Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 6)

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Sana stands shocked after hearing all this
Anitha , yuvraj are teary eyed looking at Aryan
Yuvi holds Aryan by his collar
Y : y did u do this ha.. Y dad y ???.,, y u kept us away from u ? Y u made my maa suffer all this while, ,, y?
Anitha tries to console yuvi
Yuvi jerks Aryan away
Ar: yuvi my son I can understand ur pain ,, I don’t know how to ask for forgiveness but plz give me an chance
I’ll make everything right
Y : don’t call me ur son …. my father died the day he left us
He leaves angrily
A : I can’t believe this ..Aryan how could u do this? Y did u leave me and go ?
She starts crying bitterly. .. Aryan tries to console her but she walks away
Sana is still in shock , she comes to her consciousness and goes to leela
S : am so sorry aunty , I don’t know how shall I ask for forgiveness
She falls to her knees and asks for forgiveness
Leela makes her get up an says it’s Ok I forgive u
Sana leaves from there crying bitterly
Aryan feels sad

Luthra mansion :
Y : dad how could u do this? U left ur family. . U made my mom suffer these many years without u …I hate u
He hits his hand hard on the wall and it starts bleeding
Sana comes in
S : Bro what have u done?
Y : jaan go to ur room and sleep
S : I know Bro u r upset with dad but I was thinking can’t we give him an chance
Y : sana u r saying this ? Haven’t u seen with how much difficulty mom raised us up and never made us feel our dad’s absence. ..can’t u understand her pain
S : I understand that is why am asking u to give dad an chance, , I know he will get back happiness in mom’s life
Y : no I can’t forgive an loser like him ..,, no never
Sana leaves

Aryan reaches to his flat
He recalls the incident and cries bitterly

Next day at college:
Yuvi is absent….twinkle feels sad knowing this
She tries to contact yuvi but he doesn’t pick the call
Kunj comes to her

K : is everything fine?
T : ya kunj
She is about to leave but kunj holds her hand and stops her
K : y are you punishing yourself by not sharing ur sorrows
T : kunj leave my hand
He leaves
T :how does it even matter to u whether I have some problems or not?
Kunj gets angry and pulls twinkle close to him an pins her against the wall
K :it does matter a lot to me , it does twinkle cause I
And he stops …He moves away from twinkle
K :cause I care…mere rubaroo plays
He leaves angrily ,,, Twinkle looks on shocked

Mahi comes to kunj
M : y u look upset kunj? Is everything fine?
K : ya mahi
M : plz tell me kunj I can’t see u sad like this….subhaanallah from yeh jawaani hai deewani plays
Kunj looks at mahi and hugs her..mahi hugs him back
K : am sorry mahi I can’t come along with u for the exhibition
M : it’s Ok ..kunj ..don’t say sorry
Kunj leaves

Kunj goes to washroom and cries thinking about his moments with twinkle and her harsh words
On the other side even twinkle cries thinking about kunj’s words and the way she spoke rudely to kunj
She remembers her moments with him and cries badly
Kabira plays

Precap : shanaya’s entry

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