Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 50)


Hello everyone . This is sanam and i am kind of happy that finally I made it upto half century but really disappointed that may be somewhere i have failed in entertaining u guys as i got extremely less no of comments
So am planning to quit this asap

Twinkle is sleeping peacefully on the bed and finally wakes up as the sun rays fall on her
T : (yawning) good morning sadu Sarna
She immediately gets into her senses
T : oh babaji. How can I forget this sadu was sleeping outside . If maa sees this I am gone
She rushes towards the door and opens it to find no one outside
T : ab ye kaha choomantar Ho gaya ?( now where has he disappeared)
She goes in search of him
Usha comes to her
T : good morning maa (tensed )
U : good morning beta . Kunj abi tak uta nahi? ( didn’t Kunj wake up ?)
T : (stammering) vo actually nahi (no )
U : accha to chalo mai hi uta leti Hu use ( okay then let me wake him up )
She walks towards the room
Twinkle gets tensed she comes in front of usha
T : maa u cannot get into the room
U : but y ?
T : (stammering) actually kunj na doesn’t want anyone to disturb him
U : but what about his office ?
Twinkle makes usha walk away
T : don’t worry maa, I’ll wake him up
U : okay okay am going
She is leaving when our hero kunj makes an entry from the guest room yawning ( wrong timings 😛 )
Twinkle gets super tensed and thinks
Oh babaji now if maa sees kunj then I am gone today
Babaji please help na
Twinkle shouts maa

Usha turns nd makes her way towards twinkle
U : what happened beta? R u fine
Twinkle hugs usha and enacts crying and signs kunj to hide but kunj doesn’t understand
U : what happened beta? Y r u crying ?
Twinkle faces her and speaks
T : maa vo she makes a facial expression to kunj asking him to leave but bechara kunj didn’t get that again 😀
U : twinkle !!! Where are u lost ?
T : (looking at usha) maa vo muje na leela maa ki bahut yard aa rahi hai( I miss leela maa a lot )
U : oh accha bas itni si baat thi
Tumne to muje dara hi diya tha putter
( oh that’s it . U just scared me a lot at the first )
Twinkle waves her hand to kunj asking him to go and this time kunj succeeds in understanding what she meant and quickly hides behind the pillar and twinkle feels relieved
U : twinkle what are u doing? Whom are u waving ur hand to ? Is there someone behind ?
She turns to find no one
Usha turns to twinkle
U : putter tabiyat to teek hai na tumari? ( twinkle I hope u r fine. Aren’t u well? )
T : yes maa
Kunj mocks at twinkle and she shows her tongue out
U : twinkle what’s wrong with u ? Y r u acting so weird ?
T : no maa vo actually don’t u think it’s too sweaty out here? (She enacts so )
U : twinkle who feels sweaty during winters? ( lol !!!)

Twinkle’s pov :
Oh babaji where am I stuck ? Maa thinks I’ve gone mad
Is Kunj ke bacche ko to mai dek lungi
( I won’t spare kunj this time )
U : twinkle where are u lost ?
T : maa I meant ..
Usha interrupts
U : I guess u didn’t have good sleep last night and u r still sleepy and that is y u r out of ur mind
Go sleep for a little more time
T : okay maa
Usha leaves giggling . Kunj comes out from his hiding place and laughs out hard
T : hahaha very funny Mr sadu sarna.
It’s all because of u
K : oh really yesterday night I suffered a lot and today u did so what’s wrong in that
Babaji u r great . Love u so much
Twinkle takes his hand and rushes to their room and locks it
Maya looks at this and giggles
Maya’s pov
Bhai ki to vaat lagne wali hai . All the best bhai
( Bro is gone today . All the best bro)

@twinj room :
Twinkle pins kunj to the wall
K : twinkle (stammering)
Twinkle comes close to his face
K : what are u planning for ha ?
Twinkle takes his hand and places it on her tummy
K : what ? Pet karab hai kya ? ( is ur tummy nit well )
Twinkle throws a weird look at him
K : accha so u r hungry ?
Even I am a lot
T : kunj!! ( tapping her forehead )Oh babaji I wonder how come smartie like me fell for buddu like him
Kunj makes his famous eye brow up face
T : kunj u r ..aggh I hate u
U can’t even understand such simple thing
K : wow . He takes her hand and places it on his lips
T : kunj !!! She pushes him lightly
K : oh babaji I wonder how I fell for such unromantic lady like her

Twinkle gives him a death glare
T : u na! !
K : I know I am handsome, hot and much more
T : okay on a serious note now
God has blessed me with such an amazing pati who couldn’t even get the point
So I reveal it out myself
Ur responsibilities are going to increase
U are going to be a dad soon
Kunj hugs her and twinkle hugs him back
K : tysm twinkle for this
It’s the most beautiful gift that I could get
He kneels down and kisses hee tummy
K : how are u my baby ? I am ur papa
Twinkle smiles
T : how do u assure that it’s a girl ?
K : I know and I want her to be beautiful like her mamma
Twinkle smiles brightly
Kunj stands up and plants a kiss on Twinkle’s forehead

Twinj get ready and come down holding hands
Maya coughs teasing them
Ma : are waah today’s day is very beautiful. Isn’t it maa ?
U : ya u r right beta
Twinj share a sweet romantic eye lock as they smile at eo

Precap : twinkle reveals that she is pregnant to the others and mahi’s evil plans

I am so sorry . May be u feel this episode boring but I can’t help as my cet is coming up . Hope u liked it and do throw ur precious comments
Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Credit to: Sanam

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