Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 37 )


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Twinj and chehi walk towards the counter
An man collides with kunj and the tickets fall down
The man picks up his tickets and lends kunj theirs and leaves saying an sorry
Twinj and chehi go to their respective counters
Gaurd checks twinj’s tickets
G : excuse me sir u are at the wrong counter
K : What? Isn’t this the one for the passengers to Los Angeles?
G :ya this is but that one’s your counter sir
Pointing towards chehi
Kunj gets surprised and checks the tickets and finds it to be the tickets to shimla
G : sir Could u plz move to an side , the others are waiting
Twinj go to chehi
Kunj tells chehi everything and mahi smirks at twinkle
K : I guess the man exchanged the tickets by mistake
T : now what are we gonna do?
K : u both go , I’ll arrange for new tickets
Twinkle stops him
T :it’s K kunj. . Let’s go to shimla
K : but
T :kunj we are going to return to India after so long
Let’s not miss this chance
Kunj nods in agreement
Twinkle thinks
I was right , this was all mahi’s plan

twinj and chehi get into the flight
Twinj’s seat is together and chehi’s seat is behind
Twinkle sits on the window seat and enjoys the outside view
The flight takes off
Both fall asleep and after an while twinkle wakes up and orders for an juice and Sandwich
Kunj is still sleeping
She thinks something and smirks
She removes her eyeliner and draws something on his face
After an while kunj wakes up and heads towards the washroom
Everyone give him an broad smile and laugh silently
Kunj wonders what’s going on
Kunj goes to the washroom and stands before the mirror to wash his face
He Is Shocked To See his face
Twinkle had drawn an mustache and beard on his face
Kunj washes his face and heads to his seat
Twinkle enacts sleeping
Kunj thinks
Now my turn siyappa queen
He orders for an can juice and shakes it well and and points it towards twinkle and opens it
The juice comes out with full force and falls on twinkle’s face
Twinkle gets up at once
T : what the hell! !!!
Everyone look at twinkle and start laughing
Kunj smirks at her
Twinkle asks for an tissue and the air hostess gets it
She laughs silently looking at twinkle
T : What are u for now ? U may leave
Air hostess is about to leave but kunj stops her and starts flirting with his sweet talks
Twinkle feels jealous and in an anger stamps kunj’s leg hard
Kunj shouts in pain
K : ouch !!!
Twinj look at each other making an angry face and then look in opposite direction
Flight lands
Twinkle heads to leave but is stopped by kunj
K : oh madam who will help me in getting the luggage
Twinkle throws an fake smile at him
T : y don’t u ask ur sweet air hostess to help u out
Twinkle leaves
K : twinkle !!!!

Twinj and chehi come out of the airport and leave to the resort

T : wow this is beautiful! !!
Attender shows them their rooms
@twinj room
Twinkle unzips her suitcase and fills the cupboard with her clothes
Kunj opens the cupboard and is shocked to see it filled with her clothes
K : siyappa queen where will I keep mine?
T : let it remain inside the suitcase or u also have the drawers and shoe stand to keep yours
Kunj gives her an fake smile
K : very funny ha siyappa queen !!! I feel u have come to stay here permanently
T : u guys can never understand girls

She goes to the washroom to change

Precap : twinj cute moments. . Snow fight .. mahi’s plans

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Credit to: Sanam

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