Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 55)


Hey guys I am back . I know I took tooooooo long but couldn’t help as I am busy with the preparations for a family function . So sorry for that and tehreem dear I am not from bangalore but from mangalore
And so sorry for not having commented on many ffs .
Thank u all readers and supporters
So let’s start

Recap : leap of 5 years , Twinj tashan, kunj avoids shanu from meeting with the accident and twinkle unaware of the saviour is desperate to meet him so that she could thank join personally and sahil ( her pa ) informs twinkle about the saviour being in some 5 ★ hotel and twinkle goes to the hotel

Episode starts
Twinkle enquires about the person ( kunj ) and receptionist tells her of him engaged in some important meeting
T : its okay I will wait but could u plz let me know soon he is done with his meeting?
R : yes sure ma’m . Plz have ur seat in the waiting room
T : thank u so much
Twinkle leaves nd kunj comes to the receptionist at the same instant both unaware of each other’s presence
K : may I have my room keys ?
R : sure sir . ( she gives the keys )
Kunj is about to leave but is interrupted by the receptionist
R : excuse me sir .
Kunj turns to the receptionist
K : yes
R : ma’m had come to meet u .
K : who ma’m ?
R : sorry sir I dint know her name but she is still in the waiting room
K : okay then u give these keys to her and ask her to wait in my room and I’ll come back in few minutes
He gives her the keys
R : yes sure sir thank u and have a nice day
Kunj leaves

@ waiting room
Twinkle keeps looking at her watch to check the time and is worried
Twinkle’s pov :
Oh babaji aur kitni der lagegi ? Muje to shanu ke school me b bulaya gaya hai parents meeting ke liye
Receptionist opens the door
R : excuseme ma’m ( still at the doorstep)
Sir has asked u to wait in his room . He will come soon
Twinkle takes the keys from the receptionist and leaves to his room

@ kunj’s room
Twinkle enters the room and is stunned
Twinkle’s pov :
Ye inka room hai ya kabaad kaana ! . Kitni boori haal hai is kamre ki.
I keep my bag on the table and settle myself to clean his room
Oh bhagwan aada ganta ho chuka hai lekin is insaan ka koi naam aur nishaan nahi
Shall i wait or no ? And what about the parents meeting?
Idea ! Let me cook for him and leave . Ya that’s best . Twinkle u are so smart . Meeting veeting ke chakkar mai ghar ka khaana kaane ko nahi mila hoga . Mere haat ka khaana kaake ekdam se energy b aayegi aur saari takaan chutki mei katam ho jaayegi

She cooks for him and leaves
Accidently she left the keys inside the room on the table and the door gets locked
( after all she is our THE GREAT SIYAPPA QUEEN 😛 )
Kunj returns and finds his room locked
Kunj calls the receptionist
K : didn’t ma’m come ?
R : sir but she left long back to ur room
K : but the room is locked
R : don’t worry sir I’ll lend u extra keys
Kunj goes to collect the keys from the reception and returns to his room
He opens the door and finds his room neat and tidy
His eyes fall on the keys on the table
Kunj’s pov
Ye ma’m nahi SIYAPPA queen hai
Nahi SIYAPPA queen nahi ( recalling twinkle having mixed emotions of pain and anger)
Whoever it is she isn’t like that cheater twinkle taneja

He goes to the dining and finds a beautiful set up with candles and flowers . He finds a note nearby and reads it
he finds a plate covered over the other . He uncovers it and finds his favourite food served for him . He gets a bright smile on his face

K : so sweet of u . I was missing this badly .
He takes the note and kisses it . He has his food and goes to sleep
Precap : not yet decided

Guys i know it was boring and sorry if u didn’t like it
But plzzzzz do throw ur comments ( both +ves and -ves)

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. Hey after a looooooooong time btw epi ws jus amazing loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz plzzzzz

  2. sanam i was srsly waiting yaar…. but plllllllssssssssssss post ur twinj in a new journey of love….. i think thts only the name in which kunj bcms gr8 buisness man nd twinkle an orphan aftr leela’s death……but this epi was also tooooooo awesome… i jst love u

  3. awesome episode

  4. di where was u i am happy u came back ..epi was nice …i liked this track

  5. Oh….sanam….wowo….u r amazing….. I was waiting for this episode since so long….sanam hope u wil post regularly…..

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  7. Hey sanam finally u posted I was waiting to comment! I luv all ur episodes n ffs im a die heart fan of urs plzz don’t go disappearing again 🙂

  8. Great episode!

  9. cutie (Shreya)

    Lovely lovely lovely it was amazing sanam di.

  10. Wowww sanam… u r tooo awesomeeee….. fabulous.. was missing u badly… bt cont asa u get tym coz I understand during family functions if we sit wid phnes the no of taunts scoldings.. lolz.. bt u r srsly amazing…????

  11. Nice but longer next time missed u alot

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