Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 39 )


God my exams would have got over today if there weren’t any re exams due to leaking. .dammit… well thank u guys for u r supply
Love u all to the heavens

Twinj come back to their room after having their dinner
Kunj goes to have bath
Twinkle goes to the mirror and sees her face looks dull
She opens the drawer to take the cream
She gets an call and goes to attend it
Some lady comes into their room
Oh wow !!!

she goes to the dressing table and exclaims
This cream looks very expensive !!!! I will so pretty if I apply it
Let me take it before anyone comes
She leaves
Twinkle comes in and goes to the dressing table
T :where is my cream ?
Kunj comes out in towel after his bath
K : wt happened?
T : Kunj my cream
She looks at Kunj
T : Kunj y have u come out like this !!! Couldn’t u wear clothes inside the washroom?
Kunj comes closer to her and pins her to the wall
K : siyappa queen zyada bhak bhak mat kar
T : accha I do bhak bhak .? U know wt Kunj tum..
Kunj places his finger on her north
They both stare each other … mere rubaru plays
He leans close to her face and is about to kiss her but is interrupted by an knock at the door
Twinkle goes to open the door
kunj goes to washroom to wear clothes
Room service: ma’m pizza
T : I guess u r mistaken. . We didn’t order for it
Kunj shouts I did

Room service person smiles and twinkle makes an frustrated face and takes it
T :thank u so much
She closes the door
Kunj comes out and takes the pizza from her hand
T : y did u order for it ? We just had our dinner right ?
K : ya but am not full
Kunj switches on the TV and puts an horror movie
T :Kunj not an horror movie
K : tututututu siyappa queen is scared of ghosts
Mujhe to laga ta ki booth tume dek kar Dar jaayenge
T : shut up Kunj apna dimag zyada mat chalao
And don’t u forget I am miss amritsar
And mai bhooto se darti nahi hu
K : oh accha let’s see
Both are engaged in watching movie and having pizza
All of sudden as ghost’s entry is shown Kunj gets scared and shouts
K :mummy! !!

He hugs twinkle tightly and twinkle starts laughing
T : look who was saying me an fattoo
K : ha ya I know u were scared and ie y I hug u to calm u down ….I wasn’t scared
Twinkle makes her one eyebrow up
K : let us do 1 thing
Since u r so much scared of horror movies and I can’t keep consoling u all the time we will watch match
Ya that’s better
Twinkle takes the remote from his hand
T : u r such an fattoo kadoos sarna
It’s ok. .This movie isn’t scary however so let’s watch some serials
Kunj grabs the remote from her hand
K : no match
Twinkle grabs it from him
T : no serial
Both keep fighting for the remote
T : stop it Kunj .. forget will do one thing
We will play stone paper and scissors
Whoever wins will put on their channel .. deal?
K : ok fine
They both play
Twinj : stone paper and scissors
T : wohhoooo I win Mr kadoos sarna
She grabs the remote from his hand and tries changing channel but it doesn’t
Kunj smirks and shows her the batteries
T : Kunj give it to me
Kunj runs

K : no ways siyappa queen
Twinkle runs behind him and while trying to grab it they both fall on bed with Kunj over twinkle
They both share an eye lock ..mere rubaru plays

On the other hand the same lady thief goes to mahi’s room
She goes to her cupboard and takes out all precious items
She hears the foot steps and gets scared
She sets everything right and is about to leave but the cream which she earlier took from twinkles room falls down making an noise
Mahi gets suspicious and quickens her steps
thief having no alternative puts the cream in her drawer and leaves
Mahi enters and finds everything fine
She goes to her drawer and applies the cream

Precap : not yet decided

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Sorry if any grammatical errors found

Credit to: Sanam

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  1. Wow awsm episode. Loved it

  2. Wow nice epi

  3. Woooowwww sanam…the horror movie wala part was just too good yaar….I m mesmerized by ur ff…. Luv u and ur ff loads…keep going dear

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    Me too planned fr hangover parties today bt nw i am doing nightout fr chemistry…gud luck fr xm

  6. Amaziiiinggg Sanam… Horror movie part was awsum …loved it… Mahi ke saath to comedy ho gyi… Lol… 😉 🙂

  7. Nice sanam…luved d scene of movie..

  8. Lol kunj places finger on her mouth
    Dammit my dictionary

  9. Wow sanam I liked your ff sooooo much especially the part when kunj shouts mummy

  10. Its amazing sanam!! Waiting for revelation of thief!!!

  11. Excellent. But a or an ki bohat galti hai. Hahahaha… Actually my grammar is excellent… But not too accurate. Hehe.. nice & Amazing episode

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