Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 9)

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Both twinkle and kunj don’t get sleep thinking about each other …finally they sleep late night and get up late

Taneja mansion :
Leela wakes up twinkle
L : look at the time twinkle! !!! Today u r too late
T : 8 o wt?…. she looks at the time
Oh freak it’s 10 mins for 9 !!!!!
I am gone today
T: Maa where is mahi?
L: she left Long back
T: Babaji save me today am gone .. she hurries up and leaves

Sarna mansion :
Even kunj is late for the class and leaves hurriedly

Both twinkle and kunj reach to their class
T and K together : sir may I come in
Lecturer looks at the time
U both are 5 minutes late
T : so could we enter??
Lec: u shameless ppl get out!!!!
Both move out of the class
K : this is all because of you! !!
T : oh what have I done ?
K : what was the necessity to tell sir may I come in now (in a funny tone ) … siyappa queen! !!!
T : then what would I tell?

K : sorry !!! And what …. but no tum to apni manmani karti rahti ho!!! Ab Tumari wajah se mai b phas gaya
T : oh really! !! Then y didn’t u tell sorry sir! ! (In teasing manner)
K : tu mujhe bolne ka mouka kahan deti hai siyappa queen! !! (In an Irritated manner like that in tei)
Kunj goes and sits on the stairs ..twinkle comes to him
T : Kunj let’s go
K : oh ya let’s go for an date!!!(irritated manner)
T : r u mad ?
K : then what should I tell? ….The problems that u created were less o what that u r introducing an new one..kunj! Let’s go., (funny manner)
T : well I was trying to reduce the problems u karoos sarna…,(annoyed manner like in tei) now if principal sees us , he will call us to his cabin .., then we would have to hear his lecture , then he would call our parents then we would get bonus lecture from our moms. ..and would have a lot of fun …idiot! !!
K : Ok fine sorry (with attitude),,, so where will v go?
T : for an date (funny manner)
K : I told u sry na …Ok fine I am very sorry (holding his ears) now will u tell?
T : follow me ..she holds his hand and runs

K : twinkle where are v going?
T : shh can’t u stay quite. ..If someone sees we r gone
They reach to some place…
K : where have u brought me ?
Twinkle goes and gets an ladder
T : what are you looking at? Help me
Kunj does .. They both place the ladder
Twinkle climbs but suddenly she slips and kunj holds her in his arms ..mere rubaroo plays
They compose themselves
Twinkle climbs the ladder followed by kunj
They reach to a room .., it was quite dark
K :twinkle where have u brought me?
Twinkle switches on the lights
The room was fully decorated with twinkle’s sweet memories
K : Wow it’s beautiful
T : well no one knows about it not even yuvi … whenever I feel bored I come here to refresh myself with my sweet memories
She gets him video games…They play
They have a lot of fun there .., ishq bulava plays
Kunj gets hold of one of twinkle’s childhood pics
K : u were so fat!!! He starts laughing

T : give it to me kunj
K : no ways .. He starts running, she runs behind him and while trying to get back the pic twinkle falls over kunj …Both share an eye lock. .. tujko jo paaya plays
Bell rings and both compose themselves
T : oh no we have to reach back to the class before sir comes out
They both hurry and reach on time
Sir comes out
Sir:u both can go in now
T and K together : sorry and thank u sir
They both enter the class
Y : y were u both late ?
T and K together : I didn’t have good sleep last night
T and k look at each other surprisingly
Y : well guys I have got to introduce u with an new commer ,, she is shanaya
Sh : hi
T : hi
K : hi nice to meet u
Y : well seems like u both had a lot of fun for the whole hour
Yuvi and shanaya laugh
T and K : no !!!

Twinj stare at each other
Y : well u both continue I will show shanaya college
Shanaya and yuvi leave
Twinj smile at each other

Twinj r called to principals’ chamber
Twinj:we r sorry sir
P : for what ?
Twinj realise that principal was unaware of they being out of the class
T : no actually we meant to say thank you sir
P : forget about that.. There is an play on romeo juliet
So I want u both to practise for it
T and K together : what?
P : do u have any problem?
T and K : we r absolutely fine sir

Yuvi and shanaya smile
Fb is shown
Sh : sir I actually thought of keeping an play on romeo and juliet
P : oh that’s fantastic
Sh : sir but there is an problem
P : what is it ?
Sh : I asked T and K to play the main role but they didn’t accept it .. so sir u plz convince them …plz plz plz sir
P : don’t u worry about that
Fb ends

Twinkle and kunj come out of the cabin
T : Seriously I’ll have to do this play with u?
K : as if am interested in doing it with u

Rehearsal starts
T- juliet
K- romeo
Yuvi- juliet’s Bro and shanaya directs the play
They finish of the practice

In the evening everyone are gathered for the play
Romeo and juliet’s first meet in the party organised by capulets (juliet belongs to capulets and romeo belongs to montagues who are stung enemies)
They dance romantically on love story by Taylor Swift
And the play goes on … Their secret marriage, juliet’s marriage fixed with Paris , juliet drinking magic portion,
Everyone assuming juliet dead , romeo kills Paris and both romeo and juliet dieing in each others arms and montagues and capulets become good friends

The play ends and everyone enjoys it

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  8. Wow sanam by the way even I like Taylor swift’s love story especially the line “cause u were romeo and u were throwing pebbles and my daddy said just stay away from Juliet”

    1. Thanks ritzi … keep in touch with ma ff
      even I love ‘love story’ I love especially the last versus
      marry me juliet u never have to be alone
      I love u and that’s all I really know
      I spoke to ur dad now go pick a white dress
      it’s a love story baby just say yes

  9. Itsss amazingggg Sanam!! U’re brilliant!

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