Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 51)


Hello guys .I Am back again . I had tried to entertain u all with the comedy segment but now enough is enough 😉 😛
Yes it’s time for a new twist
Chandra I am so sorry dear I cannot reveal it
Actually I cannot be in contact with tu friends on fb as no one is aware of me writing ffs and nor do I wish anyone to get to know of it . Actually my parents sometimes log in with my profile as I don’t mind that
So that’s a request . We are friends and will remain friends forever . Hope u didn’t feel bad 🙁

A leap of 5 years is shown
Twinkle is busy in her cabin designing clothes
There is a knock at her door

That’s her PA sahil ( rohit saraf last seen in bff as sahil )

T : come in .
Sa : ma’m one company wants to make a deal with u
It’s very well known company and this is great for us
T : what’s it’s name
Sa : the cliptons
T : okay I am ready to meet them
Sa : okay ma’m I will inform them
Twinkle is working and someone is shown entering her cabin without her knowledge
The person walks towards her but Twinkle is much involved in her work that she doesn’t realise it
The person places the gun on her forehead
P : hands up
Twinkle is stunned and does so
She gets a huge smile on her face and starts tickling the person
T : accha hands up ha ? Wait I’ll teach u
The person’s beautiful face is shown . She is none other than twinj’s 5 years old daughter shanaya
S : maa come play with me na . I am feeling bored
T : shanu baby not now . Mamma is very busy na .
U go and play with ur toys

Shanaya makes a puppy face .
Twinkle looks at her and smiles
T : shanu baby I promise that I’ll play with u once I am done with my work . Okay baby?
Shanaya gets happy and gives a peck on twinkle’s cheeks
S : okay Mamma
She runs out of the cabin with gun in one hand and a cute teddy in the other
Twinkle gets teary eyed .
Twinkle’s pov :
Oh babaji . Y was this to happen ?
Didn’t u have a bit of trust on me Kunj?
Kunj how could u ?
Twinkle gets into flashback
@ dining
Twinj come there holding hands .
Ma : don’t u think it’s a beautiful bright day ?
U : ya I agree
Usha and maya giggle while Twinj blush

T : I wanna say something
U : ya Twinkle beta tell what happened?
T : maa actually u r gonna become dadi ( blushing badly )
Usha gets happy on hearing this
Maya goes and hugs Twinkle
Ma : congrats bhabi. I am soooo happy today
She now hugs Kunj
Ma : congrats bhai
They all share sweet family moment
But as it is said that happiness doesn’t last for long nor it did in twinj’s life
Tears flow by her cheeks as she recalls
A tight slap on her face and kunj’s last words
K : Twinkle how could u ? We are over
Mahi smirks as she enjoys the scene

Precap : twinj face to face with hatred in their eyes for each other .

Guys don’t get depressed after all twinj have to unite and do comment whether u like this track or not

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. i liked it . and plz dont be sry . there is nothing to be sry . actually my parents also dont know that i visit tu . but i m free bird in fb . nobody even know my password . thank god my parents r not modern . old fashioned .

  2. Wooow….New Twist…..Very Excited……Awesome episode……but twinj ko jaldi mila dena…..plz plz plz

  3. It ws osm epi dear loved it so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much do cont soon plzzzzz

  4. hey sanam can u pls put recap i just forgot the storyline… plssss

  5. wow……awesome….just can’t wait for next episode…

  6. Awesome! So excited for the next one!

  7. Awesome episode

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