Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 52)


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Recap : leap of 5 years
Twinkle’s PA sahil tells her about the deal with one of the renowned company Cliptons
Twinkle and shanaya have some cute mother and Child moments .. Twinkle’s past

Twinkle wipes her tears as there is a knock at her door
Sa : ma’m the company person has come for the deal
T : ya send the person in
Twinkle turns her rotating chair facing her back to the company person to clear her face and set herself
K : a very good morning miss
Twinkle is stunned to hear the voice
She immediately turns her chair to face him
Twinj are shocked to see each other
T : u ? Just leave my cabin immediately
K : ya even I am not interested to work with u
I don’t care about this deal
Bhaad me gaya ye deal ( at the peak of his voice )
T : ( she stands up ) chillao mat . Don’t forget that u r in my cabin . Tameez se baat karo
Kunj walks to her and pulls her close by holding her arm tightly
K : if I ever knew that it’s u whom we are gonna have a deal with , forget about coming here I would never even think of it
Twinkle gets teary eyed as she feels the pain
Both of his sight and his grip
Twinkle pushes him with full force with which she could
T : how dare u touch me ? What do u think of urself Mr Kunj sarna ? Don’t forget that this is my cabin and u have no rights , uhh forget about touching me , nobody dares to be rude to me
Kunj has his anger at his peak . He is about to leave but is interrupted by her cold tone
T : wait a minute

Kunj turns back and Twinkle walks to him and stands in front of him with her arms crossed
T : I am not that bad . If not contract , visitors at least have a cup of coffee and leave
K : I don’t need ( frustrated)
He leaves angrily and Twinkle gives a frustrated look
Twinkle breaks down and ends up crying holding the visitor’s seat
She sits on her seat and fetches herself a glass of water
Sahil sees this through the window
Sa : y is ma’m crying? And y was she so much angry on sir ?
Twinkle’s pov :
Y did I have to meet u . All these years I wished if u were by my side but now when I decided to move on u came back but y ? Y ? She sweeps the glass in anger breaking it as it falls
Sahil enters and rushes to her
Sa : ma’m r u fine ? What Happened?
T : ( in a low tone ) sahil please leave me alone
Shanaya comes in and hugs Twinkle
Sh : mamma now u have to play with me
T : sahil please take shanaya and leave me alone for some time
Sh : mamma but u promised me . She enacts being angry
Twinkle cups her face
T : baby I am busy right now
Mamma will play with u later . Okay baby ? I will buy loads of ur favorite chocolates
Sh : okay mamma
T : that’s like my good baby
Sahil takes shanaya with him
Sa : come shanu let’s play outside
Both leave the cabin
Twinkle recalls her quality moments with Kunj and cries

Ik khoya khoya chaand tha jo tha khafa khafa
Ik toota toota khwaab tha jo tujhse tha juda
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..
Tere binaa.. Tere bina..

Kunj comes to his car and settles himself on the back seat and driver drives it off
Kunj recalls his moments with twinkle and gets teary eyed
Kunj’s pov :
Y did u do this twinkle ? Y ? I just hate u for that
I hate u twinkle

Ho aadhi adhoori iss dastaan mein
Kaise koyi rang laaye
Kaise koyi muskuraaye
Itne ghamon mein do pal khushi ke
Kaise bhala yaad aayein
Tumko bhula naa paayein

Ik pyaasi pyaasi boond mein
Jo mann mera jalaa
Har lamha lamha teri hi yaadon se tha ye bhara
Ik aadhi aadhi aas thi jo poori ho gayi
Tum mill gaye to jaane kyun ye doori ho gayi
Piya laage na.. jiya laage na
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa..
Tere bina.. Tere binaa.. plays

Precap : upto my beja

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Credit to: Sanam

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