Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 5)

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Recap: sanam recalls her dad meeting leela and cries bitterly

The episode starts with sanam thinking to take revenge from leela
Sanam thinks
Leela, I’ll never spare u … u have destroyed my family and now it’s my turn .,, just wait and watch

At college :
Twinkle thinks about kunj’s words ” it was my duty and smiles, … oh god what’s wrong with me !!! Y am I thinking about that karoos sarna. ..
Twinkle is lost in thoughts and suddenly yuvi scares her by holding her close to him by her waist
T : yuvi u scare me
Y : hey baby what are u thinking
T : no nothing,,, ya do u want something
Y : I need so much from u … u know
Yuvi comes close to twinkle’s ear and whispers I need something which would make my day… For eg an kiss
Twinkle pushes him away
T : yuvi u are at college
Y : so what baby ??? If someone needs to get jealous let them get I don’t care
T : no yuvi it’s only after our marriage
Y : oh god twinkle u r modern but ur thoughts
T : u know na that our mom are unaware about our love ….. If they get to know this from other students it would be bad and then there wd b an big tashan
Y : do u think our mom would accept our relationship? ?? I mean to say …
T : I know ur mom and my mom are enemies but we need to get them close somehow
Y : well I thought we should run away and get married …. then they would have to accept us
T : no this isn’t right …. I can’t leave my mom and run away … We will wait for the right time to tell them the truth
Yuvi thinks Oh god if she doesn’t agree then how will I complete my job ….
Y : well I have arranged an party for sana
T : oh that’s nice … I want to meet her
Y : ya she would be joining college soon
Yuvi gets an call and leaves
Twinkle thinks whether yuvi was right that we should run away and do the marriage
Bhabaji what if my mom doesn’t accept us if I tell her the truth… maybe yuvi was right

Taneja mansion:
Anitha comes to leela and invites her for the party in 5★ restaurant in the evening
A : my daughter insisted me to call u and ur family
L : Ok fine I’ll come (with attitude like that in tei)
A : well plz don’t come for the party in that behenji style like always …., u know this is luthra’s party
Leela leaves
Anitha thinks what’s wrong with sana. … why does she want leela and family to come

At college : cafeteria
Kunj is along with his friends
Twinkle comes there holding yuvi’s hand … kunj tries to ignore it
Yuvi orders for a chocolate milkshake with 2 straws
Kunj feels sad .,, twinkle notices this and asks for a separate milkshake. ..
Y : twinkle baby what’s wrong with u , y r u acting weird T : what did I do
Y : I mean u ordered for an separate milkshake
T : I have told u that we are at college
Waiter gets milkshake
Kunj feels relieved looking at twinkle not sharing milkshake with yuvi
Twinkle looks at him while drinking milkshake
Both share an eye lock …. , mere rubaroo plays

Mahi comes to kunj and both break their eye lock
M: hi kunj
K : hi mahi
M :well I brought something for you. . She shows him the tickets for the art exhibition
M : Tomorrow is Saturday so I thought after class we both could go
K : y not mahi
Twiraj and kuhi leave
After college everyone go home
Y : Ok then meet u tmr baby bye
T : bye
He leaves
Kuhi say bye to each other and leave
Twinkle looks at kunj , even kunj looks at her and twinj tell bye to each other

At the party:
Just wait and watch leela what do I do
Twinkle gets happy to know that they are invited
Leela and family reach there
Yuvi takes the mike …
Y : as u all know my jaan sana has come after long time and this party is kept for her
He greets everyone and asks them to enjoy the party
Sana thinks today will be an memorable day for the tanejas
Sana takes the mike and says thank u so much Bro
this party means a lot to me……well I would to share something with the gathering
I would like to tell u an story on luthras and the tanejas
yes my dear ones…. I had lost my dad due to an accident in foriegn
that is what I was said. ..but….
it’s nothing like that. ..
everyone looks on shocked
A : sana what are you saying
S : yes mom
S : I lost my dad because of the great “Leela taneja”
A : what?
everyone looks on shocked. … even leela is speechless
S : yes u all heard it right …. she took away my dad…, Leela aunty would u like to tell the truth or shall I reveal it out by myself…. Y are u quite aunty
T :(shouts) sana!!!!! …. stop this nonsense right now … how dare u speak about my mom like this
S : oh come on twinkle. … Ok fine u think am wrong right … then y don’t u ask ur mom to speak ….The truth is that she is having an affair with my dad….
everyone looks at leela
twinkle is about to slap but leela stops her
T : maa y did u stop me ? how can she speak ill about you .
L : let it be ….let’s go from here
T : no maa … sana has spoken wrong about u …
L : twinkle I said let’s leave
S : wait a moment … drama is just begun. . how can u leave this soon?… speak up aunty speak up
A voice comes I’ll speak
it’s none other than Aryan
he comes forward….
Ar : I will give u replies for ur unanswered questions. .. u want to know the truth right? so listen
I am alive because of leela
everyone looks shocked
yes u all heard it right
fb is shown Aryan meets with an accident and is admitted to the hospital. ..They find the cell in his pocket and call leela and asks her to make up money for the operation
fb ends…
He says I didn’t come back to my family because of some circumstances
I was mad after money , I thought if I would have left foriegn and come back to India I would lose out all that I have because my family wouldn’t let me go back
leela always tried explaining me but I didn’t understand
money was my life .., today I have all luxuries with me but not an family to care for me
leela made me realise true value of family

sana is shocked after hearing this
episode ends

no precap for this episode

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  2. sanam ,nice epi

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  4. Oh so finally the truth is revealed nd now luthras mind it

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  8. Thanks sanu and komal for commenting keep commenting

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