Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 43)

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Twinkle wakes up and smiles finding herself in kunj’s arms
He is still sleeping
Twinkle tries to free herself but kunj tightens his grip and Twinkle gets pulled close to him and she accidentally plants a kiss on his lips
Kunj wakes up by her touch , their lips still touching
Twinkle moves away at once and looks into the opposite direction
Kunj looks around to find everyone giggling
Twinj feel embarrassed
K : Twinkle.. vo umm. .galti se
T : it’s okay kunj ,I know u weren’t purposeful
Twinj feel the most happiest in the world but don’t express it
Flight lands
Twinkle tries to take out her luggage
A steward comes to her and helps her and accident their hands meet
Kunj sees this and gets angry
Twinkle realises and quickly backs off
Twinj come out of the flight and Twinkle runs behind kunj
T : kunj plz listen to me
That happened by accident
He was just helping me out , nothing else
K : ya I know I saw it too .. u and him …. keep going
He walks away
T : oh babaji now how will I convince kunj !!!
Kunj is walking towards the main gate but is interrupted by his fans
Twinkle comes there and sees him with girls . Kunj sees her and he holds them close to him on either sides
Twinkle feels extremely jealous
She goes to them and drags kunj from there
T : what were u doing ha?
K : and what about u nd that steward?
T : kunj I am sorry but that happened by accident
K : even I pulled those girls close to me by accident
He leaves
Chehi come to Twinkle
C : Twinkle bhabi don’t worry
Everything will get fine soon
Kunj abi thode gusse mein hai
But soon he will realise and he will come to u to say sorry
Twinkle gives an fake smile nd mahi smirks at her
Chehi leave
T : kunj sarna , let me see for how long will u be angry on me
Just wait and watch what do I do
She smirks

Twinj and Chehi come to the taxi stand and hire one
Kunj sits in front and Twinkle feels sad but settles down and sit behind with Chehi
Cherry is busy speaking and Twinkle looks at kunj through the viewing mirror
Kunj also looks at her but breaks the eye contact and looks at the outside view
They reach home

@sarna mansion
Maya , Usha greet them in
Ma : u all might have enjoyed so much that u totally forgot us ha?
Ek call tak nahi , kyu bhaiyya
Mein teek keh rahi Hu na?
U : Maya chup kar
Tum log andar jaake aaraam karlo
Twinj and Chehi leave to their rooms

@twinj room
Twinkle goes to the washroom and comes out wearing a short black night dress till her thighs
Kunj is working on his laptop sitting on the bed
Kunj is mesmerised seeing her but looks away recalling the incident
Twinkle comes to him
Twinkle comes to him nd sits beside him and cups his face but kunj ignores her
T : accha baba sorry (holding her ears ) ab to maaf kar do (cupping his face again )
K : but y r u telling me sorry when u say it’s not ur fault
U .. Twinkle stops him by placing her finger on his lips
T : sshhhh how much will u speak kadoos sarna ?
She takes the laptop and places it on the table
She closes His eyes by placing her palm on it and wraps her other hand around his neck
K : Twinkle y did u blindfold me ?
What r u ..
He is stopped as Twinkle plants her soft lips against his and she gently release her hand from his eyes
Kunj feels her lips and deepens the kiss and pulls her close by her waist
They break the kiss feeling hard to breathe
K : am so sorry Twinkle
I kind of overreacted
T : just forget that kunj ,Jo hua so hua
And I’ll make a promise to u
I was urs, am urs and will remain urs forever
Kunj hugs her tightly and she too reciprocates
K : thank u so much for coming into my life
U r the most precious thing of mine
He breaks the hug and plants a kiss on her forehead after cupping her face
K : I love u Twinkle
T : I love u too kunj
Kunj makes her lay on bed and gets on top of her and both get intimate

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