TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode 16}


Merry Christmas!
Hey friends! How are you all? I hope all are doing well! Well I am good as always and back with the 16th episode of this Fan Fiction.
All my hearty wishes of Christmas to you all and I hope you enjoy this Christmas treat! (Though it’s not that gala treat.)

(Episode is in ‘narrative voice’ as far as now)
Episode 16
Kunj was appalled to find Twinkle hugging Ishana, he didn’t know how to react, all he knew that his so-called wife is hugging his enemy! The duo broke the hug as Twinkle said, “It’s really glad to see you here Ishana. Thanks!” Ishana replied with a faint smile, “Anytime for you. By the way here’s a small gift for you and your husband on this special occasion of yours and many, many congrats!” She forwarded a box to Twinkle. Twinkle smiled and said, “What’s the need for this? You came here, is more than enough for me! Anyways, thanks!” Ishana smiled. Twinkle said, “Come I’ll make you meet my husband.” Ishana curtly said, “Why not, sweetheart! I am waiting impatiently to meet him.”

Twinkle held Ishana’s hand and the two walked towards Kunj. Kunj gulped down water as he saw Twinkle proceeding with Ishana, who has a smirk on her face. Twinkle exclaimed, “Kunj meet Ishana…Ishana he’s Kunj Sarna, my husband!” Ishana said with a grin, “Woah, nice meeting you, Mr.Sarna!” She said proceeding out a hand towards Kunj. Kunj hesitantly shook hands with her and said confidently, “Same here, Mrs.Ishana Singh Oberoi!” Twinkle looked on confused and told, “Wait a second…Umm, Kunj I guess you’re mistaken she’s not married!” Kunj looked on shocked towards Ishana while she continued smirking. Twinkle continued, “She’s not Mrs.Ishana Singh Oberoi, instead she’s Ms.Ishana Thakur! Her company and Taneja Groups of Industries have merged together for a project and for that purpose she’s here in Amritsar or else she lives in Mumbai!”

‘What the wuck!’ Kunj thought, ‘How come she be Ishana Thakur, it’s so obvious she’s Ishana! What a game plan you’ve made Ishana. Hats off to you!’

Ishana thought while smirking, ‘Kunj Sarna, where the thinking of small people like you stop, from there my thinking starts. I’m here to avenge you for what you’ve done to my husband Omkara Singh Oberoi. You’ve to payback for each and every deed of yours!’

Rudra came to Kunj stating, “Kunj…” but was left shocked on the sight. He was shocked to find Ishana standing in front of his eyes. He muttered, “Ishana..Bhabhi!” Ishana looked up to him and was shocked to find him standing in front of her that also with questioning eyes, and she didn’t know how to answer him and what to say. Rudra continued, “Ishana, you’re alive, but how’s this even possible! You and Om died in that car accident then how come you are alive. But wait a minute…If you’re alive means Om is also alive! (A smile appeared on his jawline) Where’s Om?” Ishana spoke up with much courage “Excuse me, I’m sorry but you’re mistaken. I don’t know anyone named Om. I’m sorry to say but I’m not your Bhabhi!” Rudra shouted at the top of his lungs, “What’s wrong with you! Do you even think it’s a joke? Ishana do you’ve any idea how tough it was for the Oberoi’s to bear the pain of losing you and Om? Do you even know what happened when you guys weren’t there? NO! I’ll tell you Shivaay Bhaiya broke up with the family and left with Anika Bhabhi, Sahil and Priya (Shivika’s daughter). Dadi suffere paralysis attack and Oberoi empire had completed ruined! DO YOU GET THAT!!”

All were shocked. The guests present there, became silent, there was pin drop silent. Kunj addressed to the guests, “I’m sorry everyone for the mishap. I highly appreciate and thank you all for being a part of our happiness but the party is over!” The guests left! Only the Sarna’s and Taneja’s were there with Rahul, Saumya and Manvi.

Rudra was still out of control and anger and disappointment was visible in his eyes while Ishana didn’t know how to react or what to say. Kunj walked to Rudra and patted him and said, “Relax Rudra!” Rudra exclaimed, “How to relax Kunj? This woman standing in front of my eyes, whose the wife of my brother who’s assumed to be dead with his wife, is saying that she isn’t Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi!” Kunj spoke, “We can sit and talk!” Rudra shouted, “No Kunj…”

The very moment, Ishana got call and she received it.
Ishana – “Are you sure there’s no other room?”
Ishana – “Okay fine. I’ll see what I can do. Thanks!”

“What happened Ishana?” asked Twinkle. Ishana replied, “Nothing. Actually there’s no empty room in the hotel so…” Twinkle said, “No worried you can stay back here!” Ishana said, “No! Thanks. I guess there’s already a lot of chaos at your place because of me, and I ruined your special day. I’m sorry!” Twinkle said, “No need to apologize also this matter has to be sorted out so you can stay back here till you don’t get a room for you!” Twinkle walked to Usha and asked, “I hope you don’t have any problem with my decision, Mummy ji!” Usha said, “No! You’ve the equal right over this house as Kunj. So you may decide about this house’s affair dear!” Twinkle passed a faint smile and looked towards Ishana. Twinkle noticed Kunj who passed an angry glare to her and marched away from there with Rudra.

Later that night…
Ishana assembled her things in the guest room and changed her clothing into a simple pink and white salwar kameez. She grabbed a cup of coffee and walked to the balcony in her room. A drop of tear fell from her eye, re-mincing Rudra telling her the state of Oberoi’s after they got to know about Ishana and Om. She said to her own self looking up to the sky, “I’m sorry! I never knew that what happen back in the Oberoi’s! A lot happened and I wasn’t able to help my family.”

Scene shifted to Rudra’s place (He lives in an apartment back in Amritsar….)
Rudra was angrily punching, his punching back as he perspires badly, re-mincing all the times of ‘O Bros’ and then how Ishana denied that she isn’t the wife of Om. He stopped and gulped down a bottle of alcohol.

“Rudra!” A voice came from the back. Rudra turned to find Saumya standing there. Rudra uttered, “You here? Oh, you might be here to laugh over me that I am a looser, right?” Saumya nodded her head in disagreement and said, “No Rudra. You remember that I asked your help to arrange the meeting of Twinkle and Kunj jiiju and that day you helped me. Today I’m here to repay your favor. I don’t know what happened in your family, or whether that woman is lying or true but I’ll support you as a friend! So will you accept my help as a friend?” Rudra stood silent. Saumya said, “Rudra, pain needs to be shared because if you don’t it becomes a canker and spread in your body as poison. One has to share its pain as no one has the potential to bear pain alone. I always used to make a fun of you but I never knew that behind a smiling face hide such a dreadful past which aches him/you each and every moment he/you smile trying to hide your pain! You can share your pain with me!” Rudra closed his eyes letting a few drops of tears floe down his cheeks. Saumya walked to him and placed a hand over his shoulder, but Rudra just hugged her tightly letting out his pain out of him. Saumya didn’t know whether she should reciprocate or not but finally she did, realizing his state.

On the other side
“Ishana Singh Oberoi” Ishana heard out someone calling her and she turned to find Kunj standing in front of her leaning on the wall. Ishana muttered, “You…What are you doing here?” Kunj moved towards her with his hands in his pants’ pocket and said, “You can fool the world but not me, because I keep more information of my enemy than of my friend. You can’t deny in front of me , at least, that you aren’t Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi!” Ishana walked near him and said confidently, “Yeah, you’re right! Yes, I’m Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi, your worst enemy! And here to destroy you!” Kunj sarcastically laughed and stated, “Nice joke!” Ishana passed a curt smile and said, “I’ll make sure that I make this joke the bitter truth of your life.” Kunj said, “You say dialogues nicely. You should’ve been in films!” Ishana replied, “No need to worry! I’m at least the part of your life’s movie!” She continued, “Tomorrow is Christmas, on this happy occasion I’ll make sure that I give you such a gift that after that you’ll never wish for any happiness!” Kunj said with a sarcastic smile, “Everyone has a right to dream!” Ishana said, “I’ll make this dream true! Aaj se tumhri ulti ginti shuru!” Kunj smirked and said, “We’ll see!”

Back at Twinj’s room…

Twinkle was waiting for Kunj, and finally he arrived. Twinkle got up from the bed and muttered, “Kunj….” But Kunj cut her off in the middle saying, “You should now change, it’s quite late. I’ll sleep in the living room, you may comfortably sleep in the room!” He picked up the pillow and sheet andwas about to move out of the room when Twinkle stopped him by holding his arm. He stopped and looked at her, as the duo shared an intense eye-lock…Sajna Ve…

Kunj uttered, “Leave my hand, Twinkle!” Twinkle said with attitude, “No, I won’t till you don’t listen to me!” Kunj placed Twinkle’s hand away and said, “Don’t argue with me Twinkle! You better sleep now.” Twinkle was now angry and yelled, “What’s wrong with you? Here I’m trying to act sweet with you and your attitude is not ending. What do you consider me? A tissue paper…Whenever you want beat her, whenever you want scold her, whenever you want use her and then throw! A while ago you were acting to be so sweet and now don’t even paying heed to me! What’s your problem?”

“You are my problem!” He stated, pinning her tight to the wall. “You are the only problem right now! Look, on our wedding night only I told you that I don’t consider you as my wife and you don’t stand anywhere in my life. And the reason of my sweet behavior towards you was and is only my mom…” By now Twinkle had tears in her eyes. She muttered, “Mummy ji…” Kunj said freeing her, “Yes Ma….” And he goes into a flashback……………………..

Precap : Flashback is shown! … “Twinkle you’re a Siyappa Queen!” said Kunj.“If so, then you are Sadu Sarna!” stated Twinkle.
Hey dearies, I know it was so intense. While writing this I was thinking, ‘God? Why on earth am I writing such an intense episode?’ I know you guys will be upset for such a boring and pathetic treat on merry Christmas so my hearty apologies if you weren’t entertained but I can make sure one thing that a lot drama awaits and the upcoming episodes will have a few cute, sweet or may be romantic Twinj moments 😉

But still dram needs to be there so a lot many problems are there in the way of Twinj but don’t worry ‘Love gives the power to overcome any obstacle’ though the duo has never confessed there love but somewhere each of them has a soft corner for the other! And even if there’s hatred then also ‘hate is the first step to love’ so in either way Twinj are meant for each other!

I guess enough of my blabbering, I should stop here or else I’ll bore you more 😉

Love you guys!
Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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