Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 57)


Guys as u said I am busy with the preparation for my cousin’s marriage and once It gets over I will post my ffs regularly and comment on the ffs as well
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@ sarna mansion
Kunj is busy preparing for his presentation. Mahi comes to him with a glass of juice
Ma : Kunj I have brought juice for u
K : ( in a cold tone) keep it on the table
Mahi keeps
Ma : Kunj I can understand that u are really very upset with all that had happened . Twinkle can stoop so low , I just couldn’t even think that she would do it
(she keeps her hand on his shoulder) .Everything will get fine .
Kunj stands up and holds her tight by her shoulder
K : oh really . U r saying this . Don’t act too innocent . I know u very well . So this innocence u show it to others
Ma : but Kunj
K : enough
He leaves angrily . Maya comes there clapping
M : wah Mahi wah . Naatak karna to koi tumse seeke . Lekin kya hai na koi chahe jitni b koshish karle, sach samne aa hi jaata hai .
Jab bhai ko sach ke baare me pata chalega to tum ye socho ki tum kaise bachalogi apne aap ko .
Ma : kaisa sach ? What nonsense are u speaking ?
M : tututututu . Mahi pata hai I feel so pity for u . Badla lene ke chakkar me tuje boolne ki bimari ho gayi hai . So sad
Ma : ( smirks and revolves around her ) actually u r wrong . U know what Maya , I feel so bad for u that u r a helpless soul over here . U lost ur love and ur bhai lost his . Tututututu
And ha there is lot more to come my dear baby . ( keeping her hand on her shoulder as she revolves around her) . So keep calm and enjoy the scene
Mahi leaves from there .
Maya’s pov :
No, I have full faith on uv . I know it’s all mahi’s plan to destroy our family . I promise, I will find out the truth . ur countdown begins Mahi .

Mahi is in her room holding a photo
Ma : hi baby . I know u r very upset with me but for how long will u keep me and my love away from me my darling Kunj ? I have done so much just to make u mine and throw that twinkle out of ur life

Fb is shown
Twinkle goes out for shopping . After her shopping is done she comes to her car but a person places a kerchief smeared with chloroform on her nose and she goes unconscious .
Uv gets a text message that twinkle is kidnapped and if he wants her safe she should come to ××× place with
***$ money and uv decides not to tell anyone about this as he r doesn’t want them to get tensed
@ remote place :
Twinkle gets into her senses and finds her self tied to a chair . A person comes to her and she gets the shocked
T : u ?
Person : yes darling . It’s me
The person is revealed to be poorab ( our old villain)
P : what did u think ? I will let u live peacefully for having destroyed mine ? U know what because of u my sister aliya is suffering from severe stress and now is lying in the hospital . What was her fault ? Just that she loved Kunj . If Kunj is not her’s then neither can he be urs
T : leave me . ( she cries ) Kunj !! Plz save me
P : ( laughing evilly) y do u think I have brought u here ? To leave u ?
He laughs again followed by the other kidnappers
P : arey don’t u all know ma’m doesn’t like to waste time ?.
So make her get ready
T : for what ?
P : oh ya. I am so sorry that I forgot to inform u about our marriage
T : have u lost it ? I am not going to marry u . And however how will u marry me when I am already married ? ( smirks )
P : Kunj will sign the divorce papers himself soon he gets this good news baby
Some ladies come to her and take her with them to get her ready
Poorab gets a call from Mahi
Ma : is the work done ?
P : yes Don’t worry
She cancels the call

Uv reaches to the place where he was asked to come with the money
One person comes to him and takes the handbag from him
U : where is twinkle ?
P : oh ya ma’m , we sold her as it was a very huge offer
Uv loses his patience and starts hitting them blue and black asking them to reveal where is she and he finally succeeds
Twinkle is brought to the mandap with her hands tied and she tries her level best to free herself but fails
Poorab forcefully takes peras with her and now sets to fill vermillion on twinkle’s forehead but is stopped as he feels a hand on his wrist .
It’s revealed to be of uv . Uv snatches the box and starts hitting him badly and other kidnappers try stopping hum but fail . Police comes there and get them all arrested . Uv goes to twinkle and asks her if she is fine
Twinkle nods and hugs him tightly and he too hugs her back
Both break the hug as they hear a loud voice ” twinkle”
Twiraj get shocked to see Kunj and he misunderstands the situation as he sees vermilion box in uv’s hand and twinkle dressed as a bride
T : Kunj
K : enough . How cd u stoop this low ? U cannot be my twinkle . U r a cheater and I wonder whether the child u are bearing is mine or uv’s
T : Kunj u r misunderstanding
Kunj slaps her hard and the others arrive at the spot and Mahi smirks
Fb ends
Ma : now wait and watch Kunj how I make u mine
She laughs evilly

Precap : not yet decided

Guys don’t worry twinj will unite and plzzzz do throw ur comments

Credit to: Sanam

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