Twinj ki prem kahani (OS)


so guys an os from twinj fan read n comment if u like it .

” I and twinkle were best friends twinkles dad Rt was big business man he had many rivals . tw was enjoying her collage she was topper of d class one day his rivals threatened him dat they will kidnap tw . rt uncle was very worried for her so he ordered her to stop going to college tw tried to convince her dad but was unsuccessful next day uncle told tw dat she can go to college but had a condition dat she would be fallowed by bodyguard tw wanted to study so she agreed I n tw were staying at a secret place becoz uncle didn’t want to risk tw life next day we had to go to college so we went to sleep early we were sleeping peacefully suddenly we heard a knock at d door of our room d time was 5 am I opened d door n was shocked to see him early morning I woke up tw she to was shocked without a smile on his face n strict voice he said ” bodyguard kunj sarna reporting madam his name was kunj sarna he was in his uniform black shirt n pant must say he was handsome tw was very angry as he disturbed her beauty sleep he said sir has ordered him to teach u some self defence tricks . she had to do it becoz of her father after all dis work we left for college at 8am as we entered d college campus everyone started looking at tw n bodyguard tw was feeling wiered we entered our class after d lectures he came with us he followed tw like shadow . tw was annoyed with him dis continued for atleast 1week then tw came up with idea she took a private number and called him n said hi I’m Tara tw friend I saw u with her dis days I don’t know how but I like u to dis he said I respect ur feelings plus ur tw mams friend it will take time for me to clear out things I will try to not to break ur heart n he cut d call tw was happy as her plan was working everyday she called him n dey had long talks she convinced him to wear casual cloths instead of dat uniform she made him smile his behavior was changed slightly he used to be friendly wid tw but never forgot his duty tw was successful in her plan n during dis time she started loving him or I should say she was madly in love with him one day she decided to tell him d truth she asked him to meet her at nearby park at 5 pm he agreed he was also in love with her at 4 pm he took tw permission n went to d park tw also got ready to go but some thing stopped her n she dropped her plan of meeting him he waited there till 7 pm at last he came back . tw saw him and she ran to her room and was vigorously crying for playing with his feelings she den called him n said sorry for not reaching der he was such a nice guy he said don’t worry Tara we will meet some other day he was about to cut d call but sensed something n asked her dat if she was crying she said no to which he said don’t lie tell me what happened she told dat her father scolded her so she was crying he said for dis silly reason ur crying plss don’t cry I can’t bear it. she said OK n cut d call she told me dat she really love him but our love story will be incomplete becoz dad will not accept him with all d happenings our college days came to n end it was d last day of d college she called him n told dat plss come at railway station my dad has decided to get me married I love u n want to run away from here he replied I love u Tara but running away is not good . if u r not OK with it den forget said tw having no option he agreed as he loved her more den anything dat day was d worst day of tw life as our maid heard tw convo n informed to rt uncle after sometime tw was kidnapped by her dad’s rivals kunj fallowed dem n saved tw rt uncle reached d place of kidnapping he kunj n tw holding eo hands he mu kunj dat he was running away with tw he was about to shoot him tw saved kunj n kunj told dat a girl is waiting for him at d station with d permission of rt kunj left for station rt uncle told his man to keep an eye on kunj n if no girl is found with him den shoot him dead . listening dis tw heart skipped a beat she came to me n told everything n asked me to meet kunj n tell d truth. I was late at d railway station it was d last train of d day den I saw kunj standing near d enterence of d train ( I don’t know. what it is called ) I ran to him n he pulled me inside d train he hugged me n said tune muje ek bar bataya hota ki tum Tara nahi chinki ho purani baton ko chodo I’m happy today I responded to his hug I didn’t tell him about tw I betrayed my best friend tw she was like sister to me n I did dis to her now god has punished me for my deeds I’m suffering from a deadly disease beta u will get dis dairy after my death read it n den throw it unite ur papa ur papa n tw “.

A boy of six yrs old was reading it he saw kunj coming towards him n kept d dairy in his bag he ran to kunj n said papa kunj took him in his arms ( tej son of kunj n chinki dey were travelling in a train after 5mins train stopped dey got down after sometime dey reached taneja mansion rt had invited them dey entered taneja mansion n greeted rt kunj asked for tw n about her marriage tw hearing kunjs voice came running kunj saw tw n was shocked to see her still unmarried tej saw tw n thought so dis is tw I have to make her my mumma he ran n hugged tw she hugged him back at night tej was with tw he asked tw dat has she forgiven his mom tw said chinki was my best friend but I was angry as she didn’t try to contact me OK forget it u sleep u must be tiered both tw n tej sleep

in d morning tej gathered everyone in d hall tej asked tw if he can call her mumma tw yes den tej said main apko mumma keh raha hoon to aap mere papa se shaadi keejiye aur humare sath aaiye hearing dis tears dropped from tw eyes kunj started scolding tej rt interrupted n said tej aapne to mere muh ki baat chinli kunj I wanted to ask u will u marry my daughter tw. kunj was silent he thought of tej n agreed tw n kunj marriage was done and trio twinj n tej left for station tej threw d dairy in d dustbin kunj saw him throwing dairy in dustbin he went to d dustbin took d dairy n entered d train . train started moving he was standing at d enterence he read d dairy n tears dropped from his eyes he took his phone called tw n said Tara bodyguard kunj sarna reporting she searched kunj saw kunj standing n spreading his arms she fan n hugged him tightly dey broke d hug dey said I love u to eo n had passionate lip lock after journey of 5 hours twinj n tej reached kunjs house kunj n tej welcomed tw . After 1 year tw gave birth to girl kia n they were now a happy family

********* The End*********

sorry for d mistakes plss comment it will give me strength to write more . Thank u .

Credit to: SRK

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    Nice one.. twinkle and kunj instead of salmon Khan and kareena kapoor.

  4. Nice one o yea bodyguard

  5. Tanishasharma2108

    It’s really awesome from bodyguard movie and good try SRK

  6. Awesome from Bodyguard bt nvr mind u atleast tried

  7. Amazing ….loved it..

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    bodyguard….hmm….awesome one…

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