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Hey friends! How are you all? I hope all are doing well. Well I am good as always 🙂 And here with a good news, which is…That today in the ‘Annual Sports Day’ in my school, I got the first position with a gold medal and I am really happy so as a treat I will be giving you all ‘Double Episodes!!’

Episode 13

Episode 14
(The episode is in narrative voice as far as now!)
“Aah!” Twinkle screamed as Kunj threw her after beating her with his hunter. Her face was swollen and hands were injured, he proceeded near her, though she tried to resist but he held her tight by cheeks and said, “I’m your husband and you’re ought to do what I say to you. As far as you’re my wife you are in my trap, you’ve to do whatever I command you whether you wish to do so or not! Just remember the thing that you are Mrs.Kunj Sarna, a beauty in the trap of a beast, not Twinkle Taneja a free bird!” He left Twinkle crying in the room, and locked it. Twinkle burst into tears, crying over her fate which betrayed her all she said was, “What’s my fault God? For which deed are you punishing me? You know how much I loved Kunj, how many dreams I saw with him. Why God? I always asked for a pleasant marital life, I never wanted to live a life my mother lived, but you didn’t even spare me! Why did you make me a beast’s wife? Why?” and she continued crying bitterly.

(Scene shifts to Usha’s room where Kunj and Bebe are present with Usha.)

A hand was raised by Usha which slapped Kunj tight on his right cheek! Kunj stood there shocked with his eyes, looking towards the floor. Usha yelled, “Why Kunj? Why did you do this with that girl? Do you have any idea what’ve you just done? You beat her! When did you turn into such a cruel person?” Bebe pulled Kunj to face her and stated, “How can you do this with your wife? She’s been your wife just for a night and you did this with her. Was this the upbringing I gave to you? You always said that ‘Bebe is more than a mother to me’ then how can you embarrassed me Kunj, in front of Twinkle, in front of your mother, in front of myself!” Usha continued, “I always said proudly that ‘I am the mother of Kunj Sarna’ but you left me ashamed in front of my own daughter-in-law. I don’t even know how to face that girl? I wanted to prove you much better than your father but I forgot that Blood is Blood, whatever I do, after all you’re his son! How can a son of a betrayer prove to be a good husband? You failed me Kunj! You failed your mother!!”

“Which Mother?” Kunj shouted, at top of his lungs, shocking both Usha and Bebe. He continued, “The mother who never gave time to his son! The mother who gave his son to another woman to bring him up. Who herself was always inebriated , how can she say that ‘she failed as a mother’ you are not worthy calling a mother! And also I never wanted to marry that girl but because of you I married her but I promised myself that I won’t let her live peacefully with me as I also wanted to give her the pain which my mother suffered. She has to suffer the punishment of marrying the son of a betrayer!!” And he marched away from there, leaving a shocked mother and Bebe.

Usha fell down on the couch in shock, and said with tears, “What did he just said..He said that I am not worthy calling a mother. He said so much but did he ever realize that how much I loved him, how much I cared for him. He literally made me a criminal in my own eyes! He is not at fault but I’m at fault. I wasn’t able to bring him up, if I had ever gave him sufficient time so he would never turn up to become a beast like his father!”

(Scene shifts to the room where Twinkle was locked.)

***Twinkle’s voice introduced***
I get up from the floor, and walked towards the mirror, looked at myself, I looked at a life-less body in the mirror, a body without a soul. I noticed the bruises I got by his (Kunj’s) ferociousness. I touched my face, and looked at the either cheek, which was swollen. I touched my hands which had a lot many cuts and severe signs of hunter. My hand was aching while I moved it. I looked again in the mirror and noticed myself from top-to-bottom and fell down on my knees and cried…………………………………..

After an hour, I heard a squealing noise, and raised my head from the middle of my legs and looked to find him (Kunj) standing in front of me. I took a pace back due to fear. He threw a sari on the bed and stated, “Wear this, we are leaving for Taneja Mansion for ‘Pagh pehre’ and be aware don’t you utter a single word or else…” I nodded my hand reluctantly and walked towards the washroom. I draped the sari over me decently; trying to hide the bruises by its ‘Pallu’ The sari was plain, yet elegant in white color with a semi-sleeved blouse. I draped the sari on my left shoulder, hiding the bruises from the left side whereas hid the bruises of my right hand by covering them with a red, kashmiri shawl. I did not apply any kind of make-up, just a light covering of ‘face powder’ to hide my swollen eyes, and gloomy face. I was ready!

(Link to the dress Twinkle wearing :-,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNE81pwLQTpS42n0P6POCO2jmDrReQ&ust=1482397853528580
Link to the type of shawl :- )

***End of Twinkle’s POV***
(Kunj’s Voice introduced)
Twinkle stepped out of the washroom, dressed in a very sophisticated way, leaving me awestruck by the aesthetic and distinguished look of her. I don’t know why but for the first time she looked like my dream girl, but wait she can’t be one! I brushed away my thoughts and walked out of the room without uttering a single word while Twinkle followed me.

We sat inside the car. There was complete silence all the while ; we both avoided eye-contact. I got bored and switched on the radio, but look what the hell was playing….

(O yaara…)

Bin kahe suno o yaara
(Without saying listen to me)
Humne toh yunhi dil haara
(I lost over my heart like this)
Jee ke na mil paaye to
(If I don’t get you by living)
Mar ke tujhe paa lenge
(I will achieve you after dying)
Chhu kar dekhu to dil ko yakeen ho yaara
(By touching the heart may be then you’ll believe)
Bin kahe suno yaara
(Without saying listen to me)
Humne toh yunhi dil haara
(I lost over my heart like this)

I noticed Twinkle looking towards me with tears in her eyes and all I can do was ignore her, but god knows why I hate when she cries, why does it affects me?

Aakhon mein teri khone ki
(Being lost in your eyes)
Tere kareeb hone ki
(Being close to you)
Hone lagi aadat mujhe
(I am fond of it now)
Tujhpe fidaa hone ki
(To fall for you)

She was still staring me with those tears in her eyes which were piercing my heart every second.

Aisa nasha aankhon mein tha
(Such attraction was in your eyes)
Haaye madhosh hum hue
(Oh…I was lost in it as a groggier)
Tujhe chhu le bin chhue
(without touching you near to you)
Pyaas bujhe bin piye
(Thirstiness ends without drinking)
Tujhko palkon pe rakh lu saja ke yaara
(I keep you over my eyes …)
Bin kahe suno o yaara
(Without saying listen to me)

I looked back to those big hazel brown eyes, all I could do was to control over the unwanted emotions. Twinkle turned her face to the other side, when I noticed a tear falling on the dash-board.

Likha hai jo dil pe mere
(What is written on my heart)
Aaja wo dikhaun tujhe
(Come I’ll show you)
Tera hu main tera hi hu
(I am yours…)
Itna bata du tujhe
(Let me say this to you)
Dil mein gar ho ijazat chhupa lu yaara
(If you allow, I’ll hide you inside my heart)
Bin kahe suno yaara
(Without saying listen to me)
O yaara…

And we finally reached, Taneja Mansion. I got down the car. I noticed that Twinkle didn’t step out of the car and was still teary-eyed. I proceeded towards her, opened the door, bended near her, wiped off the tears and placed my hand in her as she reluctantly stepped down the car.

Leela Ma, welcomed us, I held Twinkle’s hand tightly and whispered, “Everyone here are happy so it’s better they remain happy so you better shut your mouth up and don’t speak unnecessarily!” She looked at me and then left my hand as she rushed and hugged her mother stating, “Ma!”

***Twinkle’s voice introduced***
As I hugged her, I couldn’t resist crying, the motherly love and warmth was all I missed and the shelter in her embrace made the fear decrease. I wished to tell her each and everything about Kunj but unfortunately I can’t. Ma broke the hug, as I wiped my tears but after all she is my mother she could feel the pain in my eyes, or actually anyone can notice it but, why Kunj isn’t able to see the pain!

Ma cupped my face and asked, “Twinkle..You’re crying?” I felt a hand holding me tightly, I turned to find Kunj holding me. He moved his head left to right and then back indicating me to be silent. I reluctantly said, “I missed you Ma!”
(Screen freezes on Twinkle’s pale face)
Precap (Episode 15) : Reception… A woman enters Sarna Mansion, Twinkle calls her out, “Ishana!” Kunj who was facing the either side, turned and was shocked………………….
Episode 15
(Narrative Voice)
The sun shined bright on the streets of Amritsar. The sun rays made the way through the window and falling over the innocent beauty ‘Twinkle Taneja’ or one should say, ‘Twinkle Kunj Sarna’. The rays of sun disturbed her sleep as she got up from the bed and recalled that she’s staying in ‘Taneja Mansion’ as requested by Kunj.

(Flash back)
Twinkle: Kunj , Ma is requesting me to stay back for a night. I promise you I won’t say anything about our relation and will reach Sarna mansion before you wake up the next morning. Please Kunj….
Kunj: Twinkle….
Twinkle: Please Kunj, it’s a matter for a night only. Please!
Kunj: Okay fine! But be on time tomorrow, darling!
(end of flashback)

Twinkle said to herself, “Oh God, Siyappa! It s 10:05 and Kunj wakes up at 10:30, how will I manage everything so early!”

She rushed inside the washroom, and stepped outside, dressed in a stylish orange based sari, with black prints and a pink laced border. The blouse was in pink color.

(Link to Twinkle’s outfit :- )

She applied a light-pink lipstick with a thin eye-liner with big earrings, and bangles in each hand, leaving her hair left open) She rushed out of the Taneja Mansion in a hurry, not even able to bid a proper adieu to her mother. She drove the car rashly, hoping that she reaches before Kunj wakes up.

She applied the break as she reached ‘Sarna Mansion’ and hurried inside, with a little smile on her face as she reached before time on 10:26, four minutes before Kunj wakes up. But her smile disappeared when she found Kunj waiting for her, on the doorsteps with a mug of coffee in her hand. He smirked to see her standing in front of him. There were lines of fear on Twinkle’s forehead as she fears for her punishment.

“Hello wifey!” Kunj exclaimed with a vicious smile. Twinkle said, with a choking voice, “K…K…Kunj!” Kunj continued, “Yes, Kunj…Your very own Kunj! Come, Ma and bebe are waiting for you inside.”

Twinkle was surprised to find Kunj behaving sweetly with her. The duo proceeded towards the living room where Bebe and Usha were having their breakfast. They also smiled and hugged Twinkle. Twinkle looked towards Kunj suspiciously and thought, “What happened to him, why is he acting to be so sweet? He can’t change in a night but…No Twinkle, Zyada meetha zeher ban jata hai!” (Too much sweet becomes poisonous!!)

Twinkle was in her room, setting her clothes, when she heard sound of footsteps and turned to find Kunj. Fear was easily visible on her face. Kunj came near her, while she closed her eyes –tight! Kunj tugged her hair strands back to her ears and whispered, “Don’t worry I will not come near you without your consent!” And he moved backwards smiling, Twinkle opened her eyes, and was left amused! Twinkle thought, “I can’t believe that Kunj is behaving normal! What has happened to him in one night that changed him so much?” Twinkle smiled and was a bit happy with the changed behavior of Kunj.

At night…
The Sarna Masion was decorated, lights were shining, flower strands were falling, and all were arriving inside the mansion to enjoy the reception of the newly-wed couple!

The guests were waiting for the arrival of the beautiful couple, Twinkle and Kunj. And finally the wait was over, as the spot light fell over the ‘couple of the night’ who arrived hand in hand. Twinkle was dressed in a beautiful golden-white lehnga with a sleeveless golden blouse, and a net dupatta pinned around her shoulder. Her hair were curled up and her make-up included a layer of eye-liner and a coat of mascara with a dark-pink lip shade and a light touch of blush on. She looked gorgeous. (Link to Twinkle’s dressing:
sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjiz6arhoXRAhXJVhoKHQwbCpUQjRwIBw& ) While Kunj wore a stunning white fitted shirt with a blue coat and pant. Looking handsome – more handsome! (Link to Kunj;s dressing :,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNEj1ozQbH8PPAwU_hcIhFCBtU2HCA&ust=1482402756563684 )
The couple stepped in and all applauded for the amazing couple (though not amazing!) the 2 looked into each other’s eye with intensity (Sajna ve plays…)

Saumya and Manvi stepped ahead and requested the couple to dance. The duo proceeded towards the dance floor, as the song played…Jeena Jeena…

Dehleez pe mere dil ki jo rakhe hai tu ne qadam
(Since you stepped on the floor of my heart)
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere hum dum
(Since then my life was written on your name)
Haan seekha main ne jeena .. jeena..kaise jeena na seekha jeena tere bina hum dum
(I have learned to live since then…I have not learned to live without you)
Sachi se hain yeh tarrefein
(All the praises are true)
Dil se jo main ne kahin hain
(which I have said you from my heart)
Tu jo mila toh saji hai
(Since I got you…
Dunya meri hum dum
(My life got decorated)
Aasman mila zameen ko meri
(My sky got its land)
Yaadein aadhi , adhoore hain ghum
(My memories are half and sorrows are incomplete)
Tere naam pe meri zindagi likh di mere hum dum
(My life was written over your name)
Haan Seekha mein ne jeena , jeena kaise jeena, Na seekha jeena tere bina hum dum
(I learned to live with you, I don’t know how to live without you)

The couple ended the romantic dance as all joined their hands to clap for them.

All got engrossed within themselves, while Twinj were entertaining the guests. A lady steps in (Sarna Mansion) dressed in pink long frock with a pink churidar pajama and a pink colored, net dupatta on her shoulder, with her hair left in bangs. Twinkle’s face lightened up to find the lady and exclaimed, “Ishana!” Kunj who was busy talking to the guest on the other side was left shocked. Twinkle rushed and hugged that lady. Kunj turned and was left shocked….
Precap: Reason behind Kunj’s changed behavior…Is he really changed? Or a new vicious plan is going in his mind? What is the relationship between Twinkle and Ishana??
‘Phew!’ So the update finally ends here. I hope the episode was worthy reading and you guys did not get bored out with such a long update. This was definitely a long one! Please don’t hesitate in sharing your views regarding this episode and assume what might be the reason of Kunj’s changed behavior.

I hope that you guys won’t be angry over Kunj anymore as I tried to add a little sizzle in his character and also this character is really very deep and has a lot to be revealed about. Also I have planned to add the love story of ‘Rumya’ (Rudra and Saumya) and ‘Ranvi’ (rahul and Manvi) once Ishana and Om’s matter is resolved.

Also I finally completed my 15 episodes which is really great for me! Thanks for all your love and support throughout and I hope you guys keep supporting me all the way long this Fan Fiction and onwards as well.

Now before my laptop goes on sleep because of lack of battery I should end it here as this speech is never ending 😉 Also do comment!

Love you all…..

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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  1. Hey zuha, the episode was amazing and you are superb writer….love your ff a lot…plz post next episode soon..
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    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Soumyad,
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  2. Chiku

    Hey zuhu,

    Seriously ur this update brought tears in my eyes…. he raises his hand on her … he shouted on his mother…. y is he doing so. Twinkle never did anything bad with him then also he is doing these things…..

    Twinkle loves him so much that she cares for him… he is a mean man….. wat is the change of his sudden behaviour…..maybe ishana is twinkles friend…….

    U showed twinkles pain very nicely. I loved it!!!!! I hate this shade of kunj…. y is he like this????? But overall episode is marvellous…. loved it.
    Zuhu links are not working…… plz give it in comment section
    Post next soon
    Love u❤️

    1. Chiku

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      1. Zuha Fatima

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    2. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Chiku,
      Aw, so sorry for bringing tears in your eyes sweetie 🙁 Well indeed he’s now a mean man but let’s see till when he can be 😉

      Well I am glad that I was able to convey Twinkle’s pain. Also the links are down in the comment section, I hope you checked them out.

      I’ll try posting the next update soon!
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  3. Zuha Fatima

    Hey readers,
    Sorry for the mistakes in the update as I did not proof read it.

    Also here are the links for you all.

    Link to Twinkle’s White sari (for paghphere rasam) –

    Link to Twinkle’s orange sari (in ep 15) –

    Link for Twinkle’s lehnga (for the reception) –

    Link for Kunj’s outfit (for the reception) –

    Here are all the links. Enjoy reading! Thanks!

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  4. Ayu

    Hey Zuha! First of all congrats on having earned a gold medal! I did not know u were such a good sportsperson…anyway…teally glad to know that u won.
    Coming to the epis…it was indeed a royal treat!!! But i still hate Kunj…violence simply ruins a relationship…he may be as gentle as he wants but for me, he will always be somewhere wrong…i dont know what sort of a behaviour he will adopt though…
    These epis were beautiful! I absolutely loved them! Hope to see more soon!
    Loads pf love?

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Ayu,
      Thanks for your comment. Yeah, you’re absolutely correct, violence just ruins a relationship and kills trust between the two.

      Well, now you at least know that I’m an all-rounder 😉 A multi-talented girl with beaury and brains 😛 (I know bohat zyada ho gaya!)

      Anyways the next chapter has been updated, and here’s the link for you –

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  5. Sohi

    The episode was too awesome plz post like this long episodes only feeling very sad for twinkle
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    1. Zuha Fatima

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    I’m really very eager to know, so please post the next one soon!

    With Love?

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Maria,
      Thanks dear. Also your beautiful words made me smile and I can understand that you guys aren’t able to digest the fact that Kunj is so rude and ill towards his Twinkle but let’s see how the story proceeds!

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  7. Hey everyone …iam finally back on tu after my tests…..and now I’ll be regurarly commenting on your amazing fffsss…….

    I loved your episode …,….but I seriously wanted twinkle to repay back Kunj what he did to herrrr ? and be the Sherni then It would have been real tashn wali shadi..,..but it’s nice this way too…,?

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Glad for your come back. Thanks for commenting and sharing your views.

      Well, there’s a lot in Twinj’s Tashan e Shaadi so no need to worry I’ll try adding Tashan in their Tashan e Shaadi and will try to come across your expectations 🙂

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  8. SidMin23

    This was quit emotional and u described twinkle pain in very nice way and I don’t like this type of kunj and I am happy that slowly start to change and I hope it not his new plan and will love to read more of this ff and wonder to know bond of ishana and twinkle relationship

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Sidmin,
      Thanks for commenting and leaving down your views regarding the episode. I am glad that I was able to convey Twinkle’s pain and you guys were able to feel it.

      Well this type of Kunj is ought to be disliked! Also the drastic change in his behavior has a lot…

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    Hey dumbhead,
    These episodes were amazing! I really wished they could be longer but no complaints so dw ? Moreover, I’m so excited for this Ishana track and what? Twinkle and Ishana know each since before? and if that is the case then why is Ishana planning to destroy Twinkle’s life? Moreover, Kunj sudden change of behavior? I think it’s a plan! Too much drama awaits, right? Whatever, but update the next one soon as you did this one and if possible the same length of longer than this one will also work ?

    Lovess! xx

    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey dumb head,
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    Congratulations for your achievement darling!!

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    1. Zuha Fatima

      Hey Ria,
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    U know sista….I had looks some of dictionary but i can’t find any word’s which i can praises u….because bestes deserved the best… And……After this epi u left me totally awestruck…..truly…!!!
    This epi was very painful and emotional….. i felt every pain and emotions of twinkle…and..she is very much afraid of kunj…and….how can kunj beat twinkle like this.?..but I know 1 day he will surly changed bcoz my zuhu is here so nothing is fear r8..I love both epi very much…but its lill shocking coz of kunj behaviour… and oh god ishana and twinkle no each other …. now real game is began…..
    U no everyday m waiting 4 it desperately but i no ur bz….but plzzzzzzzz post soon….i can’t waitingggg to read my fav ff u no na….OK bhtt karli bak bak….now m going…..
    Love u soooo much my pyari sista….
    Keep smiling….Mmaaahh……

  24. Shrutu

    hey zuhu
    congo dear for ur gold medal
    whenever i think u can’t be better than this u always prove me wrong my dear u were amazing keep going girl love u

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