Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 48)

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Twinkle goes to kitchen to find usha and maya busy cleaning the kitchen
Ma : bhabi aap yaha. Hogaya sab romance vomance
Usha hits her lightly on her head
U : chup kar maya. Kuch b bolti rahti ho
Twinkle stands there in awkwardness
Maya breaks the silence
Ma : it’s okay bhabi I understand. U go and take rest . Every time u work in the kitchen. So today u can take a leave
U : ya maya is right . Jaa putter. If we need any help we will call u
T : thank u maa and maya

@Twinj room
Kunj is on his couch playing games on his cell phone
Twinkle enters .
She goes to the cupboard takes out her clothes and walks towards the washroom but Kunj stops her by holding her hand and she falls right over him
Both share a romantic eye lock .. saajna ve plays
T : Kunj! !! Tum
Kunj stops her by placing his palm on her mouth
K : shhh . U forgot something
Twinkle eyes at his palm
K : oh sorry
He removes his palm
T : I don’t think so
Kunj runs his hands slowly around her waist and pulls her closer
K : oh so tume bhoolne ki bimari hai
T : ha ha very funny sad sauna
She tries getting up but Kunj tightens his grip
K : my reward
T : for what ?
K : for being house husband
T : u have already got it
Kunj makes a puppy face
K : but that was too less

T: awww (pulling his cheeks)
Kunj moves his hand to his face and twinkle escapes to the washroom leaving Kunj frustrated
Twinkle comes out after having bath . She stands before the mirror and dries her hair
Kunj is mesmerised seeing her and keeps staring at her . Twinkle sees him staring at her through the mirror and smiles and Kunj ignores and continues playing games
Twinkle smiles . She comes to him and sits next to him but he ignores
Twinkle makes him face her but he looks away
She gets an idea

She goes forward and sings mere saiyya super star and dances on it
She tries convincing Kunj as she sings by giving a peck on his cheeks but he rubs it off
She offers him a heart shaped balloon but he blasts it
She pulls his hand and makes him dance with her but he walks away
She sits on the bed nd thinks what to do now ?
She goes to him and shows him the cone ice cream
He is about to throw it but stops as he loves them

He opens it up and enjoys it
He stares at her for a while making his eyes narrow and then looks away and continues to enjoy the cone
T : hawwww how mean sadu sarna.
She looks away with folded hands
Kunj looks at her looking away and gives a peck on her cheeks and this time she rubs it off
He offers her the ice cream
Twinkle stares at it from the corner of her eye and takes a quick bite and looks away again
After a while she looks at Kunj and twinj laugh
Kunj takes a bite again and offers it to twinkle
Twinkle heads to eat it but Kunj again has a bite and winks at her
Twinkle makes a frustrated look and Kunj again offers her
Twinkle takes his hand to her mouth and takes a bite of the cone and as she does so she intentionally bites his hand

He withdraws his hand immediately and twinkle takes the cone and continues enjoying it
Kunj gives her a death glare and twinkle shows her tongue to him
Kunj takes it from her hand and empties up the whole ice cream and shows his tongue out to her
Twinkle gives him a frustrated look

Precap : upto my brains

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