Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 49)


I am posting another episode today itself so here it goes

Twinkle and kunj are sleeping at the corners facing their back to eo . Kunj wakes up to fetch himself a glass of water
He finds the jar empty and gets frustrated
K : are yr ab pani lene kitchen tak jaana padega ( oh man I have to walk to the kitchen for water )
He takes the jar and makes his way towards the kitchen
He fills the jar 3/4th but stops as he hears some weird noise
K : kon hai? ( who’s it ?)
He again starts filling the jar and finds some mysterious shadow
( that’s revealed to be of some showpiece which kunj isn’t aware of )
Kunj gets scared by now with goosebumps on his body
K : twinkle is that u ?. Haa u think that I will get scared by this . Then u r wrong . U hear me ? U r absolutely wrong
Kunj doesn’t get any response. Wind blows hard and makes a noise. Kunj shouts in fear
K : aaaggghhh mummy !!!!
Kunj realises it was just the wind’s noise
He takes the filled jar and quickens his steps towards the room
The door opens in the same way making some noise as that in the haunted movies
A person is seen standing at the door step
The person’s face isn’t visible as it was dark
Kunj shouts aaaggghhh
Twinkle also joins him
Maya and usha were watching horror movie
Ma : wow kya background music hai ( wow such an amazing background music )
U : haa beta . Ekdam real (sounds real )
Both scream and twinkle stops after sometime but kunj continues
Twinkle switches on the lights
T : tum
Kunj stops screaming

K : tum! !!
T : haa. Tum pagalo ki tarah kyu chilla rahe Ho?
(Y were u screaming as though u have gone mad )
K : accha vo bas tume darane ke liye.
Aur ha pagalo ki tarah tum chilla rahi thi, mai nahi
( ha that was just to scare u and u were the one who was screaming like a mad person and not me )
T : oh accha! !! Haaa now I got to know y u were screaming ?
My husband is such a fattoo
She starts laughing
K :hahaha very funny . I wasn’t scared and by the way u look like a ghost .
T : haawww I look like a ghost? . U need an eye test then
She closes the door at his face and locks it
K : twinkle sun to. . Darwaaza kol ( twinkle listen to me . Open the door )
T : pade raho wahi pe ( enjoy outside )
Twinkle opens the door
K : so finally
T : I forgot something. She takes the jar from his hand
T : good night patidev
She shuts the door and locks it
Kunj makes a feel like killing u face

Maya’s room
Ma : maa I’ll go get popcorn. I’ll be right back
U : teek hai jaa putter (okay go then )
Maya leaves and comes to the stairs
All of sudden her eyes fall on kunj sleeping outside his room with his head against the door
She goes to him and wakes him up by shaking him by his shoulder
Ma : bhai aap yaha pe kyu soye ho ? Aapko to bhabi ke saath andar hona chahiye ( Bro y are u sleeping outside? U should be inside with ur wife )
K : haa vo .. ya I was doing yoga
Ma : what ?
K : haa don’t u know doing yoga is good for ur health
He enacts doing yoga
Ma : that’s fine but at this time ?
K : haa u should practice it early morning
Ma : so ur early morning means 2am?
She starts laughing . Bhai it’s done at 4 or 5 not at 2
K : haa ya fine . Btw what are u doing outside at this time ?
Ma : I came to get some popcorn
K : popcorn?
Ma : ya actually me and maa are watching a horror movie
Kunj thinks : so that was sound was from the TV
Ma : bhai u can join us if u wish ( teasingly)
K : no its okay
Ma : ya fine now go and sleep with my bhabi . Good night bhai
K : ya fine good night
He goes towards the door and holds the handle . He waves bye to Maya
Maya looks at him with confused look and leaves
Kunj feels relieved
K : aaj to baal baal Bach gaye ( thank god I escaped this time )
This is all because of this siyappa queen
Muje apne hi room se bahar kar diya ( he made me get out of my own room )
He goes and hides behind the pillar as he sees Maya climbing up the stairs . Maya doesn’t notice him and gets into her room
Kunj goes and sleeps in some guest room

Precap : as it’s gonna half century for my ff , I’ll try planning for something special

Hope u guys liked it and do throw ur precious comments
Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥♥

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. Firstly sanam ur episode was interesting n advanced congratulations for ur half century…☺☺

  2. Wow lil…ya congrats in advance for your have century….waiting for your next episode..

  3. The episode was funny.. The way Maya says “amazing background” when twinj scream??

  4. Awesome loved it next episode fast

  5. Woww… sanam u r fab… it was really very funny… n actually u r always amazing….

  6. Good epi dear..sorry for not cmntng as I was out of station..luv ur ff

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