Twinj ki kahani unki zubani (chapter 3)


First of all m so so so so so sory for d delay i hope u all can understand m really hooked up wid my exams.. so i ws not post this part but here i m.. so widout wasting enough of ur time.. i wld first of all like to thnxxx someone..
Anishu baby thanku so much fr encouraging me..
Sanam,prapti,akansha nd all other sorry if i dnt mentioned ur name thnxxx guys u r encouragement love u all ?
So widout enough of blabbering lets get started

Next day in college
Kunj had already arrived 15 minutes prior to the class nd had made a plan wid his friends to impress twinkle..

Tony(kunj’s friend) say that bhabhi is coming lets get started wid d plan
Kunj started his plan nd started distributing sweets chocolates nd gifts among poor children
Here twinkle ws coming nd saw dat kunj ws distributing gifts among poor
Twinkle’s POV
Wow man i dnt knw dat india too have auch great people
I mean see dis man he is bringing smile on d face of poor people..
She thought to go nd praise him
She went near kunj nd pat his shoulders…

Kunj felt someones hand on his shoulders.. he turned nd saw twinkle standing dere in blue skim jeans wid a yellow crop top
Kunj ws mesmerised by her nd kept staring at her
It ws twinkle saying hey u listening dat broke his glance .
Twinkle: hey u r too good u helpind dese poor children nd bringing smile on dere faces… well done..
Kunj: its to my routine work dey r like my family
The poor children look at kunj confused nd thought: he never said dis to us dat we r his family
Twinkle: btw m Twinkle nd u??
Kunj: ahh.. yeah m kunj nd m here in MBA batch 2
Twinkle: oh great m also in MBA batch 2
Kunj: in low voice i knw dat
Twinkle: what??
Kunj: nothing so could we be friends??
Twinkle: umm yeah sure.. FRIENDS.!!
Kunj: great lets to the class
Twinkle: yeah u go i have to make a call i will come
Twinkle leaves..
The poor children started asking for more gifts..
Kunj: ohhhh get a side.. no more gifts ohk aye bade gifts vaale..
Children: but unsaid we r ur family
Kunj: han if i will say u go nd jump in well will u??
Children got confused nd went back..

Here yuvi saw all dis nd ws raged seeing kunj nd twinkle had already become friends…
So he thought of a plan..
When college timings were off he thought to pancture twinkle’s car so dat he will give her lift..
Yuvi panctured his car nd hid behind a tree.
Twinkle came out nd so his car tyre panctured..
Twinkle: oh god now how will i go home man…
Yuvi came dere on his bike…
Yuvi: hey any problemm
Twinkle: oh yeah my car tyre is punctured nd i need to go home now..
Yuvi: umm we cN do one thing u leave ur car here i will get the tyre changed.. come wid me i will drop u on my bike..
Twinkle: : umm ohk thank you
Here tony told kunj abt yuvi’s plan nd kunj followed dem both
Yuvi to twinkle: hey btw m yuvi nd u??
Twinkle:m twinkle

Yuvi: u knw dat i m so lucky to have kunj as my friend..
Twinkle: oh really yes i saw him he so nice
Yuvi: yes he is in sarcastic tone he is so nice coz he always listen what i say.. i told him to always help d poors nd he started distributing gifts to them m so proud of him.
Twinkle:oh really data so sweet of u yuvi
Suddenly yuvis bike stops..
Yuvi gets down nd saw dat his engine is smoking
Actually kunj had put warm.water in his engine.. so dat his bike stops..
Here kunj ws following them so when he saw his bike stopping he stopped..
Kunj: what happened yuvi ur bike stopped
Yuvi: hmmm
Kunj: oh twinkle u wid yuvi u were on car rght
Twinkle: yeah but my car tyre got punctured nd now dis yuvi’s bike
Kunj: if u dnt mind i can drop u
Twinkle: but what abt yuvi
Kunj: i will ask a mechanic to come here nd help him out
Twinkle: yeah dats a better idea

Yuvi: but TWINKLE!!
kunj: u dnt worry i will drop her home safe nd she is my friend
Twinkle sat back on kunj’s bike
Kunj: chale
Yuvi fumes seeing dem..
Kunj ws driving while he so dat twinkle ws shy holding him so he intentionally apply brakes joltly
Twinkle loosed her balance nd crashed on kunjs back.
Kunj: twinkle listen dis is india nd here roads r not that good so u need to be careful hold me tight
Twinkle hesitately put her hand around his waist nd kunj continued driving..
Dey reached twinkle’ s home
Twinkle:thNku so much kunj come in have some coffee
Kunj: no next time i have to go now its already late..
Twinkle: ok but next time sure??

Kunj: yeah sure
Twinkle: ok bubbie
Kunj: bubbie?
Twinkle went inside nd dere kunj ws standing at the gate .
Kunjs POV
dad just gold me to impress her but i guess i m falling for her..
She is so innocent..
Yes m falling for her.. ?

Credit to: Komal

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