twinj ki kahaniyaan os – 1

hii alll

u know i had posted yesterday but my my epi 26 epi is posted but did not dis 1
woh to achcha hua ki maine notepad me likha tha
dis is my first os hope u like it
it goes to sameera who ask for a party n for party u hav to cm at my place so….ye mera ek thank u ceremony ke liye yahi chala lo
dis is not only for sam….but dis is also for who cmntd on my last epi…..which is epi-25 part-1
no bakbak

lights camera:

here i present u

a cute little boy is shown of nearly 5-6 years old coming out of mercedes with some guards with him.he comes to park n meet his frnds
boy:hii all of u.
2 boy:so our kunj came….
so d boy is kunj
kunj:yaya came but now lets go n play or 2 hours will paas n dis idiots will take me to d house with dem(pointing towards guard)
boy:ok….lets go
kunj:wat vill v play today?
kunj:ok lets go
dey go n play cricket…now kunj team is on fielding.d batter hits 6…kunj runs to take d ball d ball goes near d bushes n trees so he went der guards r going with him but childrens stop dem…..
after some time kunj dint come so guard goes to find him but dint find…………
next scene:
a big bunglow is shown with many guards .a name plate is der lets c…..oh so d house is of’manohar sarna’ a big business tycoon who hav rivals more dan friends
inside d house usha d wife of manohar is crying of loosing his son kunj .yes kunj hadnt found till now

16 years later
a shopping mall is shown…a girl was talking on phone n walking….she was very cute,chubby girl nearly 20
she was walking and bumps into some1 n falls in his arms…..she close his eyes in fear but den open n see dat a boy near 21 had save her…he was lost in her beauty..
den both comes to senses………..
girl:so u r following me??
boy:wat? r u mad? y i will follow u attitude queen infact u r following me
girl:how dare u to say me attitude queen haaan
dey both cntinue der fight
d girl phone again rings.she picks up
on call
girl:yaa maa
lady:twinkle puttar where r u y did ur call sut
tw:woh maa actually one mad person was teasing me dats y usko maza chakha rahi thi
lady:ooo my lionesss now mazaa chakha diya ho to return home also
tw:yaa maa…
lady:or sun puttaar mene jo mangvaaya tha liya
tw:haa maa aap jo kahe or me naa maanu
she cuts d call
tw:(acts as she is on call)waise b maa me logo ki tarah nahi hu jo apni maa ki baat na maane
listening dis boys eyes filled with tears he immiditely wipes it
tw notice dis
tw:r r r…r u ok kunj?

so dat boy was kunj
kunj without uttering a word left from der
tw to herself:kya tw tu to jaanti hai ki yeh kunj ke saamne uske parents n family ki baat karte hai to he gets upset……kuch to hai is kunj ke past ki baat n dat thing u hav to find tw SARNA: u have to bring smile on his face s u only had make him upset…like always
she went from der…she goes n sits in her car n went her car stop at manohar sarna house means bunglow
she went in
tw:maaa maaa
lady was facing her back turns n reveal to b usha
usha:puttarr tu aagayi
tw:yaa maa….but where is every1
usha holds her hand n make her see d time
usha:its 11 clock u return so every1 is in der room u also go n sleep..beta
tw:ok mom
she left
usha:jabse mera kunj mujhse dur hua hai yahi ladki ne muje sambhalaa hai…..she has tears in her eyes
in tw room
she was thinking of kunj sitting in balcony of her room n watching moon……………..exactly in front of her room a building is shown n a room is shown infront of her room whose window is open
lets c
ohhh my gosh
its kunj house he is sleeping on bed n crying bitterly
kunj:i m very unlucky jisne apne parents kaa pyaar kho diya wen i need dem ………………wat was need kunj to go to take balll at dat time
some1 places her hand on his shoulder
girl:kunj baby plz stop naa……i know u miss ur parents but watt to do dat time u were 5 years old n u only know ur name even not ur surname
he hugs dat girl n sleeps on her lap
d girl was nearly 20 only

next day at college
tw was sitting with her frnds n talking wen kunj enters having a book in his hand
tw makes irritated look seeing him with book
she excuses herself n went to kunj n sit beside him
tw:hiii kunj
(it means he speak nothing)
tw:sorry for yesterday
kunj:its k now go n let me learn
tw:actually i dint come here for asking forgiveness
tw took out a book from her bag
tw:i dint understand dis answer so can u?
kunj immediately checks her neck in order to check if she has fever
actually tw never study n a type of spoilt girl but very good at heart
kunj:r u k?
tw:yaa actually from today i will study well n have good marks in exam n makes my parents proud of me
‘PARENTS’ word again brings tears in his eyes
tw notice dis
tw:so r u going to explain me or i leave
she was about to leave wen kunj hold her hand n stops her n explain her
now its a daily routine she comes to him n he explain him.manytimes kunj comes to her house n give her tution.he shares good bonding with her family or should i say his family….both started to feel for each other…
1 day kunj calls her n ask her to b ready at 4 .she said yes n tells her family dat she is going with kunj…she think today she will confess her love for him n der kunj thinks same n gets ready
tw gets ready n comes outside n thought to give him surprise by going to her house she goes
here kunj is ready n was about to go wen again dat girl comes .he tells her everything n she gets happy……both hugs each other
tw comes der n saw dem hugging.dey r unaware of dat
girl:baby… go n tell her dat u love her
d word baby tw listen n left .she was heartbroken
she goes in lift…kunj also left n goes in left both r unaware of each other presence tw was crying silently…den lift stop
she gets scared n shout ‘help’

tw:who tw trying to hide her face
kunj holds her n make her face him
kunj:so u r not tw
tw:leave me kunj
kunj:y r u crying…
tw:m not crying
kunj:ohhh so u r lieing me tell me tw
he holds her by waist n make her come close
tw trying to make no eyecontact
tw:leave me kunj….n i dont wanna answer u
kunj:u hav to
kunj understand dat she had listened n misunderstand him
kunj:oh so u hav seen
tw:yaa i hav seen u with ur so called baby n…..
she was interpreted by a kiss
yes kunj kissed her on lip she tries to pull out but kunj dint let her do so
after much time tw pulls out n slaps him
tw:how dare u to force urself on me
kunj:(shout)just can u name my love as a force
tw:ur love my foot……dont act innocent if i m ur love den who is dat b**ch
kunj slaps her
kunj:dont u even dare to speak against her she is my sister……..
tw:wat den y she is calling u baby
kunj:she is only my mother n my father…now u will also want to know………
den listen
wen i was 5 years old i get lost means some1 kidnap me n after much time i release my self from der with d help of mahi my sis….dey r d kidnapers who kidnaps kids n make dem begger……but thank god i was saved n d 1 who saved me was dat girl mahi…………………dat time i was so small so i dont even know my surname ny mummas name or anything……
tw had tears in her eyes

tw:dis story is same like usha maa son story who had lost wen he was 5
tw:yaa …u tell me from where u got lost
kunj:garden wen i m playing with my frnds
tw gets happy
tw:kunj kunj kunj u r d son of usha maa whom she missed everyday n cries
dey both hugs each other
tw:sorry kunj for misunderstanding u………….i got jealous coz i love u
kunj:i love u 2 tw
dey both kisses each other passionately n den goes to mahi n tw appologize her
den dey goes to usha n tells everything including der love for each other
kunj:no no i cant marry u
kunj:because u r my sister naa as u r d daughter of maa
usha:nai kunj she is no my real daughter after i lost u manoharji siter leela die so tw lives with us she also donno…….so u can marry her
dey both gets happy n married happily
after 5 year
a boy is shown peeping in a room in which a couple is sleeping hugging each other n dey r not other dan twinj…….
he goes n shout happy anniversary mumma papa
dey wake n says….n happy birthday to my yuvi
yaa yuvi is der child n he born on der anniversary
dey trio hugs n story end
finally over
do tell how was it??

cmnt karna zaroori hai
so do cmnt

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    Aamu……bohot hi cute that
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    Awesome os just awesome
    You’re really good yaar

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    Hey aamu thanks for this lovely treat
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    Aww do write more O’s
    Love u yaar

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    Sooo cute OS yrr …maza agaya …loved it ….awesome …
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    Oh god yuvi there son….
    So cute os ammu… ??

  8. Awesome.. lovely os…

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    awesome…..loved it

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    hey ammu amazing yr luvd d story d s was amazing yr osm dear

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