TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode 19}

Hello cuties! How are you all? I hope all are doing well 🙂 Anyways, I am back with the 19th episode of this Fan Fiction, and as per my commitment I am posting on 2nd of January. Well I hope you guys enjoyed the ‘New Year’ and had a gala time. Well, once again wishing you all a blissful 2017 🙂

Also take note, that the episodes which will be in Paris may have some unrealistic things or I may fail in describing something appropriately as I have never been to Paris but as far I really wish to visit there and also I will share my secret with you guys that Paris is my dream city 😛 So as it is my dream city so I added it in my Fan Fiction, thinking that I have not yet been there but why not send my TwiNj there 😉 Now without any further ado, let’s start with the 19th episode of this Fan Fiction.

(Note: The episode is completely in Twinkle’s voice!)

Episode 19
(Before starting, I would inform you guys that ‘Love at Eiffel Tower’ which was given in the precap will not be showcased in this episode! Pardon me for this.)

I took a long breath out of excitement as we stepped out of the airport. Finally I am at Paris, my dream city. I wrapped my hands around my waist, as I felt cold. Well, Paris looked more beautiful draped in snow. Yes, snow was falling there. My (another) dream comes true…To see snowfall with my Love! My eyes fell over Kunj who was busy buying coffee for both of us, but when he returned I noticed him being a bit agitated. I inquired about him but he just said that it is because of the long travel journey and stress.

We hired a cab and sat in it. I was busy adoring the beautiful sceneries of the lovely city. The River Seine! Though due to wind there were frozen ice patches, but there were cracks which parted the liquid and solid, which made the river look more beautiful! I also came across, ‘Louvre Museum’ I really wanted to see the magnificent ‘Mona Lisa’ though the great literature writer, ‘Ibn e Insha’(Readers he is an Urdu writer, and famous poet!) criticized the art in his ‘Safar Nama’ named as ‘Paris ka Safar’ stating, that the image was nice but he didn’t get why people die to see that painting as it’s the same as other pieces of art!

Anyways, I really didn’t want this drive to end as the sceneries are really beautiful to view. Before coming to the journey I searched internet about Paris, where I came across an article written by a tourist who said, “The drive on the roads of Paris or the boat ride of Ricer Seine are the things which are unforgettable!” So true!

The drive finally ended when we reached our destination, ‘Hotel Monge’. I remember Saumya telling me that this is among the Top 10 romantic hotels of Paris. We entered inside and proceeded towards the reception. The receptionist greeted, “Bonjour!” Kunj greeted back, “Bonjour! Mon nom est Kunj Sarna, elle est ma femme, Twinkle Sarna!” (Bonjour! My name is Kunj Sarna and she is my wife Twinkle Sarna!)

My eyes popped up as I heard Kunj speaking French, so fluently! Kunj continued, “S’il vous plaît vérifier la réservation du nom Mr. and Mrs. Sarna!” (Please check the booking by the name Mr. and Mrs. Sarna!) The receptionist nodded and checked the monitor and then said preceding the card of the room, “Oui Monsieur le Président, ne chambre aucun 110.” (Yes Sir, room no.110.) Kunj said, “Merci!” (Thank you!) And walked off, as I looked on shocked.

Kunj was leading me and we finally reached room no.110! Kunj opened the door, and we proceeded inside, all was dark but the candles were lighting the room! We were spellbound at seeing the room all draped in rose petals, everywhere! The bed had a roses in the shape of heart. We looked at each other confusingly!

After a while
I was done with the cleaning of the room and bed, when Kunj stepped out of the bathroom after changing himself into a white t-shirt and loose denim with messy hair. He stated at looking the room, “Now it seems better!” I passed a faint smile and said, “Well you can sleep on the couch and I’ll sleep on the bed!” I noticed him, as he turned angry and said, “Oh hello Siyappa Queen! I’m going to sleep on the bed and you on the couch!” I said smirking, “Excuse me, because of me we are in Paris! If I would not have accepted Ishana’s offer then we would have been sitting in Amritsar!” Kunj pleaded, “Twinkle you are my friend, no-no, you are my best friend! Koi apne best friend ke saath aisa karta hai?” (Do anyone do so bad with his/her best friend?) I screamed, “Which best friend? Best friends know each and every thing about one another and look at you. You did not even bother to tell me that you know how speak French!” He replied, “Oh God Twinkle that was a small thing. Come on be mature!” I stated, “Yeah I am immature! Any problem? And if you have then please keep it within you. Also it is a small thing, Kunj. You sleep on couch and I will sleep on the bed!” And our cat fight continued…

And it would have continued if the door bell didn’t ring. I asked (actually shouted), “Who is it?” The voice said, “service à la chambre “ I looked on confusingly when Kunj said (actually yelled) “Room service!!” Kunj walked and opened the door, “Yes?” The room service girl replied, “Monsieur, c’est la carte d’invitation pour le nouvel an”
(Sir, this is the invitation card for the new year party!) Kunj took it and said, “merci!” (Thanks) The girl was about to leave when Kunj stopped her and said, “Excusez-moi.” (Excuse me) The girl replied, “Oui, Monsieur.” (Yes sir!) Kunj asked, “savez-vous English?” (Do you know, English?” She replied, “Yes!” Kunj exclaimed, “Great!”

All this while I was looking on, confusingly. He said, “Can you please decide who will sleep on the bed and who will sleep on the couch among the two of us?” I noticed the girl giggling a bit and then said, “Sir, it is a honeymoon suite and there is no couch out here so both of you have to sleep on bed!!” (Funny tune played)

The girl left and we looked at each other and together exclaimed, “WHAT THE WUCK!!”

At 10 of night!
It was 10 of night, time for party. Well, looks like another dream comes true! (What the dream is will be revealed later!) I was all ready in my pink gown, which had a white satin printed material, and was backless. I applied minimum make-up, which included a light lip gloss and a nude eye shadow. I was waiting for Kunj, who was taking time as if he’s a girl. Well my wait was over as he stepped out in a black shirt and blue denims with a brown leather jacket with properly combed hair and a watch. He left the first 2 buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, making him look handsome – more handsome! (Author : The links to the outfits will be given in the comment section, once the episode is posted!)

I came out of my dreamland when he waved his hand across my eyes. He asked, “Where are you lost?” I replied, brushing away my thoughts, “Nothing…shall we?” He nodded as he let his hand in mine and we walked out of the room.

We reached at the venue, which was in the hotel’s hall, which looked like a ball room. We settled on the reserved seat for us as we were no outsiders. I was actually getting bored with the boring French music and people speaking in French, and look at Kunj who was enjoying the music and befriend some new people, completely ignoring me! I really hate him for doing this. Well the party was actually, a masquerade one so I and Kunj were given the masks according to our outfits. I was given a white mask whereas Kunj had a brown one.

It was now 11:23 and I was hell bored till now, my toes were paining because of the heels which I really hate to wear. Suddenly out of nowhere a lady who was dressed in a black or better say navy blue sari approached me, she looked an Indian women. She came to me and asked, “Indian?” I nodded. She sat beside me and we started chatting but her voice was familiar maybe my illusion.

Precap : Who’s the woman? Kunj’s POV…’Love at Eiffel Tower’

Well, I am sorry for the boring update, and if I failed to come across anyone’s expectations. Also I hope that you guys are not losing interest in the fan fiction!

I hope you guys enjoyed and do leave down your comments. Well, I still have not relied to the previous ones, but thanks to all who commented previously.

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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  1. Presha

    Hhey zuha loved it to the core

    1. Presha

      Forgot to say but I think the woman in precape is ishana

      1. Zuha Fatima

        Well, let’s see if your guess is correct or not ¡

    2. Zuha Fatima

      Hey, Thank you so much dear!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  2. Hey yaar nyc epi btw i think girl is ishana

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey, Thanks dear for commenting. Also let’s see if your guess is correct 🙂

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  3. Hey zuhu,
    M back dear. Sorry for not commenting on the last chapter. This episode was really good. Well written girl. And you dare to call it boring. Dear,ur ff is just mind boggling.
    I really know I don’t need to mention but you are one of the best writers here.
    And yeah we really have atleast some similarities. First of all being of all most same age group. And the second thing is my favourite city too is’s just that I’ve visited the place and I hope that you too to visit the beautiful city soon. Well as you said it’s one of the best places I’ve visited.
    Fille toi sont aux multi talents ( Girl you are multi talented) . You know french too . Now this is also a similarity between us.
    So I hope we can become best of friend;if you don’t mind.
    And thanks for your reply on my previous comment. Well let me introduce myself.
    So I’m ashiya kapoor, 8th grader,Indian by nationality ,presently living in Delhi,India.
    A die hard lover of physics chemistry maths. You can call me bak bak queen as I speak a lot . My favourite hobby is to irritate my loved ones with my talks (u’re included?)But,even after being a bak bak queen, I’m an introvert. Me commenting on the 17th episode of this ff and not on the 1st explains this fact about me.
    I know I’ve bored and irritated you with my stupid introduction and this long comment.
    Thanks for bearing me and my silly talks.
    Sorry again .
    Wishing u a very happy and prosperous 2017. May it turns out to be one of the best years of your life .
    Buh bye for now.
    Love u loads????????????
    Post soon .
    Keep smiling ?? ? ? ? ?


    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey sweetheart,
      You really don’t have any idea how sweet you are 🙂 Really, are my writings so good? I guess not, it’s your love and support which makes it worth reading or else I am no good of a writer 🙂

      OMG!! I being one of the best writers on this page!! This is freaking! As said above I am no good of a writer it’s your love and support which makes it worth reading!

      Gosh… so many similarities!! That’s great. But one thing is not common between us, that is I hate Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. So this thing is which differ among the two of us.

      Anyways thanks for your introduction dear 🙂 And you need not to apologize for long comments and bak bak as I never mind the either things 😛

      Have a blessed 2017!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  4. Chiku

    Hey zuhu
    Its just amazing ??lovely. I loved it to core. Its just fabulous. Woaah??????

    I loved their fyting scene. ????it was hilarious.
    I am damn sure that girl is ishana. Precap love at EIFFEL TOWER is just ???
    I cannot wait yaar
    Jaldi post kr

    Happy new year??may god bless u
    Jaldi post kar?????. I cannot wait yaar ?
    Love u??

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey, Thanks dear for this wonderful comment! Thanks a ton for your appreciation my darlo 🙂

      I am glad to know that you enjoyed the update. Well, I will try to post the next episode soon 🙂

      Have a blessed 2017!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  5. Dheemahee

    Nice episode and Kunj speaking French and then both argue on that topic and that room service vala scene were nice please continue and Post next one soon bye

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey, Thanks for commenting and sharing your views regarding the update. I am glad to know that you are developing interest in the story and I will try to make it more interesting 🙂

      Also the next episode will be posted soon (Insha Allah) Take care.

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  6. RUTU.....

    Nice episode dear waiting for next one post it soon ???

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey, Thank you so much. I will try to update the next episode soon.

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  7. Sohi

    The episode was soo awesome
    And that fighting part it was funny ?
    Well Paris is also my dream city but….
    Waiting for the next update and specially kunj’s pov
    Do continue and post

  8. Asna

    Episode was really good zuha… I loved ur writing n plzzz post soon the next…

  9. SidMin23

    Super kunj speaking French n their cute Timi and jerry fight love it waiting for next episode

  10. Ramya

    Hey zuha
    Awesome amazing Superb
    Kunj knows French great n ur dream is to visit Paris I hope it comes true
    Amazing loads of love keep smiling

  11. Adya

    Woow zuha.. my cutie.
    Amazing episode yrr.. well I also love Paris a lot.. not my dream city but still yrr…
    I love the episode darling… And the fight was worth reading. Soo funny and cute… Nd room service part was awesome.
    Try posting soon as the precap is amazing…
    Happy new year…
    Love you!

  12. Kruti

    Zuha that was a nice epi…that couch part???….loved it
    Continue asap

  13. SidVee_Yashvee

    Amazingggg.. their Nok jhok abt sleeping on couch or bed and the room service scene was so hilarious ????.. n wow kunj knows French.. hope your dream of visiting Paris gets fulfilled soon ☺ .. eagerly waiting for the next ?

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  15. Aamna_2690


    How many shocks will u give???…… really kunj speaking French….. the episode was fab dear??…… luved it…. u r such a great writer zuha……

    If u don’t mind can I know in which city of Pakistan u live……

    Well post next episode soon dear…. ??love u ??

  16. Ria

    Sorry nah! I really am because I’m late as usual.? It’s sad that I can’t pop up on time for this wonderful FF. Well, the episode was amazing although I was really waiting for ‘Love at Eiffel Tower’, but this episode makes me forget everything. The fight between Twinj??

    I’ll be waiting for the next update. Try updating soon.

    All love,

  17. Purvi128

    Hey Zuha … Sorry for being late …
    Well the epi was fab …. I just loved it … Kunj speaking french .. Oh my god … And I think the woman is Ishana … Dear my interest in this ff is increasing day by day … And I am falling in love with it by each passing epi …

    The cute fight between TwiNj were very cute ….. I am very excited for precap … I mean ‘Love at Eiffel Tower’ … Post next soon … Waiting eagerly for it ….

    Love you loads …

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    Very very very good update.. amazing

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    Hi Zuha, how are you? by the way my tallent ka bhandar kya episode likha hai yaar…. it was superb episode… tumne toh mujhe yahan baithe baithe hi Paris ki sair kara diya aur aage bhi karwaogi… n about french omg zuhu my dearo how do you know about this language? well kaise bhi janti ho but bcz of you I’ll too learn this language….

    Any ways episode was really amazing and their fight hayeeee too cute I was laughing when that girl say there no couch in room…. so sweet… now I’m happy to see this new kunj… n I think girl non other than Ishana…. well lets see in next epi….. post next soon…

    Love you♥♥♥♥ keep smiling♥♥♥♥

  20. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 The fight in the room was just too cute 🙂
    I love the way you write and your story looks so promising it keeps me glued to it all the time 🙂 Love you 🙂 Post soon 🙂

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    amazing yr……..srsly tooo cute
    ufff the episode was lovely twinj fyt on couch n bed hahaha no couch
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    n i think d girl is ishana mayb 😀
    luv u lods♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    plsssssssssssss post nxt asap cant w8 😀

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