Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 7)

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At college
Maya comes to kunj
Ma : so today my bhaiyya doesn’t look less than tamatar. … she laughs
Kunj ignores it
Ma : K i got it u and bhabi had an fight and that is why u look so upset….
K : how did you know that?
Ma : oh come on bhaiyya I m ur sister …, ur heart is so pure that anyone can read it….
K : today she was too rude to me
Ma : I am sure she was upset with something and that is why she spoke to u in that manner. …sometimes it’s better to forget past and move on bhaiyya
I am sure she might have felt sorry for it
Kunj leaves making an excuse

Luthra mansion:
Everyone are upset with the incident in the party
Sana thinks I somehow have to patch up mom and dad I can’t see mom crying like this , even she has right to get her happiness and her happiness is in dad
I’ll give u ur right back mom I promise

At college :
Twinkle is walking towards library when the same boys who earlier tried to misbehave with her come there
Boy: hello janeman
T : mind ur language and just get lost
He gets angry and comes close to twinkle
T : stay away from me … don’t come closer
They laugh evilly
The boy drags twinkle to an empty class and locks the door from inside
T : stay away. .. I said don’t come closer to me
She shouts for help
The boy pins her to the wall and tries to take advantage of her … twinkle repeatedly cries for help
She tries to free herself but fails …
Suddenly someone pulls the boy away from her and pushes him hard on his cheek
He is none other than kunj
Twinkle runs to him and hugs him tightly. …mere rubaroo plays
He hugs her back with full emotions
He takes his jacket and makes twinkle wear it
He comes to the guy and starts hitting him badly
The other guys come and hold kunj and starts hitting him badly …. twinkle shouts for help
Twinkle comes to them and tries to free kunj but one of the guys holds her and pins her to the wall and tries to take advantage of her
Kunj frees himself and starts hitting the guys badly .. They run away
Kunj frees twinkle from guys hold and starts hitting him badly and says touch her and hits him blue and black
He runs away
Twinkle runs to kunj and hugs him tightly
T :thank you kunj for saving me …If u wouldn’t come then I would have
Kunj puts his hand on her mouth and stops her…. mere rubaroo plays
Kunj starts scolding twinkle
K : are u mad twinkle? What is the necessity to move alone all the time. …If something would have happened to u then I wouldn’t spare myself
Twinkle looks on and tear roles down her eye
T : sorry kunj I know u are upset with me but plz forgive me this time
Kunj leaves. ..twinkle runs behind him to stop him and accidentally sprains her leg and is unable to walk
Kunj comes to her and lifts her in his arms
Both share an intense eye lock…. agar tum saath ho plays
He takes to the first aid centre….gently places her on bed and tries to leave but his shirt button gets entangled with twinkle’s chain
He removes it gently and leaves
Twinkle looks at him leaving

Leela goes to an orphanage
L : how are u my princess?
The girl turns and says mom!!!!
She runs to her and hugs her tightly, even Leela hugs her back … she is none other than shanaya
Sh: mom y didn’t u come yesterday, ,, u know how much I missed u ?
L : I am sorry my princess I was very busy yesterday. .
Sh: mom thank u so much for making my admission in college
L : does someone say thank you to their mom ?
Sh:love u mom .. she hugs her tightly. ..dil hai chota sa plays
Leela says bye to her and leaves

Luthra mansion :
Yuvi gets an call and he feels happy
Y : hi sweet heart
girl:hi darling…forgot about me naa?
Y : no jaan, how can I forget the love of my life I love u soo much
Girl : I love you too up
The Girl is none other than shanaya

Precap : surprise for all twinj fans

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  1. Hmmm what surprise cud it b???? Am dying out of curiosity sanam… plz update soooon….

    1. U will come to know it the next episode so stay tuned

  2. Plzz update nagin serial kl bhi update Nhi hua aaj bhi nhi hua I want to read it plzzzzz update nagin akanksha u see nagin ???? You r very nice plzzzz update

    1. sry I don’t see nagin…im shit scared of snakes so I just cant see it btw I guess u commented on the wong ff…this is sanam’s ff dear

  3. nice episode sanam ….waiting for the next 1

  4. Awesome sanam

  5. Agh error kunj ‘punches’ him hard on cheek and not ‘pushes’

  6. Haye surprise is awaiting.. nd u m waiting heheheh nice rhyme lolzzz.. ??? i know m bad.. twinj twinj twinj thnku so much for dis ff sanam luv yaa

  7. Sanam what a beautiful episode I really enjoyed it especially Twinj scenes and what an entry of Shanaya it was a cool episode..

  8. Itss amazing i loved Twinj scenes!!

  9. Awesome sanam

  10. u rocked it sanam!!! I feel lyk singing sanam re…???? & what d surprise could be??

  11. Meenat Abubakar

    9ce epi,I enjoyed reading it

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