
Tera nazaara mila, roshan sitaara mila
Taqdeer ki kashtiyon ko kinara mila

Sadiyon se tarse hai jaisi zindagi ke liye
Teri sohbat mein duaayein hain ussi ke liye
Tera milna hai uss rab ka ishaara
Maano mujhko banaya tere hi jaise kisi ke liye

As I turned the lights came n a guy with perfect physic in black formals n blue jeans was standing showing his back n holding guitar.

I was full surprised.
He told,
My dear kunj
I love u….I wanted to say this directly fr u bt feared wt u think of me. I dnt knw when I started loving u bt i am sure I will love u till the end of my life until my breath leaves me. I want to finish this life only with u fr dat I will wait fr ages. I have already welcomed u into my life. Waiting fr ur invitation. Will be waiting fr u.
UR twinkle
I love u…

Those things which I wrote in the letter 3 yrs back.
I slowly uttered,….kunj!!!

He turned n same the person whom I hv seen years ago,nting changed his love,eyes n everything.
K:shut up ok….u idiot…u knw I hate u…I hate u to the fullest…
I had a pain in my heart listening such words frm him aftr 3 years.
K:u knw everything still u hide everything…y?? I hate u sayappa queen…

Listening to everything I was happy fr the fullest I knw though he was saying hate u I could feel the love in him fr me.
He was still blabbering I ran upto him n hugged him tightly. He responded.

T:i love u kunj….
K:idiot….i love u toooo..
T:y u took soo much of time
K:that’s y I am calling u stupid u wrote everything bt forget to write ur address atleast ur phone number…
I thought oh…I forgot…and made puppy face.

He smiled at my puppy face
K:I love u twinki (softly)
T: I love u sooo much kunj
I blushed
He placed a soft peck on my lips which shocked me. I blushed
He had a broad curve on his face n he dragged me fr a kiss.
I gave in. It was kiss full of love,passion n pain of 3 long years.

I thought yess my love is true that’s y I got my kunj back my loving soul mate….
Forever n ever.

True love never dies.

Hope u liked it whether it is gud or nt I put my all feelings here that’s it…
Happy bhaarath bandh.
Have a nice day…
Happy weekend

My story twinj immortal struggling love will be continued from Tuesday if possible I will post today plz excuse I am going to hangout wit my schul frndss fr 3 days sryyyy

If u feel it’s entertaining plz cmnt it’s all my efforts na think of my writing. …plzzz….share ur views….all critics r welcomed ..

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