TwiNj : LET ME LOVE YOU ~(Shatakshi) Episode 1


Helloooooo lovely ppl….I am Back….After a long break
If u forgot me….so lemme remind u….So Myself Shatakshi
Seriously I missed u all so much….
So here I m back with a new short story…
Hope u ike it
Its my gratitude….for the love and support u all gave
So lets start


“I LOVE YOU KUNJ!” she says smiling….dancing on her heels…
“Mahi did you hear that…I LOVE HIM…so much…” she says twirling
“I knew it twinkle….but I’m happy that finally you realized ur feelings..” says mahi smiling
“Yeah twinkle mahi is right….the way u used to run behind him..n that too since 7th grade…we have seen ur various sides
….like ‘the stalker’, ‘ Possessive twinkle’, ‘Drama Queen’ n what not…n trust me u r still the same as u were in 7th..” says chinki giggling
“Shut up chinki…I m a 10th grader now….n a girl too…u better fit this fact in ur small brain” yells twinkle
“Yeah yeah I know whose brain is small…getting last rank since 4 consecutive years is not a small task right twinkle?” says chinki teasingly
“But twinkle jokes apart…on a serious note… what will u do….u both r completely different….i mean he is the topper since kinder garten and the pride of St. Xavier’s…but u…..” says mahi

Twikle sat on a chair behind with a pout on her face

“Awww baby u look so cute” says mahi pulling her cheeks making her frown….
“I m going…catch u later” says twinkle running


My first love….my first crush…my kunj… but how can I claim him to be mine
He haven’t ever noticed me being in the same school since 12 years….and I expect love from him…
The entire girl crowd runs behind him….the most intelligent of all and the most smartest ofall…. Kunj Sarna.
But why the hell is he so arrogant and cold hearted person?
Like rejecting all the beautiful divas….how can a guy be likehim!
This is pathetic!
I cant even open my mouth infront of him…how will I confess my feelings to him?
And on top of that I m so dumb…. Mummyyyy what will I do now
But twinkle maa always say that u r Nohas Snail…. N never give up….so I have to do this…but how?
Yeah…why not writing a letter! Its perfect….this will ease up my task.


After a long trail of hours….twinkle finally came up with a letter….A LOVE LETTER…and that too for kunj… probably her first attempt
“Go for it Twinkle….keep I in his locker” says mahi
“ Yeah twinkle u can do it…but please no more siyappas…” guided mahi
“ yes I wont..” saying this twinkle kept the letter in his locker


“Twinkle relax…nothing will happen…. N stop biting ur nails now….n have a seat” groaned chinki
“ Yes Twinkle….chinki is right….calm down”
“How can I? What if he didn’t read the letter….” Says a tensed twinkle
“Hey look he is coming” whispers chinki…gathering their attention
A guy with a fair complexion….tall and thin….sparkling eyes and an expressionless face comes….
With many girls following him
As soon as twinkle saw him….she turns away….completely scared
“ What will I do now?…he has got the letter in his hand…mean he read it…please babaji same me”
She slightly turns around to have a look…..n was surprised that he turned his way upstairs leaving her mouth wide open
Here chinki and mahi were in shock too…
In order to grab his attention…they started yelling “TWINKLE”
This made him stop….he turnrd around
“Oh so you are Twinkle taneja….” He asked motioning towards her….his hands in pocket and a cold face
“Ye…yess I Twin…Twinkle” he says sweating

“Take this” he says forwarding the letter
“Omg twinkle… he replied ur letter” says chinki happily
Twinkle widen her eyes and took the letter….a sudden smile appeared on her face
“now what are u waiting for…open it dumbo” says mahi hitting her
No sooner did she open the letter…..her happiness dropped from her face….
“What happened twinkle?” asks mahi grabbing the letter
Mahi and chinki read the letter with utter shock…..they looked up and saw a cunning kunj smiling
“What is this? D+” asked chinki
“You have corrected all the misspelled words in the letter….are you kidding her!” says mahi harshly
“Its ur dumb friend who started the joke first….she cant even write the spellings right….so I rated her….and look where she stands” says kunj with his cold expressions
Twinkle lifted her face and smiled…
She left the place….
Kunj was a kind of shocked seeing her smile
Mahi and chinki too went behind her giving daggers to kunj


NEXT UPDATE : Shocked TwiNj

So how was it?
Sorry for such a big gap….but really time wasn’t permitting
The story is from one of my fav drama…thought of sharing it will u all…
So should I continue?
Do give ur views
Love u all

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  1. I just loved it ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Woah…woah….this was soooooooo gooooooood…..I’m eagerly waiting for d next episode…. Plz…..plzzz…. Post it asap

  3. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….Shatakshi welcome back …..loved the first episode…. It was amazing…..????

  4. Ayu

    Hey shatakshi!!! Welcome back dear!!! Missed u a looooottt!!
    Intriguing plot! As always…do cont soon
    I am very happy that u r back!!!❤️?

  5. Presha

    Hey satakshi amazing start do cont soon

  6. Apurva

    Awesome loved it. The new story seems to b very intresting and exciting. Really nice and awesome concept. Loved it. Post soon dear

  7. Wow satakshi ur back with an awesome concept I loved it

  8. Hey satakshi nice starting and welcome back on which drama this ff story is based plzzzz if u don’t mind luv u…..?

  9. It’s awesome post soon

  10. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Shattu (di),
    God…You are finally back! Yay! 3 cheers for Shattu di, Hip, hip Hurray! Hip, hip Hurray…

    Well this is really amazing .. Just loved it! The way Kunj corrected Twinkle’s spellings was like WOW! Simply loved it. Go for the plot and please try to post soon and don’t disappear next time 😉
    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  11. Meeta

    Look who’s back.
    Started with a Bang.
    Next one soon
    Loads of love♥

  12. Kritika14

    Hey Sha,
    I miss you man! (still missing, you don’t text me anymore 🙁 ) Anyway, I’m so glad you’re back and wow, with a BANG! I loved this! It’s just so unique and fresh! Go for it girl! Update with the next episode asap!

    Lovess! xx

  13. Dis z called back wid a bang??
    Heya shatakshi di ……..m ashiya….A silent reader of all ur ffs???. ………u no I was missing u soooooooo mucccchhhhhh. ………yesterday only I was thinking of u…..nd see today ure back…..di u no I’m such a big fan of u and ur ffs….I’ll lack words if I start saying abt ur ffs……While reading dem it seems as if we’re watching an amazing top hit movie ………u potray everything soo well. …..
    Nd coming to dis plot ……..its just amazingly super. ……I told I’ll lack words……
    Btw r u gonna continue ur previous ff….. .
    Nd wd u like 2 b mah friend. ….is f u don’t mind di ….I d love 2 b urs…….
    Do continue soon…waiting for d next epi…
    Love u loads. …..take care …..(don’t forget me)????

  14. Roshini125

    As far as I remember u I am sure that u also remember me….n i will kill u if u hv forgetten me i wont spare u…my lovely. …
    By the way welcome back…
    This gonna be a blast again fr u as well as us…
    The writting is hell gud assume usual n the plot is intrsting wt kunj did is so hilarious. .like correcting spellings in love letter…dumbo…waiting fr twist frm twinkle….
    Gud luck

    Roshini rockstar

  15. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey shatz
    I’m so happy to see u back… This is just amazing… I love it to the core… Post next soon…

    Love you?

  16. Chiku

    Hey y shatakshi
    Woaaah finally u r back!!!! I was missing u soo much????❤️
    Welcome back??
    Very interesting… lovely. Post soon
    Love u❤️

  17. Ramya

    Shatakshi it’s amazing loved it
    Plsss do cont I loved it

  18. SidMin23

    It was interesting and kunj grading twinkle in a later and give her d+?? and precap twinj Shock want to know why and yes welcome back wating for more of this ff

  19. SidMin

    Oh You are finally back 🙂 I am so very happy 🙂
    I loved your episode the plot seems to be interesting 🙂
    And a D+ in a love letter seriously man your ides are just beyond words 🙂
    Post soon 🙂 Love you 🙂

  20. Adya

    Hey dI …
    Firstly yaa a big gap but yeah.. welcome back..
    Now the episode.. gosh yrrr ghats was soooooooo cool….. lovely .. interning nd what not !
    Try posting soon..
    loads of love !

  21. Kruti

    Hey Shatakshi
    Happy to see u back
    Interesting story….hope u continue soon 🙂

  22. SidVee_Yashvee

    Heya, good to see you back 🙂 the plot is really interesting.. I loved it.. waiting for the next ❤

  23. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing interesting

  24. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome man.. jst soo good.. hope u cont. soon

  25. It was amazing! Though I am late…. sry for that!! Missed u soo much plz continue shattu…
    Loads of love!♡♡

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