Hi guys… how are u all???? I m not here wid my ff but an os. It’s the idea given by sia. I don’t knw is she the same Sia who bashed everyone here or another but she commented on my articles nd suggests me to write this os. I hope u guys like it.
Guys, I have to tell u something very important. Ishu (Paavu) is quitting TU coz of her studies. She told me to inform all of you… ?????????

Nd again a very important note for all my readers.., I m quitting TU forever….. I m sooo sorry guys…. But I won’t read or write anything.., plss I m sorryy…. I didn’t wanted to but…….. welll this is my last post…. Plss remember me in ur prayers nd never forget me… ???

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A hut was shown in a jungle.
A girl was shown tied to a chair with ropes. She had tape on her mouth. She was struggling to free herself. It was all dark place. The camera revolves and showed a boy talking on phone.
Boy – “So… you have to leave my father and I will leave ur daughter Mr. Raminder Taneja.” He said sarcastically.
Rt – “Don’t u dare touch her. I will kill you. Mark my words, I m a police officer and will surely arrest u, Kunj Sarna.”
K – “Let’s see.”
He cuts the call and looked at the girl. She gave a disgusted look. He came close to her and took out the tape from her mouth. She is revealed to be Twinkle.
T – “U disgusted cheap man, how dare u talk to my father like that.”
K – (evil smile) “Like father, like daughter. Don’t u dare shout at me samjhi…” he said shouting at her. She got frightened. Tears started flowing from her eyes.
T – “You used me Kunj Sarna. I was a fool to love you. You took advantage of my love. After what you have done, then tab bhi I can’t hate you. Because the love I have for you, always overpowers any emotion.”

His facial expression changes. But then he again came into his devil avatar.
K – “Ohhh please don’t start ur emotional drama. I never asked u to love me.”
T – “Exactly! You never asked me to love you. But your cuteness, you sweetness, yout care for me made me fall for you. Tum ne mujhe us insan se pyaar kerwaya jiska koi wajood hi nhi tha. Tum toh ek acting ker rahi thay badla leny ke liye.”
He had tears in his eyes but he hid them.
K – “Thank God Twinkle u believed that ke jis se tu nee pyaar kiya uska koi wajood nhi.”
T – “Kunj? Kyun kiya tumne aesa?” she spoke with all the pain and grief in her voice which Kunj could understand. He looked at her with painful eyes.
K – “Revenge! Badla! Meri Maa ko baghair kisi proof ker maar diya or fir police officer bana betha hai tera baap.”
T – “Kunj, tum mere papa ke baare me aesa nhi bol sakty.”
K – “Kyun nhi bol sakta Twinkle! He is the culprit.”
T – “He isn’t.” she shouted at the top of her lungs.
K – “Tu kabhi maany gi nhi.”
T – “Kunj u knw what? Ur father is a blo*dy jerk. He didn’t told u the whole tru……” He raised his hand to slap her but controlled himself. Twinkle looked at him with an unknown pain in her eyes.
T – “See u r like ur father who don’t know how to respect women.”
K – “Twinkle just stop ur nonsense.” He shouted.
T – “Why should I? You can call my father anything and I can’t say the truth about ur father.”
K – “Twinkle stop it.”
T – “Kunj I thought my love can change you but I was wrong. Shayad meri hi galti thi.”
K – “Twinkle sari galti teri thi.”
T – “U r right Kunj Sarna.”
He got up from there and left. Twinkle broke down.
T – “Babaji why? Why babaji? Aesa kyun kiya mere saath? I love him so much and he. He doesn’t even want to see my face. Babaji meri kya galti thi?”
The camera revolves and showed Kunj looking at her with tears in his eyes.

Next scene –
Twinkle was tied from the ropes and she was sleeping. The discomfort was visible from her face. Her whole body was paining a lot because of the ropes. Kunj came there. She opened her eyes.
K – “Twinkle khana khaa lay.” He said with a stern in his voice, she didn’t replied and looked away.
K – “Twinkle.” He shouted.
T – “Mujhy bhook nhi.”
K – “Tu ne 2 din se khana nhi kiya. Aj lay ker aaya hun to khaa lay.”
T – “Tum ne bhi to nhi khaya.” She said looking at him. Their eyes met sharing an intense eye lock.

K – “Mujhy farak nhi padta.”
T – “Mujhy bhi farak nhi padta. Tum ne kidnap kiya hai to mujhy farak kesy pad sakta hai.”
K – “Twinkle zidd na ker khana kha lay.”
T – “I told u I won’t.”
He sat down on the floor and looked at her. She looked at the other direction.
T – (thinks) “Babaji help me to tell him the truth.”
Twinj (at the same time): “I want to tell u something.”
Twinj (again same time): “Pehly tum.”
T – “Okay let me speak first.c
He nodded.
T – “Kunj…. My father didn’t killed your mother.”
K – “If u are again starting your drama then please I m not interested.”
T – “Kunj listen to me once.”
K – “ Bolo?”
T – “Kunj pehly ye ropes khol do. Bht pain horaha hai.”
Kunj looked at her. Pain was visible through his eyes. His eyes showed like he was hurt when she got hurt.
T – “Please.”
He got up and started to untie the ropes. He looked at her hands which had red marks. He felt bad. He untie all the ropes. She sighs in pain. He had tears in his eyes. He moved closer to her face. She gets nervous and closes her eyes. Their lips met. They were kissing like there is no tomorrow. Both were biting and chewing each other’s lips. Suddenly both realized what they were doing. Twinkle pushed him. He fell down. She got up and ran from there in the other room. She had tears in her eyes.
K – “What the f**k? What I did. Shit! I kissed her.”
He got up and ran behind her.
The camera then showed twinkle in the washroom. She was crying vigorously. She opened the tap and splashes water on her face.
T – “Twinkle he kissed you. But why? And why I didn’t stop him. He again made me forget what he did to me.” She touched her lips and remembered the kiss. Kunj knock the door.
K – “Twinkle come out!” she didn’t replied and opened the door and came out.
T – “Kunj please! Listen to me once, I want to tell you that my father didn’t killed ur mother. It was ur father.”
K – “Twinkle u can’t just speak like this about my father.”
T – “I m saying the truth. He raped your mother with his friends and killed her.”
K – “Twinkle tu jhoot bol rahi hai.”
T – “Me jaanti hun tum meri baat ka vishwaas nhi karo gay, jao abhi jao or apny dad se poocho. Bhaly hi mujhe lock ker ke chaly jaao.”
K – “Twinkle.”
T – “Haan kunj jaao! Me ne tumse pyaar kiya hai isi liye chahti hun ke tum apni zindagi kisi jhoot ke sahare na jiyo.”
K – (thinks) “Me jaanta hun Twinkle kabhi jhoot nhi bolti lekin mere dad. Twinkle me tujhe kesh bataun how much I love you but apna badla leny ke liye ye sab kuch kerna pad raha hai. Ohhh kahin twinkle sahi toh nhi bcoz dad asked me not to love twinkle.”
T – “Kya hua Kunj?”
K – “Nhi kuch nhi. Ek vaada lena chahta hun tujhse?”
T – “Kesa vaada?”
He holds her hand.
K – “Promise me, you’ll never leave me.”
T – “Kunj ye kesa vaada hai? You hate me right? Toh fir aesa vaada kyun?”
K – “Twinkle abhi mere pass kyun ka javaab nhi just promise me?”
T – “Promise Kunj. Your Twinkle is promising u that she will never leave u. Me hamesha tum se pyaar karungi chahy tum mujhse nafrat kero,”
She said with tears in her eyes. He left from there running and locked the hut.
Next Scene – Central Jail
Kunj came there panting heavily. He ran towards the jail where his father was kept.
He was about to reached there when he heard some voices.
Rt – “Kunj will surely get to know abt ur truth. I trust my twinkle. She will surely tell him.”
Manohar – “Kunj will never believe.”
Rt – “He will because he loves Twinkle a lot. I saw the love in his eyes for my daughter.”
M – “Huhhh love and Kunj. Never, he only loves his dad nd mom and he will never get to knw that I killed her mother not u.” he said sarcastically and laugh.
Kunj couldn’t believe his ears. He came in front of his father. He looked at him nd get shocked.
M – “Kunj beta ,, u.?”
K – “Papa? I never expected this! Because of you I hurt twinkle whom I love the most. Because of you, I gave her pain because of you nd what u give me in return. Betrayal. Right. I hate you and I m ashamed to calk u my father.”
He said and ran from there crying.
He reached the hut and entered inside. He walked towards Twinkle and saw her sleeping on the floor. He looked at her lovingly.
K – (thinks) “I Love You Twinkle.” He came closer to her and saw the marks on her hand. He caressed them. He tucked her hairs behind her ears. His hand shivers. He came close to her and kissed her cheek then her forehead.
K – (thinks) “Twinkle I m sorry but I can’t live in this world. I can’t face you.” He took out the gun from his pocket and kept it on his head and closed her eyes. All the moments spent with Twinkle flashed in front if his eyes,.
He was about to shoot when Twinkle opened her eyes and saw him like that and shouted.
T – “Kunjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj…….” She took the gun from his hand and threw it away. She was crying. She hugged him tightly. He didn’t hugged her back.
T – “Pagal ho? Mujhse promise liya ke humesha mere saath rehna or mujhy chod ker jaa rahy thay. Kya socha tumne ke mujhe pata nhi chaly ga. Kunj tumse itna pyaar kerti hun mein ke babaji ne mujhe utha diya,”
She broke the hug and cupped his face.
T – “Kunj sabki life mein problems hoti hain but iska ye matlab nhi ke har koi suicide ker lay. Fir toh mujhy bhi suicide kerni chahiye thi na kyunki mujhe usne dhoka diya jis se me ne sabse zyada pyaar kya.”
K – “Twinkle,” he was crying.
T – “Kunj.”
K – “Twinkle tu kyun hai itni achi?”
T – “Matlab?”
K – “Me ne tujhe itna hurt kya fir bhi tu hamesha mujhse pyaar karti rahi kyun? Hamesha mujh pe vishwaas kiya kyun?”
T – “Pyaar vishwaas kerna sikha deta hai Kunj! Or pyaar me bht dard hota hai ye toh kuch bhi nhi.”
K – “Per me kisi pe vishwaas nhi ker sakta mere papa ne bhi mujhe dhoka diya.”
T – “Ek baar mujh pe vishwaas ker kke toh dekho.”
He came out of the room and stood in the balcony.
T – “Kunj..”
He was standing near the railing. She came to him. He stood facing his back towards the railing.
K – “Twinkle nhi ker sak….” He turned around and saw Twinkle standing on the railing.
He shouted “Twinkleee…” he quickly held her hand and pull her towards himself taking her into his embrace.
She tightly hugged him. They broke the hug.
K – “Paagal hai tu twinkle? Agar gir jaati toh?”
T – “Tum girne nhi dete ye mera vishwaas tha…”
Sajna Ve plays.
Kunj kneeled down and held her hand.
K – “Twinkle I always hurt you. You loved me and I hated you. I was a fool. I didn’t knew the truth. Me badly ki aag me jal raha tha. Bht bada stupid tha. I m sorry twinkle me jaanta hun ek sorry bht chota hai un sab ke liye jo me ne tere saath kiya but still.. I LOVE YOU TWINKLE …, I REALLY DO.. WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS KIDNAPPER AS YOUR BETTER HALF?”
She looked at him with unbelievable look. She had tears in her eyes.
T – “Yes Kunj I forgive you. I LOVE YOU TOO.”
He stood up and she hugged him tightly. He hugged her back. He kissed her forehead.
K – “Twinkle tu ne itni asaani se kesy maaf ker diya mujhe?”
T – “Pyaar me bht taakat hoti hai Kunj.”
He smiled.
T – “Because u r the one who mad me believe in love.”
They smiled. He came closer to her and captured her lips. They broke the kiss after 15 mnts due to lack of oxygen warna both of them were not ready to break it.
They joined their foreheads smiling endlessly. Atlast they both were together, forever.


*****THE END*****

Guys how was it? Drop down ur comments? Ignore the mistakes. I hope u like it.
Lots of love ??????❤❤❤?????????

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  1. Sohi

    Purvi I’m really very upset and sad ? becoz of u
    Really yaar I did not expected this from you
    What happened to all the tei writers why are they quiting tu ager aise hi chalta raha tho tei Sach me khatam hogayega
    Many good tei writers are quiting tu 1st survi then paavu then u
    Kya hua why ur doing like this
    Plz don’t do it
    Every 2nd writer is saying they will end their ff or quite the telly updates
    And many has not posted their ff yet which they have started like ria, Maggi etc
    And now u
    I’m seriously telling you if you want to quit tei tu Plz end all ur ffs then quit don’t leave them on middle
    And if you quit telly updates
    Then I will start hating u
    Now it’s ur wish
    About os it was amazing and emotional
    Plz post ur another ffs too
    Do continue

    1. Hey sohi what r u telling u will not leave TU samjhi..i know purvi ne jo decision liye h vo galat h but tu monday ka wait kr..tujhe surprise milega

  2. Oyiii babylove kya bol rhi h tu aur ishu dOno TU chod rhe ho..badi ayii april fool mat bana..samjhi..aur yeh os wah bhai waha..kya os tha maza agaya..
    Luv u..

  3. Whaaattt??????????whyyyyy aree you leaaavinggggg???? Why on earth you want to do thisss???whhhy God …….And paavu dii alsoo…….saree ffs ka kya ha??Jo pending hai… Chalo..Woh chodo, kyu quit kar rahe ho haa??Jisse dekho woh end karne ki dhamki deta hai!!??it might hurt some of you but I want to say this …Now….Likhte hi kyu ho phir itne acche aur pyaree ffs jisse humme bhool Pana mushkil ho ,…………..Waise don’t tell me ki yeh APRIL FOOL ka prank thaa?????agar it’s a prank then it’s very badddd????,………End kiya toh naaa??..Post next soon….Natak Kahi aur ??????

    1. It was not funny haa mind youu ??

  4. Purvi plz don’t quite tu dear plzzzzzzz it’s my humble request to u
    And ur OS was fabulous
    I loved it
    And plzzzzzzz don’t quite tu

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    April fool ni banate ese….n epi was amazing fabulous

  6. Ritzi

    Yaar purvi….u r srsly so dependent on yr frnds….if paavu is leaving then u too will leave…yeh kaha ka logic hua yaar…I mean u hv yr own readers…she has her own readers….u nd her r not the same…nd disappointing yr readers is not spirit… Hv u ever thought how much we love yr ffs…no! Hv u ever thought hv much r we going to miss ur ffs…no! Hv u ever thought how much r we going to miss u….no! I mean m really upset with this. Its not a birthday party going on here tht u won’t celebrate it without yr best frnd….I m really sorry but today u really made me sad ….I was thinking to write my fs but u took away my mood…I didn’t read u this os ….u stole my tht mood too….u r making us feel as if we r strangers to u nd only paavu is everything to u….nd u post all yr epis just for her…is tht so?

    Really sorry ….I might sound harsh…but u need to continue yr ff nd thts wht I knw

    1. Purvi128

      Hey Ritzi…!! Yarr that is not reason.. I m not leavinv coz of Paavu..
      Nd i don’t consider u all strangers… nd all of u knw that.. I m sorry yarr… u all r the part of my life… sorry….. i may tell u tomorrow or monday why am i leaving…
      Nd i m sorry for making u sad.. but I m sure i will make it good tomorrow or on monday.. i promise u yarrr.. nd i love u sooo much ??❤?❤❤?❤?
      Apna mood theek ker lo ya fir mera wait kero me kal ya monday ko mood bilkul theek kee dungi.. ritzzz… (can i call u that.?0 balke bht acha ker dungi i guess…

      1. Sohi

        Purvi I totally agree with ritzi even I was going to right my ff but now I’m in no mood I’m also thinking to quit telly updates and sit.

      2. Jiya_Ani

        Puru…this isn’t fair Haa..TU cod rahi Ho that too forever..I don’t want to talk to you..apko toh padi hi nahi have ki readers ka kya hone wala h..people have started forgetting Twinj .and slowly everyone is leaving yaar..
        I feel like crying reading your note…I am not in contact with Sayoo..she left..and Angita ..she too isn’t regular..and Ladoo..And then Paavu…and now u are leaving too….pls don’t quit nah..
        For me..For u r readers..
        Break lena Ho toh break Lo..come after short intervals..but come naa…plzzzzzzz

        Baat mat karna mujhse..I am hell angry now…aapke OS isliye nahi padhti k aise notes mile…

  7. Rashiverma2199

    No….Purvi pls don’t leave Tu….I really appreciate what you write…

  8. SidMin23

    Now purvi this is brilint os and the ways kunj got to know his father real face was nice and the ways twinkle love kunj was nice and I mean everything was amazing and end part was too good.

  9. Presha

    Hey puru its just awesome yaar loved it…
    Too good…

    Just loved it….
    Dont leave TU…
    Love u

  10. Simiyy

    Hey Purvi
    It was really good
    Please dont leave
    Good Luck for the future
    Loads of love

  11. Ramya

    Yeh kya keh rahi hat tu y u will leave tu n even y ishu
    Dekho ye galat hai
    Ager yeh April fool hai na tho tik hai lekin Sach mai leave karogi tho acha nahi hogga samja de ishu ko bhi kaise chod skate tum dono u both r stars of tu den how can u think dis
    Well awesome amazing lovely od
    It’s just superb lovely
    N don’t u dare to quit nor even ishu
    Love u keep smiling

  12. Yaar please chodna mat kya problem jai batana tum log mahir ho likna me

  13. Thank u dooo much yaar u r the only one who made an os for me and i loved it verrrrrry much and one more thing u should not leave tu okay cause i have joind tu 10 days ago and u r leving u should not ok

  14. Thank u purvi it was awsm and pls dont leave tu yaar i just joind it 10 dya ago plssss dont leave

  15. Fatimaa.

    Purvi….yaaar ye kya tha….
    U r quitting tu…no plzz dont do this plzzzzz….????????????….sab log tu chhod rahe hai….kya ho gaya hai sab ko……plzzz aisa mat karo plzzzz…i will do watever u say but plzz dont do this…if u want then dont comment kn any if u r not getting time…par plzz dont leave tu and writing on twinj….yaar agar tei tv pe khatam ho gaya tha tab bhi hum log ne to yaha par use zinda rakha na…agar sab log aisa karenge to tei will b ending…..plzz purvi aisa mat karo plzzzzz….i beg u…………
    And ur os was amazing…loved it….

    Plzz dont quit….plzzz….
    I love u❤❤❤❤❤❤

  16. SidMin

    Aww … Just loved it …. the is was very sweet
    Aur ha April fool banaya na tho dekh le I will not talk to you for ever ever and ever
    Love you keep writing ❤

  17. Twinjfan.tamanna

    Wooowwwww!!! Yaar jaan kya april fool banaya seriously hats off! Hum dono ek dusre se saccha pyaar karthe hain! Aaj prove hogaya pehli baat jab maine tere os ka naam padha tabhi patha chal gaya tha ki ye tu hai! Aur mere dimak me bhi idea tha ke sab ko iss tarah april fool banaun!

    And about the os! I really really loved it!.it was so emotional cutie pie! I loved it itna zyaada *opening my arms*
    Love you so much jaan

    With love,
    Urs shona

  18. Affaa

    Hahaha hahahaha u made April fool….. Tu bhi nah…. U Read ur epi and come to this os.. Otherwise I might have also believed ur drama… For once I thought ohhhh ur leaving it’s very good… We might have been relax one headache is gone…. AWWWW don’t get shocked my joking ur shannn of tu… My baby don’t ever think about leaving tu…. If any problem comes… U means lot to us… The amazing writer….and ur personality just beloved words… Stay always same….

    Ohhhh I forgot to say os…. Wonderful, excellent work yaar…. I’m loving the way u write… Seriously beautiful, fantastic yaar…. Keep smiling love you so much

  19. Baby

    Purvi… jaan…..pata tha its u…..
    Yrr….kaiseeee itna aachaa likh leti hai haan…..or yeh kahan chodke jaane ki baat kar rahi hai….kyaa yrr….mein soch rhi hun phele terii tareef krlun fir datun…..sooo listen madam….

    D os was jst osm amazing I m like still crying it was soooo emotional sooo cute sooo beautiful sch khete hain pyaar mein sab kuch krne ki taqaut hoti hai apne soul apne dil ke liye jaan dene ki bhi….. 🙂
    Beautiful n adorable n marvellously written jst wow….. 🙂

    U know ryt I love ur ritings kahan jaa rhi hai chodke kyaa aakhri writing or kya rsn hai…..yrr kun aisaa kar rhi hai…..kun merko jinda marna caha rhj hai…..purvi u r nt leaving me us….no body….plssss….yr….. 🙁

    Mein bhot gussa hun or mein bhot datungi…..agar tune aisaa kuch kiya…..
    Purvii….plsssss…… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    Yrrr….love u sis….. 🙂
    N m telling u if u did something like dis naa den I wont talk to u….u r posting ur ff…… 🙁
    Plsssssssssss…..dont go….Plsssssssssss…….begging u…..

  20. Baby

    Ek scnd babes d day u posted dis article wasnt is april fool day…tu pitegi agar yeh tera moday or watever day ko sch nikal ke aayaa….hawwww….mein samaj gyi hun yehi rsn hai aabhiii toh mene kuch pada ni bt merko pata hai haan….mein tekro achee se jaanti hun….purviii…..hawwww…..dekhti hun kya hai monday or usmein bt I ll b happy also bt dekh tu ab…..

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