Twinj- In a Lock-Up (chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

Scene 1

A large party hall was shown.
People were dancing and drinking as if it is the last day of their life’s.
But this is a last day not of life but of one year?.

A new year brings a complete new energy, happiness and hopes with we welcome in different ways.

In the crowd, the lights was been focused on a girl. She was swaying her body according to the beats.

Dancing freely and shouting with her friends.

A boy came and hugged her from behind and started dancing closely with her. She didn’t said a word and kept dancing with him.

Both moving closely and on the beats.

After some time they leave the dance floor and went near bar counter.

“You dance good.” He said complimenting her moves.

“You as well.” She replied.

“So? With whom are you here?” he asked.

“With my friends.” She said but he was unable to hear because of loud music.

“Lets go out. I am unable to hear.” He shouted in her ears and she nodded and both left outside the club.

They were walking silently on the road feeling the cold breeze.

They reached near the car and both sat inside. He started driving the car and both started talking and laughing.

“So whats your name?” He asked.
“Quite fast.” She replied and both laughed.

“Okay. Hi. M Twinkle.” She said forwarding her hand.

“Hey. M K…” he stopped in middle and applied brakes as they saw some car in front of them.

Some police officer stepped down the police van and moved towards them and knocked on the glass.

He lowered the glass and asked them whats the matter.

The police officer arrested them in the case of drink and drive and took both with him to the police station.

In the police van.

“Huhh. This people are too much. In the craze of last day. They are ready to risk their life. Stupid People.” Said the police officer.

After some time they reached the police station and both of them were sent behind the bars.

But both were still laughing and talking whole way in alcohol effect.

“Hey. Hey. Hey. I haven’t told you my complete name. Its K…” he was again stopped in mid when someone threw water on his face.

“What the hell?” he shouted while Twinkle laughed seeing it.

Scene 2

The scene starts with Twinkle sitting in the jail on the floor and laughing holding her stomach.
Police officer came near her and stare her for few seconds before saying something.

“Miss. Why are you laughing so much? What is so funny to be in jail?” he asked.

“Wo… wo..*laughs*..wo. I was counting the number of bars.” She said while officer looks on confused.

“You know every time I count they increase in number. So funny na. See they were 3 before. Now wait let me count. One. Two. Three. Six. Ten.” She counted and laughed after that.

Even the officer smiled seeing him laughing suddenly she started crying.
“What happened? Why are you crying?” he asked.

“Why you arrested me? Why am I behind the bars?” she asked innocently with her teary eyes.

“Because you were drunk as well and we found you driving on the roads. You know how dangerous it can be ” He said rudely.

“Hmm.” She said poutedly and again started laughing.

“Now what?” he asked.

“I did a crime I am in. What crime you did to be in police station?” she asked and then started laughing.

While the officer gave her “ARE YOU CRAZY LOOK”

Before he can say anything other officer came and called him.

“Kunj Sahab. Commissioner Sir is on call. Please.” He said.

And kunj left with him.

“Kunj. Nice name. Nice looks.” Twinkle said to herself and smile shyly.

“Hey. Hey. I am K.kk..kk..k..Karan.” the other man said who was with Twinkle before.?.

“Naam toh suna hi hoga.” He added.

“Yeah. I heard it before old name.” She said. “But Kunj is something new and fresh.” She continued and blushed a bit.

While on the other hand kunj was talking on phone while Twinkle was staring him.

Karan saw her staring him.

“Oye. Sun. I am more smart and handsome than that guy.” He said and winked. ?.

“Oye. Sir you go and sleep. You dont know anything. More smart and handsome. Your face?.” She replied while he looked on shocked?.

While talking on phone Kunj was staring Twinkle lovingly but was irked seeing Karan.

…to be continued.

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  1. SiyappaQUEEN

    Its amazing. Lovely episode. It made me laugh when twinkle was counting bars. Actually I was smiling like manaic while reading this. Do post next one soon. Don’t know padh paungi ya nahi but will try my best. Its superb bahut time baad teri writing padhi.
    Love you dear.
    Post soon.
    And main yaad hun ya nahi ye bhi batana.

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you sooo much?????
      apna asli naam bta??? tab i wl say how can i guesss

  2. Sohi

    Fabulous episode

  3. Ritzi

    Amaaazzzinnnnggg….but sad too…how can they reject it! Too bad …hope u hv the copy so just cut some of the mature part nd again post it

    1. Ridhima

      Thank you…
      are it was nt that much mature.. thodu sa tha, the words I chose were also good bt still?

  4. No words to define yaar but plsss post both the ff spoon

  5. Oye hoye ??wah ..I loved it..and I thought that the person with twinkle was Kunj ?….but anyways continue soon and your ff also…TU?….always has some glitches?post soon ???

  6. so d officer is kunj I thought the other guy ie,karan is kunj.That twist was not expected. anyways nice epi.eagerly waiting for next epi.
    Btw is there any restrictions on posting matured content on tu.may be they have rejected due to some other reason. try once again. don’t cut down d scenes pleaseee 😉 😉
    I was thinking y u r not posting being my husbands mistress.its very irritating tu rejected it

  7. Ayesha51

    too good
    post soonest
    lots of love

  8. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Are meri Ridhi! Kya likha hai yaar! haan I remember this story! I m so so happy that u r continuing it! And post the other FF Soon! And Ridhi can u plz text me on what’s app as I have lost my contacts!

    With Love,
    Urs Tamanna

  9. Presha

    Just loved it…
    Too good…
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    Amazing awesome funny

  13. Wow ridhima It was fantastic
    Loved it

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    srsly too cute…….♥
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    love u lods………♥
    cute episodes haha I loved dem ♥

  15. Ramya

    Awesome ridhima
    Amazing one
    Loved it

  16. Hey ridhima first happy to see u after a long time… And scnd nice story…. I like it…. Plzzzz ab jldi wapis ao or nxt update do plzzzzzzzz…… Luv u….

  17. Amazing episode
    Post soon

  18. Aamu

    Hey dear..
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