Twinj ki ek kahani episode 57

Tysm guys 4 d support and not wasting ur time anymore

Shanaya comes to bebe’s house to study
Let me remind u that she is the princi and bebe was upset with shanu’s marks and so she decides to give her personal attention
B : okay so this is ur first class . Tum maths me acchi nahi ho to hum usi se shuruvat karte hai .
1 + 1 kitna hai ?
S : 1
B : 2 galat jawab
S : no 1
B : vo kaise ?
S : maa says that I am no 1 and she is also no 1 and we both are no 1 together . So 1 + 1 = 1 ( childish way )

Bebe taps her forehead
B : hey wahe guru ise sikate sikate me kahi pagal na ban jau
Note : bebe doesn’t live in sarna mansion
A car enters through the main gate and stops at the entrance of the mansion . A dashing guy comes out and walks into the mansion ( u might have guessed who the person might be )
K : peri pona bebe ( I don’t know whether that’s right but if it’s not kindly excuse me )
He goes and touches her feet and bebe blesses him
B : jeete raho putter .
He stands up
K : bebe aaj aap kitni hot lag rahi hai .
B : ha ha bas kar . Zyada maska mat mar . Bol kya chahiye
K : no no bebe . U r actually looking hot today . Ha btw aaj muje besan ke laddu kane ka bahut man kar raha hai . To agar aap busy nahi hai to ( full on drama )
B : ohh to ye baat hai shetan kahike . ( pulling his ears )
K : agh aagh . Bebe it’s paining
Bebe leaves him and looks away
K : bebe now what ?

B : u complemented me hot just for those laddoos. I won’t speak to u
Kunj back hugs bebe
K : bebe sacchi mucchi ( holdng his throat ) u look hot . If u weren’t my bebe then I would have married u . Poor me
B : oh really !! ( in a suspicious way )
K : yes bebe .
B : ha okay fine . Chal maaf kar diya . I’ll go prepare those but u will have to do one thing
K : (extremely happy ) tysm bebe . Luv u . ( gives a peck on her cheeks ) . U just order me . Ur wish is my command ( bowing before her ) .
B : soch Le beta . Baad me pachtaoge .
K : no I won’t
B : okay then

Bebe clears her throat
B : I order u to teach my student maths
K : wt ? I mean ha fine . Wts the big deal in that . I will do it ( with where am I stuck ? expression )
All this while they were at the entrance
Bebe leaves and Kunj walks into the hall and finds a girl playing with her hair with her back facing him
Kunj goes to her and sits before her
S : papa . ( with a bright smile on her face )
( shanu addresses Kunj as papa and Kunj is the one who saved shanu from meeting with an accident if u remember )
K : u . Wow wt a Co incidence .
S : I am Shanaya . ( with full on attitude ) Shanaya …
She stops and recalls twinkle’s words .
Fb is shown
T : shanu listen to me carefully. U will never disclose ur identity to any stranger , anyone that mama doesn’t know .
S : but y mamma ?

T : shanu u won’t understand. Plz promise me u won’t do it . That’s it
S : okay mamma
Twinkle’s pov :
Shanu I don’t want u to face any trouble regarding ur father .
Fb ends
K : Shanaya .. ?
S : Shanaya . That’s it ( full on attitude)
K : ur surname ?
S : I forgot ( scratching her head )
Kunj bursts out laughing
Shanaya gives a angry look initially but then she too starts laughing . Kunj lifts her up in his arms .
K : I helped u out na b4 so u got to do a favor
S : hmmmmm . Okay fine
K : I want a kiss from a beautiful girl b4 me ( pointing towards his cheeks )
S : awwww . U know u have asked the most expensive thing . ( afterall beti hai kiski? 😛 )
K : ohhh accha !!! ( with his famous one eyebrow up expression ) so I won’t get that ? ( makes a puppy face )
S : no . U r wrong .
She gives a quick peck on his cheeks and he smiles and kisses her on her cheeks and smile
Bebe comes and finds both having good time together
Kunj teaching her and having some fun as well
Bebe’s pov :
He wahe guru g , keep my Kunj smiling like this always . They both look so good together.
Bebe smiles seeing them like that

B : ahem ahem ( acts like coughing )
How was ur class shanu ?
S : good . I loved it
B : okay I will check how much u loved it
So 1+1 is ?
S : 2
B : oh finally !! Very good. Not bad Kunj
He lifts his collar

B : come have the laddus
They all have some quality time

Precap : bebe decides to talk to twinkle to marry Kunj

Hope u all liked it and plzzzzz do comment . Love u all loads ♥♥♥

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  1. Awsome and plr write it fully english bcoz dont know hindi

    1. So sorry for the trouble. I will translate hindi dialogues from the following episodes. Tysm for commenting

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  6. Sanam osum…superb ff
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  9. Super duper episode sanam

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