Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 8)

Thanks guys for ur support and love
So let’s start with today’s episode. …This episode is for all twinj fans

Episode starts with twinkle thinking about kunj
Kunj u care so much for me but I always hurt u , put in u trouble. .. u were right I am an siyappa queen….plz forgive me kunj …am ready to do anything to get ur forgiveness
Kunj was walking towards cafeteria and he gets surprised on seeing the whole cafeteria decorated with red balloons with sorry written on it and all had gathered there holding” sorry” board
Twinkle comes forward and makes an childish face holding her hand on both the ears and says sorry
Kunj leaves… but Twinkle holds him and makes him sit on the chair
She gets an capuchin with sorry written over
Kunj drinks one sip and leaves
But twinkle holds his hand and makes him dance on gubbare song
Kunj tries to leave BT twinkle kneels down and offers him an bunch of balloons with sorry return over it
She moves and everyone starts dancing on sorry song from ABCD 1 holding their ears
At the end of the song twinkle kneels down before him and offers him an red Rose
T : will u forgive ur stupid siyappa queen for her mistake. ? Plz plz kunj she makes an children face
Kunj makes her get up
K : Ok fine I’ll forgive u this time my dear siyappa queen
Twinkle gets happy and hugs kunj tightly he too hugs her back ….tujko jo paaya plays
Everyone claps …Both break the hug and smile at each other and shouts we need justice! !!
Kunj and twinkle both look on shocked
T : for what
Others: we did ur job now it’s ur turn
T : Ok what do u all want ?
Everyone shouts kunj and twinkle’s dance
Kunj and twinkle give a sigh of relief
They both dance romantically on hua hai aaj pehli baar
They both are lost in each other
At the end kunj makes twinkle fall In his arms
Both share an intense eye lock…mere rubaroo plays
Everyone cough in an teasing manner … Both compose themselves
then everyone shout for an competition between twinkle and kunj as to who drinks most no of milkshakes
they both start drinking milkshakes. ,, they finish off 4 glasses but no one seems to give up
finally both simultaneously give up and smile at each other. ..They have a lot of fun moments together

Luthra mansion :
Yuvi thinks
I must end my mission twinkle now .. leela aunty has saved our dad .., I can’t hurt twinkle anymore. ,, I have to tell her the truth

At college :
Everyone leave to go home
K : well today’s day was would be an memorable one
This one’s an breaking news that siyappa queen said sorry to the innocent kunj sarna!!!!
T : shut up kunj and don’t call me siyappa queen
K : but u urself admitted that u are
T : that was just like that … I mean to say for ur forgiveness
K : oh so now that I’ve forgiven u I can’t call u by that name anymore?
T : u r absolutely right karoos sarna
Both laugh then they stop as they feel awkward and wave bye to each other and leave

Sarna mansion :
Kunj comes home smiling
Ma : oh Ohhhh bhaiyya did u propose bhabi? ?
K : shut up u speak a lot nonsense now a days
Ma : I speak nonsense or u and bhabi do some nonsense everyday ha …am happy that the misunderstandings between u both got sort out
K : thanks maya for always supporting me
Ma : thanks isn’t enough for me
K : what does my di want?
Ma :ur smile
Kunj hugs maya and she hugs him back

Both twinkle and kunj think about each other in their rooms and smile
Twinkle thinks y do I feel so protective when kunj is with me ? What’s just happening to me?
Kunj thinks I love you sooo much twinkle. ..I wish I could tell u everything but am scared to lose u
I am scared that our friendship which has just begun would end forever … I wish u would feel the same for me that I feel for u … manchala plays

Precap : romeo juliet play by twinj

Hope u guys would like it and plz do comment

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