Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 40 )


Sry guys 4 d late update a and thank u soooooo much for ur support
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Twinj r busy sleeping and all of an sudden kunj feels an kick and falls down from the bed
Kunj looks up to his bed in fear thinking that it’s an ghost but finds twinkle sleeping peacefully
K : this siyappa queen reminded me of my naani
And look at the way she is sleeping
Woow this is called as my siyappa queen!!!!!
Naajaane kis kiska gussa mujpe nikaal rahi hai ( wonder whose anger is she taking on me )

The alarm rings and kunj gets disturb
He wakes up and goes to twinkle
K : ut jaa twinkle … meri neend karaab karke kitni shaanti se so rahi hai ( she spoiled my sleep and now she is sleeping so lavishly)
Padi raho
He shuts the alarm in her cell and goes to sleep on the floor
Again after 10 min the alarm starts ringing
Twinkle gets disturbed and tries to turn it off
as she fails to do so she throws the alarm clock backwards and sleeps
The alarm clock hits kunj’s head and he shouts
K : ouch !!!!

He gets up at once and sees twinkle sleeping peacefully
Oye kumbkaran ki maa meri neend ko karaab karne mein kyu thuli hui Ho ( oh kumbkaran’s mum y r u after my sleep)
Meri to kismat hi karaab hai ( my luck isn’t favoring me today)
He goes to sleep but hears an scream
Twinj get up at once
K : oh god siyappa queen!!!! Who keeps such sort of scary alarms
An Heart patient would have died out of an attack
T : I didn’t keep alarm idk about this

Btw wt r u doing on the floor?
Didn’t u sleep on the bed ?
K : actually I didn’t have mood to sleep on the bed (in an funny tone )
T : oh I see
K : (frustrated) oh I see (does her mimicry )
It’s because of u . .u practice all sorts of gymnastics in sleep
u kick me down
T : don’t lie I never do that

K : oh really !! I should taken an video of urs
It’s K I will surely do it the next time
They are about to sleep when they hear the scream again
It’s coming from chehi’s room
Twinj look at each other in surprise and leave from there
They both leave hurriedly
@chehi’s room
Twinj : cherry bhaiyya wt happened?
Cherry hugs kunj tightly
C : (stammering) b b bb booth
Twinj : wt r u saying ?
Cherry points towards the room
They get into the room
Kunj and cherry scream and twinkle looks on shocked
Cherry shouts mummy and jumps over kunj and hugs him tight with his legs wrapped around kunj’s waist
Mahi comes towards them

They all run away and lock the room from outside
C : these people never made a mention of the resort being haunted
Oh god I spent an night with a ghost !!!!
Mahi’s pov
Wt the hell is wrong with these ppl?
Y did they call me an booth
She goes to the mirror

M : aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh! !!!!!!
They listen to the voice and kunj and cherry get frightened and get unconscious but twinkle holds them in arms with both on either sides
Room service person helps her
They get into the room and make both lie on the bed
Mahi is fallen unconscious and twinkle makes her lie on the bed too
Twinkle sprinkles water on their faces and they gain consciousness
C, K n M : wt happened to me ?
(Holding their heads )
Cherry kunj and Mahi look at each other and cherry and kunj starts screaming and even Mahi screams and they get unconscious and fall on bed again
Twinkle taps her forehead

Precap : last day of honeymoon and other lots of fun

Sry for an short episode but can’t help until am done with my exams
Forgive me If any grammatical errors found and plzzzzz do throw ur comments

Credit to: Sanam

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