Twinj love impossible OS part 5

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Twinkle is annoyed with what kunj had done with her fav dress
She rushes into the princi’s chamber with her angry look
Kunj is seated facing his back to twinkle
K : so miss twinkle did u like the surprise ?
He now turns to face her and smirks which makes twinkle more mad at him
T : ( yells ) what the hell do u think of urself ? How Dare U ?
K : shut up . U r speaking to ur principal . Don’t u have manners of speaking ?
T : oh really !! U have no manners . U spoiled my clothes that too my fav . U know what u don’t deserve respect .
( kunj looks at her with anger )Yes u heard it right . I don’t worth it
Now kunj couldn’t take it anymore
He walks to twinkle, holds her arms tightly and pins her to the wall. Both are really close to each other and can feel eo’s breath .
K : Wt did u just say ? I don’t worth respect ?
He presses her arm more harder making twinkle get teary eyed due to the immense pain .
K ; u crazy girl !!, I have never come across such an ill mannered lady ever in my life . No one dares to raise their voice before me but u! , u did it . U will pay for this and mark my words Miss Twinkle .
Before he could storm out of the room Twinkle stops him by his arm .
T : u have spoiled my clothes and upon that u showing ur anger on me . U know what , I believe in the principle of “eye for an eye”
She now pins him to the wall . Both stare eo angrily .
But kunj smirks
K : but how will u ruin my dress ? U have nothing here except water and that wouldn’t ruin my dress
( I forgot to mention that kunj had changed into a white suit since the previous one got muddy when he fell on the ground as twinkle aimed soccer at him )
Twinkle takes out her lipstick and applies it . She leans close to his face . Kunj was shocked as well as nervous to find her so close to him .
K : what the hell are u doing ? Just get lost
Twinkle smirks and plants a kiss on his shirt collar which means she indirectly kissed his neck . Kunj shuts his eyes . Twinkle now kisses his shirt at his chest part and she continues to plant kiss on his shirt and coat .
Kunj now gets into senses and pushes her away . He opens his eyes and finds his suit with her lipstick marks .
T : Tit for Tat .
She walks out with her full on attitude

Twinkle is walking towards her car
Cam zooms to her .
T to cam : what ? Don’t stare at me like that . I know what I did was heights of stupidity but I had no other way of spoiling his suit.
U guys are taking me wrong . U don’t take it the other way . It’s crystal clear that I just aimed at spoiling his clothes . Now will u stop staring me . Agh!! u guys are impossible . Hate u
Cam zooms out and twinkle drives the car

Taneja mansion :
T : mom I am back home
Mahi climbs down the stairs busy on her phone chatting with her bf
M : (without noticing twinkle ) welcome back babe. Mom is gone out
Now she looks at her and her mouth gets wide open
Twinkle shuts her mouth with her hand
T : stop it Di .
M : am I dreaming !!!!
Twinkle pinches her on her hand
M : ouch !!! Twinkle !!!!
Btw how come u in this chudidar ?
Twinkle describes her the entire incident . ( about kunj splashing water on her face )
Mahi starts laughing
M : oh so vo sab us naye principal ka kamaal hai. Btw how is he ?
I mean is he young and dashing or like that previous old budda
Twinkle sets to leave but Mahi holds her hand stopping her
M : tell na
T : 1st option .
Before Mahi could say anything twinkle ran up the stairs and locked her room after entering into it .
T : thank god . Ye mahi Di savaal pooch pooch kar mera dimag karaab kar leti
Twinkle goes to freshen up and comes out wearing her night dress
Twinkle recalls the entire incident at principal’s chamber and smiles
Cam zooms to her
T : oh what ? Y d hell are u smiling Twinkle ? U have gone crazy twinkle! !!
And u stop staring me I am sleepy gn
She goes to bed and covers the blanket upto her face and sleeps

Hope u all liked it and do comment . Loads of love♥♥

Credit to: Sanam


  1. dreamer

    Sanam sanam luv u
    I was waiting like hell for the episode
    luved [email protected] r osum writer
    ctd asap

  2. qqqqqqqqqqqq
    q kitna big que maib wait karna chaiye ha tume appericiate karene kehlliye my dear sanam coming to ur episode its awesome wowwwwwwwwwwwww i lyked it superb episode dear love u

  3. tara

    sanam.. i loved ur name.. i guess u knw i dnt love it now..coz i love ur ff more… awww so sweet.. 🙂

  4. Sayeeda

    Fab…..fab……fab……love ur os to moon nd back…
    The way twinkle took her revenge was the utmost awesome one…..loved it….

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