TWINJ ki TASHAN-E-SHAADI ~By Zuha {Episode # 3}


Hey friends! How are you all? I hope all are doing well  Well I am good as always  Keep smiling  Always 
This update will be a treat for all Twinj fans especially my Chiku urf Kuku urf Chehak and I hope ke tum yeh episode parh kar khoob chekho gi 😉 ! And as said in the precap this update will be full of funny moments 😉 So I hope u all like it and enjoy this update 

Episode # 3

Recap: Twinkle wants Soumya and Manvi to do something … Roumya nok-jhok …………… Twinkle and Kunj at the terrace………………………………

Jab jud jaate hain 2 dil…Toh dil mein lalchata hai ek ehaas…Ehsaas e mohabbat…Kya like hai Twinkle aur Kunj ki kismet mein? Kya hoga inn ka milan ya taqdeer kar degi inhein juda!!!!
(When 2 hearts meet…So a feeling develop somewhere in the heart…Feeling of Love…What has been written in Twinkle and Kunj’s fate? Will they meet or they will be separated by destiny!!!!)
Twinkle and Kunj are at the terrace…Flowers are falling upon them….Both are lost in each other’s eyes…Sajna ve plays……………………………………………………..

Twinkle and Kunj both are not able to speak….

T & K – “App ko kuch kehna tha?” (You wanted to say something?)

Both stop at once and steal their eyes…..

After a pause…..
T & K – “Sorry!”
Both again are embarrassed …..

K – “Ladies first!”
K – “It’s okay!”
T – “You wanted to say something?”
K – “You also wanted to say something!”
T – “You say…I am listening!”
T – “But…”
K – “Leave it…I will say! Voh….I wanted to say….You know…Like….”

Kunj is unable to speak while Twinkle looks on confused…..Funny tune plays….

Manvi and Soumya are walking in the hall while Mehndi ceremony is going on!
Soumya is stuffing sandwiches in her mouth whereas Manvi is busy thinking…

S – “Oh hello Ms.Singer where are you lost? Looking tensed!”
M – “So what should I do? Have you listened what Twinki has said!”
S – “Yeah how will we do it like so many guests are here and moreover all alone! So filmy!”
M – “And we have to do this Filmy task!”
S – “Let’s think what can we do!” she says stuffing sandwich.

Manvi looks at her eating and fumes….She snatches the sandwich from her mouth!

M – “Now think Ms.Motu!”
S – “What the hell..yaar…give me my sandwich!”
M – “Somu stop eating and think!”
S – “Manu yaar!…..You know in the cartoon Motu and Patlu, motu says MERA DIMAAG KHALI PET NAHI CHALTA 😛 (My brain doesn’t work empty stomach) so lemme eat!”
M – “U are impossible!”
S – “Oh really!”

She gulps down the whole sandwich in a go…when her eyes fall over Rudra, who is busy flirting with girls!

S – “Got it!”
M – “Got what?”
S – “You just wait here I will come back in a minute!”

And Soumya leaves….Manvi thinks, “This girl is driving me insane!”

Soumya reaches to Rudra and pats on his back! He turns and his smile fades seeing her and he bluntly asks, “Kya hai?” (What is it?)

S-I need to talk to you!
R-Baad mein! Abhi mere paas time nahi hai (Later, I don’t have time right now!)
S-Yeah you have to make these girls tie rakhi on your hands 😉 By the way for your kind information Raksh Bandhan has gone!

He gives a disgusted look to Soumya as the girls behind him with whom he was flirting laugh silently, he looks at them and they stop while Rudra says to Soumya, “I don’t have time to waste on you!”

He starts to move but Soumya stops him by holding his hand…Music plays……….Rudra glares Soumya and their eye-lock is broken and the 2 feel awkward!
S-Room mein (Pointing towards a room!)

And the duo leaves for the room…

The 2 reach the room!

R-Now say!
S-Wait a second!
R-What the wuck!
S-HAwww….you use such bad language! Very bad!
R-Shut up and say or else I am leaving!
S-No, no wait, I am saying but wait for a second!

She moves and locks the door and Rudra looks on!

On the other side Twinkle’s henna has been completed and the girl who is applying henna asks, “What is your groom’s name?”
Twinkle smiles or you can say blushes lightly and says, “Kunj!” and remembers her talk with kunj and thinks, “I hope Manu and Somu are able to do the work! Kunj just some time !”

She finds Manvi talking to waiters and busy entertaining the guests she signals her to come to her and she does so!
M-What happened Twinkle, you okay?
T-Why haven’t you applied henna yet?
T-No excuses this is your friend’s marriage and you are like a sister to me so you have to sit with me and complete each and every ritual!
M-Yes boss! (And she salute Twinkle, while the duo laughs out!)

Scene shifts back to Rudra and Soumya!
Rudra nervously asks, “What are you doing!”
S-Shhh! And listen you have to do my work!
S-Listen as I say…if not then…
R-Then what?
She shows him a knife…he gets scared and jumps up…………AAAAAAAHHHHHHH………
S-Duffer! Stop shouting!
She tried to come near him to make his mouth shut but he runs away from her and shouting, “Don’t you dare come near me! I know you are having bad intentions regarding me! Don’t you dare think about it!”
S-Think what???
R-You are thinking to rape me???? 😛 😛
Soumya shocked!!!!!
R-Yes! Issi baat pe arz kia hai,
Mun pe laga ke mere tape
Tum karna chati ho mera rape
Thank u, Thank u!
(By making my mouth shut,
U want to do my rape!)
S-Duffer! I had a doubt that you are duffer but I am sure that u are a dufferest person 😛
R-Look I am not a duffer!!!
S-You are! How can u think that I will rape you! Duffer!
R-Many reasons!
I am hot!
I am rich!
I am cool!
I have biceps!
And all girls are mad on me!

Soumya gives a death glare to him! He gets frightened and says sorry!

Soumya comes near him pointing her index finger but Rudra’s back off saying, “Stay away from me you moti chudail!” and fells over a sofa/couch with his legs up around Soumya’s neck 😛 As she falls over him! They share a difference of inches within then…But Rudi and his stupidities! He shouts and jumps up resulting in a sprain in Soumya’s hand and she lets out a scream, “Ouch!”
Rudra realizes what happened because of him!
R-Hmmmm…I am sorry!It is paining a lot? Are you okay?
S-Duffer! Do I look okay?
R-Acha na sorry! Somu wrestler!
R-Okay…okay I know I over reacted I am sorry!
S-Now shut up and listen to me!

And she tells him a plan which is muted and both do Hi-Fi!

Scene shifts…Manvi’s henna is completed…She excuses herself from the venue…She is walking through the hall and talking to herself, “This girl whose name is Soumya is like a ghost, she vanishes in seconds! She said that she will be back in a minute but….” From the other side Rahul is coming talking on phone…
Both aren’t able to see each other…but as destiny wanted…both Rahul and Manvi bump into each other and fate played its one more game when Rahul’s hand touched Manvi’s hand making its henna’s design look as “R” is written over it…Manvi closed her eyes but she landed in Rahul’s embrace who held her tight, Manvi slowly opens her eyes to find her in the hands of Rahul Sabrawal. Both looked into each other’s eyes with a different intensity, but this intensity was not of attraction but this intensity was of pain, intensity of emotions! Rahuls slowly whispered, “Manvi!…” Both compose themselves….
R-Manvi what are you doing here? I mean how?
M-You lost the right to question me years back Mr.Rahul Sabrawal! You have no right on me anymore!!

And she leave from there leaving Rahul hurt.

Scene shifts….Dholki is going on….Songs are sang…Dance is going…Kunj is being treated as Prince there…There Rudra comes and pats Kunj and due to noise both leave from there…They come outside!

K-Haan bol Rudi! (Yes say Rudi)
R-Kunj! Your sasu ji (Mother-in-law) has called you on terrace!
K-Leela Aunty? On terrace? But why?
R-Mujha kya pata? (I don’t know!) Waisay all the best!
K-Why I am getting a bad feeling! Tell me truthfully what have you done?
K-Yes you!
R-Kunj leave all this! Shall I give you a challenge?
K-Challenge?? But why?
R-Uffff!!! Kunj!!! Sher aayaek dimaag me (A poetry cam in my mind!)
K-Not again!
R-Irshaad, Irshaad!
Dhoolay mian ke sawalitne hain ke ginti khatam na howe
Bhabhi ji ko doli mein bhitane mein kitne din howe!
Thank u, Thank u
(Groom’s questions are never ending!
How many days are left in marriage?)
K-Shut up! Your challenge!
R-Challenge? Are you sure?
K-Damn Sure!
R-Okay! So listen….
….He whispers something in Kunj’s ears much to Kunj’s shock!!!
R-Now it depends on you! You want to win as always or want to lose! For time being you have to be a sanskaari, good boy and playing with emotions is your old habit so….
The duo smirks…
K-So one more target! Cool! Okay I am leaving!

And he leaves…Rudra shows thumbs up to Soumya who was hiding behind the car Rudra thinks, “I hope that Somu wrestler doesn’t get to know Kunj’s truth or else Siyaapaa!!!!”
….Soumya texts Twinkle, “Kaam ho gaya!!” (Work is done) Twinkle receives the message and smiles 

Kunj reaches at the terrace to find it dimmed in darkness…
K-Leela aunty?
No response…
K-Hello!!! Anyone here??? Hello! This Rudi…I was sure that something is fishy this must be Rudra’s prank! Stupid fellow!
He turns to leave but stops…He turns back to see, light falling in an innocent glory, dressed in a fawn white gown with a silver lace running across it looking absolutely beautiful, yes the great beauty Twinkle Taneja. He was awestruck…Sajna ve plays…
Kunj comes near Twinkle while music plays….
Kunj gazes twinkle who shies away, and turns to go away but Kunj holds her hand and pulls her closer…they are really very close to each other…Twinkle turns in a red tomato due to shyness…
Kunj says, “Twinkle I want to say something!!”
Twinkle shyly says, “So who has stop you! Say!”
Kunj says, “You are the most beautiful person on this earth!”
Twinkle blushes and turns away sue to shyness but Kunj stops her and says, “I have not completed yet…!”
Kunj continues, “Twinkle…you have turned to be my twinkling star, since I have seen you I have fallen for you! I love you!!”
Twinkle and Kunj eye each other intensely as flower fall upon them…Sajna ve plays…Twinkle says, “I love you 2 Kunj!” Both look at each other smilingly, while music continues to play in BG!….
Twinkle pats Kunj’s shoulder. It turns out to be Kunj’s dream….(Author: Haaawww…So sad! Kitna ghalat kiya na tum logon ke saath! Itna suspense aur boring update ke baad confession bhi dream sequence mein daal di! But sabr ka phal meetha hota hai so thoda sa wait karo! 😉 Chalo flower sequence phir se daal deti hoon! Ab hapy happy ho jao )

A flower basket placed at the pillar, moves and falls due to wind and flower petals start to fall over our beloved Twinkle and Kunj…..Sajne ve….Both look at each other….
Twinkle and Kunj both are not able to speak….
T & K – “App ko kuch kehna tha?” (You wanted to say something?)

Both stop at once and steal their eyes…..
After a pause….

T & K – “Sorry! Wind…”
Both are again embarrassed…
K – “Ladies first!”
K – “It’s okay!”
T – “You wanted to say something?”

K – “You also wanted to say something!”
T – “You say…I am listening!”
T – “But…”

K – “Leave it…I will say! Voh….I wanted to say….You know…Like….”
Kunj is unable to speak while Twinkle looks on confused…..Funny tune plays….

Kunj says in mind, “Come on Kunj say it is not that tough!!!”
K-I was saying…You know…I…I mean…I….
Before he could complete his sentence, the 2 hear Leela’s voice proceeding towards the terrace, shouting, “Twinkle!! Twinkle puttar!!”
Both look at each other tensed and say together, “SIYAAPA!!!!”
Scene freezes on their shocked faces!!

Precap: Leela questioning Twinj!! Their funny replies!! Preps for Sangeet ceremony!!
So it ended finally! I wrote a long episode for compensation for delay and especially Chiku, dear I am so sorry for the delay and your message really made me think “How cute you are!!” Thanks for liking my FF 🙂 dear  Love you all!

Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

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    1. Zuha Fatima

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    1. Zuha Fatima

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