Twinj ki kahani unki zubani (chapter 2)

Hey guys i havent been receiving a good response.. please if u guys dont like my ff do tell me i wld stop writing or if u guys have any problem do suggest me for ammendment..
I wld be writing my episodes purely in english so that everyone is able to understand.. i guess enough of my bakbak so lets start

Its morning nd both kunj nd Yuvi are getting ready for college..
Usha: get up kunj its already 8:45 am nd u have yr college at 9 am
Kunj: maa 2 minutes more
Usha:kunj wake up or i will throw water on u
Kunj: waking up wid a jolt maa no water please see m awake
Kunj got ready nd was about to leave for college when manu uncle came
KUNJ: oh hello here comes the great manu uncle always… (in mind) why he have to show his ugly face always
Manohar: oh hello manu u here
Manu: manohar ji actualy in your neighbourhood a man from canada has came he has took over d property for 20 crores
Manohar: but that property was only for 1 crore
Manu: dey r very rich people nd dey want to buy a farmhouse for 10 crores
Manohar:oh i see
Kunj to himself: now again dey will start talking abt money
Manu:manohar ji hus name is rt nd he has came here wid his daughter i guess u can get to know now what i want to say

Manohar: yes its clear to me..
Manu was just going to leave when manohar stopped him nd handed him 3 lakhs to do his work
Manohar to kunj: kunj beta u have to do a favour for me
Kunj in mind: now what is going on in their mind
Manohar: are u listening kunj
Kunj: haan yes yes dad carry on
Manohar: as manu said ki rt has a faighter so i want u to impress dat girl before dat yuvraj at any case
Kunj: oh now i see
Manohar: what are u murmurring to urself
Kunj: nothing dad but what m gonna get as reward
Manohar:kunj no more money
Kunj: den just forget abt ur work
Manohar:ohk take here 50000 rupees fine
Kunj: but u want me to impress dat girl i have buy her dresses have to take her on dates so i need more money
Manohar: ohk here take 50000 more nd start ur work today itself
Kunj leaves for college

Same happens at LUTHRA’S MANSION
Both yuvi nd kunj leaves for college

A beautiful girl is getting ready
She is wearing blue denims rugged jeans wid a crop top nd giving a finishing touch a light pink lipgloss shinny silver earings…
She came down nd vid good morning to ger father
Girl: good morning dad
Rt: hey twinkle beta all set
Twinkle:yes dad m going college
Rt:ohk twinkle take care
Twinkle: dad can ask u something
Rt: sure twinkle tell
Twinkle: dad why dont u nd mom patchup
Rt: twinkle beta its better sometimes to avoid saying somethings
Twinkle: ok dad by i love u.
Rt: bie twinkle love u 2

Here at mariners college both yuvi nd kunj enters at same time wid full tashan
Dey both r in same class. Dey both were entring d class when dey confront each other…
Kunj to his friends: see who has come here
Yuvi: cant u see i think u need to get ur eyesight checked
Kunj: look guys who is saying… who doesnt even have eyes to see
At this yuvi fumes nd grabbed kunj from his collars
Here kunj did the same nd dey both started fighting but the guards came nd stopped dem from fighting nd took dem to principals office

PRINCIPAL(creeky one d same which is in tashan e ishq when kunj goes to take mba admission)
What do u guys think of urself unalways start fighting
Kunj:look sir dont get hyper or ur beautiful face will get wrinkles on it
Yuvi: yes sir calm down or u will white hairs
Principal: oh really do u think so m beautiful
Kunj nd yuvi in union:yes offcourse sir
Principal: ohk u both guys leave for ur classes
Principal takes a mirror from his drawer nd started singing abhi to hum jawaan hai
Kunj nd yuvi enters dere class nd sat down on dere respective benches
Twinkle to enters d class nd both yuvi nd kunj gets mesmerised to see her
Twinkle took a seat behind a girl her name is chinki
Chinki:u are new

Twinkle: yes m twinkle taneja nd m from london i have shifted here wid my dad
Chinki: hey m chinki u can call me chinks also nd if u want any help do ask me
Twinkle: thnxx chinki i will sure.
Professor enters d class: good morning students
Kunj: see here philosophy profesor… who always teach about philosophy of life
Jai(professor) asked d students abt what is love
No on eis able to give an answer then suddenly twinkle says:sir i know
Jai:yes girl whats ur name
Twinkle: sir my name is twinkle taneja
Kunj nd yuvi:oh so she is twinkle taneja the girl i have to impress i think it wld be fun
Twinkle:sir love is a very beautiful word unless it gives u hurt true love hardly exists in dis world or it is always destroyed
Jai:oh twinkle looks like u r hurt in love
Twinkle: sir maybe
Jai:ohk twinkle vaise i m quite impressed at ur answer guys learn something from dis girl atleast she is giving some answers nd u guys are never able to answer my questions
Kunj to his friends:guys just wait nd watch dis girl will become ur bhabhi someday
Yuvi says d same thing to his friends..

End of episode

Precap: twinkle nd kunj became friends.. yuvi trying to destroy dere friendship nd many more things..

I hope m not boring u please guys do leave comments as it always encourages me to write an episode wid full heart.. please silent readers as well please..

Credit to: Komal


  1. phycho

    OMG Komal di!!! it’s awesome… love loved it!!!
    And yah never think of ending ur ff!!!! ok di!!!

  2. sanam

    komal u stopped me from quitting my ff’s and now u speak about not writing
    komal I love ur ff’s so much
    plz plzzz don’t stop writing

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