Twinj love impossible OS part 1

@ college
A class room is shown . Lecturer is calling out the attendance .
L: twinkle taneja , twinkle
Twinkle is shown busy sleeping on her seat .
Twinkle wakes up yawning and stretching her arms .
T : ( yawning) present
L : get out

Twinkle rubbing her continues
T : but y ma’m?
L : I said leave
T : okay fine I am leaving
Twinkle walks out with full attitude . She stands outside.
Camera zooms to her
Brown curled hair with red stripes spread over some areas , sparkling eyes with a single stroke of kajol, rosy red lips , white plane sleeveless top with a bkack guitar pendant nd black mini skirt
Twinkle in her full on attitude speaks to the camera

T : hey i am Twinkle , Twinkle Taneja . Naam to suna hi hoga
Oh actually might be wondering am I interested in standing outside during class hours?
To be frank yes . I hate language classes . Ops Bell rang means class got over . Got to sign out . She passes a flying kiss and waves bye as camera moves away

Lecturer comes out and twinkle looks away as though she is unaware of his presence .
L : come with me to the principal’s chamber
T : okay sir ( nodding like a kid )
Twinkle signs camera to come towards her
T : now I am gonna have a blast . And u know what, finally not that same old grandpa I am gonna meet . Yes a new princi from now on . Wonder how he wd be ? Okay okay bye

Screen shifts to principle’s chamber
L : gm sir . May I come in ?
P : yes u may
T : ( to the camera ) he looks not bad from backside . What do u think ? Same as me ? Now the real drama begins . (Waving the camera to move away )
All this while principal was seated facing his back to twinkle and the lecturer .
L : sir I actually came here to complain about this student

Twinkle makes a don’t care face and starts to enjoy the bubble gum and makes bubble out of it
Principal in no time twirls his chair to face them and twinkle who was busy making a huge bubble widens her eyes in surprise and the bubble bursts
T ( to cam ) : oh gosh , is he the principal or some model ? Then tho I would love to sleep during every class hours 😛
L : u shameless girl , don’t u have any manners to wish the principal ?
T : gm hottie ( lost in him)
The camera zooms to the principal who is none other than kunj sarna in black suit
L : what ?
K : excuse me ( in a cold tone )

Twinkle gets into her senses
T : I mean gm sir , it’s so hot Right here . Isn’t that ? Y don’t u turn on the ac sir ?
Twinkle enacts as if she was feeling hot
L : shut up u crazy girl .
K : it’s okay . Let her speak . ( speaks to d lecturer)
And u ( now pointing towards twinkle ) , keep going
T : I am done with it
K : okay so, I need to speak to my student . So can we be left alone ?
L : yes sir . He leaves from there
K : ur name ?

T : Twinkle taneja ( with full on attitude)
K : so miss twinkle taneja, may I know the reason for u to be brought to me ?
Twinkle sits comfortably on the visitor’s seat and continues
T : nothing much just slept
K : who even asked u to sit ?
T : but
K : stand . ( cold tone )
Twinkle does so . He takes the glass of water and splashes right over her face . Twinkle was shocked by his actions
T : what the hell !!

K : shut up . Mind ur language. Don’t u dare speak to me like this
T : oh yes . U r right . I shouldn’t speak to u in this manner .
She takes the jar and empties it on him .
T : twinkle taneja isn’t the one who speaks but the one who does
And yes u can rusticate me for this action . I don’t care .
She stands there arms crossed

Kunj has his anger at his peak . He gets up from the seat and holds her arm tightly . Twinkle gets teary eyed due to the immense pain
K : I am not going to do that as that wd never effect u . I am going to make ur life hell out here that u will plead me to rusticate u
He jersey her away . Attender gets her a set of chudidar to change into as her top got wet
She comes out changed and everyone start to fun of her new attire . Just then kunj / principal comes there and leaves smirking and girls go crazy at his dashing looks .
Twinkle stares him leaving

To be continued

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  1. Hey I’m a silent reader. But ur ff forced me to comment. I just wanna say that ur ff was great, I loved it a lot. And plz if possible post the second part also today itself, plz plz plz plz. It’s just a humble request from me to u

  2. Aww…it was such a cute epi…. Loved it di….welcome back…. And I mist say u r back with a BANG!!???………………I am damn sure that u don’t know me …ri8… Hahaha

  3. Sanammmmmm it ws an amazing start dear loved it do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz I can’t wait anymore hehehe….??????????

  4. sanam a new ff right wait wait uh already write 3 ffs one is twinj in a new journey of love nxt is twinj ki ek kahani n the other is crazy stupid ishq n one more from nw onwards yaaar m simply a jabra fan of ur ff aur kaise kaise fan banaogii mujhe aah i love uh

  5. Superb sanam

  6. It was fabulous.. I mean their actions, twinkle’s attitude everything is just so superb.. And, oh god I’m also feeling warm imagining kunj’s hot avatar.

  7. Awesome pls continue it is so different pls post soon

  8. Ohhhhhhhhh my god………. Amazingly amazing and crossed the heights of awsmness buddy???❤❤

  9. u always left me speechless
    this os is fantastic
    post next soon
    and also post of twinj in a new journey of life

  10. Woowwwww …..omg kunj as principal ; I hope kunj mere college ka principal hota toh main ek din bhi college na bunk krti ..
    It was really pleasure to imagine Kunj as princi….keenly looking for the next one..

  11. It is awsoooooooooooooome and also post ek ki kahani because i am eagerly waiting for that pls pls pls pls pls pls pls it is verrrrrrrrrrry humblest request only always love jassid

  12. Awesome yaar its so different. I want the nxt post soon

  13. Gr8 start here sanam cant wait to c wat happens next

  14. awesome

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