Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 53)

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Recap : twinj tashan

Shanaya is seen playing in the garden
All of sudden her eyes catch hold of a beautiful butterfly and Shanaya starts following it .

On the other hand twinkle comes home
( she now lives at taneja residence itself )
L : are twinkle putter tu aa gayi
Lo ye juice peelo
Twinkle takes the juice and sits on the sofa
T : thank u maa
L : beta tu Shanaya ko kyu nahi lekar aayi?
T : what ? She isn’t come ? But sahil dropped her home long back
L : but she didn’t come here
Twinkle calls sahil
Sa : good evening ma’m . Y did u call me ?
T : where is Shanaya?
Sa : at home . I dropped her long back
T : but she isn’t here . Oh god its gonna be 5
Where is this girl gone ?
Sa : ma’m don’t worry I’ll go out searching for her
T : okay fine
She cancels the call and searches for Shanaya in the house
T : Shanaya . Shanu where are u ?
She doesn’t find her and falls in her knees crying
Leela consoles her
L : twinkle putter. Relax wherever Shanaya is she will be fine
We will find her soon
T : how will I relax maa? She is just a kid . Where will I find her ?
Twinkle wipes her tears and runs out of the house calling out shanaya’s name
T : shanaya. Where are u beta ? Shanu

Twinkle runs in the colony in search of her
Shanaya reaches the main road following the butterfly
There is a car approaching shanaya with a very high speed
The driver plays the horn and shanaya gets scared
She closes her eyes in fear
Twinkle comes to the main road and sees shanaya
Twinkle gets adrenaline rush through her body
Twinkle shouts shanaya and closes her eyes out of fear
The car passes and twinkle’s heart almost stopped beating at the moment. She slowly opens her eyes and finds shanaya on the other end of the road safe in someone’s protective arms
Shanaya cries and man consoles her
Twinkle tries crossing the road but fails as there were too many vehicle passing by
Sh : thank u uncle .
She gives a peck on his cheeks

The person is revealed to be kunj
K : beta u shouldn’t roam across the road like this? . What if something bad had happened to u ? Where is ur mamma?
Sh : sorry uncle . Mamma is at her office
K : and ur papa?
Shanaya starts crying
K : what happened? Y r u crying
Sh : I don’t know where is papa
I have not seen him
K : I am so sorry beta. I shouldn’t have asked that .
Sh : uncle uncle can u call u papa ? Please
K : y not ? I would be so happy to have a cute daughter like u
Driver : sir we are getting late
Kunj lays her down
K : okay beta I have got to go now .Be careful and don’t play across the road . Bye
Sh : bye papa
Twinkle finally succeeds in crossing the road
Twinkle hugs shanaya and she hugs her back
Twinkle is in tears . She breaks the hug
T : shanaya how did u reach here ? If something would have happened to u then mamma would have ..
Shanaya places her palm on twinkle’s mouth
Sh : i am sorry mamma
They both hug eo again
Sh : mamma that uncle saved me ( pointing towards the car )
Twinkle breaks the hug and runs towards the car but the driver drives it off before twinkle could see kunj
Twinkle stops
Twinkle’s pov :
Thank u babaji for saving my daughter by sending ur angel
Let that person get all deserved happiness

Precap : up to my beja

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  1. die hard fan of twinj

    Loved it sanam just super….
    Fan of ur ff yaar….
    plzz reveal soon wats d main reaskn for their hatred 2wards each other….

    1. it’s worse I have not liked

      1. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. You don’t have to say mean things to the writer. That’s very insensitive of you. You don’t get anything in return by throwing hate and negativity around.

  2. Upar wale ne tumhe bheja to bheja kitna bheja dall ke bheja. …….from which corner of ur brain do u get such ideas ya
    Amazing ff….luv u keep smiling nd keep writing. ….eagerly waiting fr do nxt epi

  3. it’s worse stupidly written

    1. Hey Raiya Dont mind it but i am giving u a suggestion dat If you dont lyk it den dont read it. Why r u wasting ur own tym writing comments and making d writer sad nd btw Sanam d epi was just fab nd amazing….keep up the good work nd plzz post d nxt one fast as i am eagerly waiting 4 it…nd dont lose confidence by reading negative comments lyk dese…we r all ways dere 2 support u

    2. Tysm callmenazu for ur support
      And raiya dear I am soooooooooooooo sorry that I couldn’t mark ur expectations
      I know I am not good at it but still I try writing cse I really love to do it
      And I do know the episode isn’t good as I didn’t get time to concentrate on my ffs as I have my entrance going on and I am busy after it
      Thanks for commenting♥♥♥♥♥

    3. Stop bugging around & just shut ur eyes…then u will not have to read d name of ur hated ff…if u can’t praise someone then don’t but stop saying bad things

  4. Sanam, I think you did a great job. I always look forward to your episodes. Ignore the haters and keep writing. There are a lot of us out here who love reading your work and appreciate it. Excited for the next episode 🙂

  5. Amazing sanam it was gr8 u r ff was luvly

  6. Sanam it was interesting as always…??

  7. Good bheja u have dude..

  8. Amazing epi sanam osmmmmmmmm loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz

  9. Sanam sanam sanam… i jus dont hve words to write coz m tired of complimenting u with the same words n srsly i lack of words.. so this tym no words.. u jus understand it with 6th sense… ???

  10. Sanam….wow….I’m liking ur story line…..good as u trying to be regular…..what entrance exams are u giving….

  11. Fabulous Episode

  12. Taarif karoon kya uski jisne tujhe banaya. Lovely episode by an lovely writer. Love u dear?

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