Twinj love impossible OS part 3

Hello . I know u all feel like killing me . Actually we had gone for a family trip . That was just so good . Finally done with all exams of 2nd pu . Missed u all so much . Ritzi,sweetie , tara, ria , shamz , shona , sara , mitali , crazy , shatakshi , anushka and all other ff writers u all are doing extremely good job . Tysm all readers and supporters
One more thing this isn’t a ff but os

ο»ΏTwinkle and others are breathing heavily as they are tired after the dance session . It seems as if they played holi not of colours but of mud and obviously agar barish ke samai nachenge to ye to hoga hi
All were made to stand on a line ( straight line ) as instructed by the lecturer ( the same old 1 who once made our twinkle stand outside during class hours as she was sleeping )
L : Who asked u to play outside when it was raining?
Don’t u all have a bit of sense ? How will u all attend the rest of the classes now ? Who is the culprit ? ( yells his lungs out )
A voice comes
Person : me
Everyone turn back and camera zooms to twinkle’s face
L : oh so it’s u . Obviously ,who else cd have guts to do this ?
U r gone now
T : no sir I am not gone , I am still here .
Everyone start laughing
L : shut up ( yells ) . I will call the principal and then I will see how are u gonna save urself.
T : ( full on drama) bachao bachao . Princi muje kaa jaayega. (Stops her drama ) Sir mai to Dar gayi . ( she winks at him )
Princi aka Kunj comes there
All ladies just can’t take their eyes off him
Twinkle shows a non interested face and cam zooms to her
T to cam : lo shetan ka naam liya aur shetan hazir.
Oh hello y r u blushing? Tu meri side mai hai ya is sadu ke side mai ? Not done ha .
Camera zooms out
Kunj males his way towards twinkle who is continously looking away. He stands erect b4 twinkle
K : so miss taneja , do u have anything to speak regarding this or shall I pass my decision ?
T : my name is Twinkle Taneja not Taneja . Now coming to the point , yes I am the one responsible for this .
K : good . In fact great as u spoke out truth but u know what? Ur sincerity will not help u out as I am gonna punish u for this at any cost .
U all may leave to ur respective houses ( announces to the crowd ) and u ( pointing his finger to twinkle )
U r gonna stay back and clean the campus and then u will leave
Everyone look on shocked and twinkle gives a disgusted look.
K : I said leave ( to the audience and all leave )
Principal walks away. Twinkle finds the soccer ball nearby her and aims it towards Princi . She kicks the ball and princi falls
Twinkle comes and stands before him and Kunj looks like a chocolate boy πŸ˜› lol!!!
T : tututututu zara sambal ke. Lagi to nahi na principal g . U remember what u said me when I was at ur chamber. U will make my life hell . U may make me clean campus but that wd still not mean a percent of hell for me cse Twinkle Taneja isn’t the one who falls on her knees defeated but the 1 who defeats the others . So Mr principal g u better be careful . Kahi muje maza chakane ke chakkar mai Kahi aap kud mazak na ban jaaye
She Walks Away With Full Attitude

Kunj’s pov
So much attitude and that to u before me . U r difficult but not impossible . I will crack u and ur confidence . I will make u ask me for forgiveness in public
Tashan e ishq plays in the bg

Twinkle is shown cleaning the table with the cloth
Cam zooms to her
T : wt d !!! Samajta kya hai vo kud ko ? Sab kitna maza Le rahenge is chutti ka aur mai yaha us sadu ke orders follow kar rahi hu . Waah Twinkle Taneja what a life !!! . Hahahahaha bahut hasee aa rahi hai tume meri is haalat ko dek kar ? Good job . Keep it up
Shall I order a popcorn for u ? No ?
How will I clean this all alone . Babaji plz help na .
Aur tum , mera mu dekte rahoge ya meri madad karne kuch plans b hai . Agar nahi hai to muje disturb mat kar . Chalo jao yaha se

Camera zooms out
After half an hour
Twinkle sits on the bench exhausted.
Twinkle’s pov : how much more and for how long will I b doing this ? Has he lost his mind ? How can a girl do it all alone ? Whoever’s gonna marry him will have a hard time . Wow just imagine that if suppose his child of 1st grade doesn’t do the home work or assignment then he might punish him / her to cook the food . Hahaha . Twinkle come on u have to do the work fast and leave after changing into my original clothes . This chudidar is so annoying and if mahi ( her sis ) sees me in this avatar she will make fun of me .
She gets into fb wn she 1st met Kunj and he splashed water on her face due to which her top gets wet and she changes into the chudidar
She stands and takes the cloth but stops all of a sudden and eyes the cloth .
Cam zooms to her
T to cam : don’t u feel this cloth familiar to u ? Cse I do .
Oh wait don’t think that I do this work at home ha that u think I am so much aware of cloth designs . I am not some bhai who works at houses . But still It’s familiar to me . Twinkle zor dalo aur yaad karne ki koshish kar . Ha yaad aya
Twinkle eyes the cloth sweating badly and gulps in her own saliva
T : aaaaagggggggghhhhhhh! !!!!!
Wt d !!how can he stoop this low? . No ways !!!!
Gadha kahika mere kapde me se ye cloth bana liya . That too out of my most fav . Is princi ki to jaan lene ka man kar raha hai . Kutte , kamine, saale . Agh !!!
Episode ends at twinkle’s angry face

I hope u all liked it and plzzzz do comment . Love u all loads β™₯β™₯β™₯

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