Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 45)


I am sooooo sorry guys for the late update as I was very busy
And thank u guys for ur support
Luv u all loads ♥♥♥♥

@twinj room
Twinkle is busy designing some clothes
kunj comes to her and hugs her from behind , his head resting on her shoulder
T : kunj stop it , y didn’t u go to ur office?
K : siyappa queen !!! I am the boss
So I can take leave whenever I wish
Aur waise b agar biwi itni sundar ho to office jaane ka man kiska karega? ( and however when wife is so beautiful who will feel like leaving for office )

Kunj smiles naughtily
Twinkle pushes him away
T : tum aajkal kuch zyada hi pareshan nahi kar rahe Ho muje?
tum already tayyar ho ( don’t u think now a days u irritate me just too much ? However u r already ready )
So all that u have got to do is (pushing him a Lil) GO !!
Kunj removes his coat and throws it on bed , he starts walking towards twinkle
He unites his tie and throws it
T : Kunj leave from here
Kunj pulls her close by her waist
Her hands rest on his chest

T : Kunj leave me , I’ve got to do a lot of work and even u r getting late
Kunj plants a kiss on her forehead
K : twinkle u forgot something
T : wt?
He kisses her on both her cheeks
K : u can’t forget it
T : Kunj plz, u r getting late

He kisses her neck passionately and twinkle clutches his shirt
T : kkkkunj
Kunj smiles and leaves her

K : siyappa queen it’s Sunday! !!!!!
T : couldn’t u tell that before
Kadoos sarna! !!!
Uff ya it’s Sunday , lucky u
K : thank god .. u will never understand how much difficult it is to work in office
T : oh is it ? I don’t think so Kadoos sarna
U all enjoy there in office working in ac rooms
U can never understand how difficult it is being housewife
K : oh not more than my office work
After all I am best artist in the whole of London

T : tututututu so let me remind u Kunj sarna that I am the best fashion designer in the whole of London
K : whatever, but household chores are much easier
T : so I have an idea , y don’t u try it out ? I will handle ur office job and u become househusband ?
So deal ?
K : fine deal but before that

Pulling her closer to him by her waist
U need to energise me
Don’t u think shubh aaramb se pehle kuch meeta hona chaahiye
( don’t u think everyone good start must be done by having some sweets )
He winks at her
T : mein kuch samji nahi Mr sadu sarna ( I didn’t get u Mr sadu sarna)
K : accha it’s okay I’ll explain
He moves close to her face with his eyes closed

Twinkle smiles and places her palm on his mouth
Kunj opens his eyes and makes a puppy face
Twinkle frees her palm and pulls his cheeks
T : aww u r so cute Mr sadu
Kunj leaves her and rubs his cheeks and twinkle moves back and laughs
K : agh don’t do that
T : what?
K : pulling my cheeks
Twinkle goes to him and pulls his cheeks again and laughs
K : siyappa queen! !!!!
T : lo ho gaya shubh aaramb se pehle kuch meeta ( now I guess u have got ur sweets before ur good start)

So now u may leave house husband
Kunj moves towards her and twinkle walks backwards till her back touches the wall and kunj blocks her by placing one hand on the wall and other on her waist
K : vo shubh aaramb ki mitayi nahi balki pitayi thi ( it wasn’t any sweet before my good start but heat before my good start)
Now where will u escape ha siyappa queen ?
T : accha baba fine u win
But u have to close ur eyes
Kunj does and twinkle smiles

She goes close to his ears and screams
Kunj moves back and closes his ears
T : maza aagaya bacchu? ( enjoyed ha?)

She runs away and reaches to the door
She turns back to face him and passes flying kiss but kunj enacts like smashing it
Twinkle goes and stands before him but kunj looks in opposite direction
Twinkle makes him face her and gives a quick peck on his lips and runs away
Kunj smiles and thinks love u so much siyappa queen

Twinkle is outside the room waiting for kunj to come out
T : jaanu, agar tum tayyar ho gaye ho to kya mein andar aa sakti hu?
Mere saare files andar hai ( darling, if u r ready then may I come in ?
All my files are inside the room)

K : abhi nahi , 5 min more (not yet)
T : muje to laga tha ki ladkiyan zyada der lagate hai tayyar hone ke liye
Aaj jaake pata chala ki ladke kuch kum todi na hai?
( I always thought that girls take more time in getting ready but now I realised that boys are never less)
Kunj comes out finally and twinkle looks on with mouth wide opened
He is wearing black banian and blue lungi
He has one white cloth on his shoulder
He is wearing sports shoes and cool glasses
So u can imagine that

Precap : u all know it 😛

Hope u all liked it and do throw ur precious comments

Credit to: Sanam

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