Hey guys #Tanya here……with first episode of twinj: love blossoms……! Hope you guys like it too…….!

Episode 1
We see a girl sleeping peacefully like a kumbhkaran…! her head was down leg was up… her phone starts ringing she falls down with a jhataka….! she picks up the call….it was her friend chinki….! the girl says oye chinki tera dhimaag toh karab nahi hogaya mujhe itne subha subhe utha rahi hai…! chinki says tujhe college nahi jaana aaj hamara charity function hai college mein…! our Punjabi phataka twinkle says arre chinki mein bhool hi gayi..! mein bhi na kitni badi pagal hu chal abhi phone rakh thi hu mujhe tayar bhi toh hona he…..! chinki says chal tikhe jaldi tayar hoke aaj college warna teri band baajegi puri college ke samne…! twinkle says nahi nahi ese maat kehna mein jaldi tayar hoke aaungi…..! she cuts the call and goes to bathroom and haves a shower…! she gets ready and comes wearing a blue knee length frock…..and white earrings and heels…! she goes down her mom says arre aaj bahot sundar lag rahi hai meri beti chal khana khaale… bhi jaana hai na twinkle says tikhe she haves her bf and kisses her mom cheeks and left for college….!

Sarna mansion…!

A boy was sleeping peacefully….! his bro uv comes there…! bhai utha jaa college jaana hai aaj humara charity function hai…! the boy doesn’t get up…! uv throws a bucket of water on him..! he shouts flood aa gayi mujhe koi bachao please mujhe koi bachao mein dooba jaunga koi bachao please then he listens his brother laughing like a maniac holding his stomach….! the boy says uv bhai aap bhi na mera acha dream ko kharab kar diya mein apne sapne mein Katrina ko propose karne hi wala tha..! uv says arre kunj sapne dekhna band kar aur reality mein jiya kar…! abhi college ke liye tayar ho ja kunj gets ready and comes wearing a red shirt blue jeans….! he was looking too hot and handsome…! he haves bf and left for the college…!

Twinkle and kunj reaches the college at same time…but doesn’t see each other…! Twinkle friend chinki comes aa gayi madam ji chal jaldi chalte hein…..! The charity function starts…! When it was going on kunj eyes fell on twinkle….! He gets mesmerised seeing her….! he thinks haye kitna sudar hai kitne beautiful aur gorgeous hai….! Twinkle sees him staring at her…. she gives him I will break your jaw look…..! Kunj gulps in fear and twinkle giggles…..!

Precap: – twinj second meet….!
So guys how was first episode…! Did you guys liked it or not…! So it’s a bye from #Tanya….! Love u all….! Take care….!


  1. SidMin


    |Registered Member

    Wow so cute and Kunj gulps while Twinkle gives him I will brake your jaw vala look was too good
    waiting for Twinj’s second meet please post the next episode soon πŸ™‚
    Loved it πŸ™‚

  2. Aamu


    |Registered Member

    ey tanya sorry for not cmntng on intro…read it just now…..
    dis was amazing…n its seems interesting…
    do cont n long pls

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini


    |Registered Member

    Aaaawwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Very nice Tanya
    Cut cute epi
    Loved it

  4. Aksa(SidMin's and the ff writers die hard fan...)

    Amazing one…I was literally laughing on kunj bechara flood me doob raha tha…luvd it…cont soon.. πŸ™‚

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.