Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 36 )


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Twinkle and kunj lie on the bed with twinkle over kunj and the feathers falling over them
Maya comes to the room and sees them in that state and teases with by her cough
Twinj compose themselves
M: sry 4 disturbing hmm actually do door was open and ie y
Well it’s kind u both continue I’ll come later on
Twinj: no
They both say no at the same time and maya smiles

Well here are u r honeymoon tickets
Twinkle takes it in excitement and sees the tickets
T: wow very r going to Los Angeles! !!!!!
Wow am so excited
In an excitement she hugs kunj tight
Maya smiles and leaves
Kunj hugs her back .. tu mohabbat hai from tere naal love Ho gaya plays
Twinj breaks d hug and twinkle kisses the tickets
Kunj smiles looking at her
K : so
T: wt?
Kunj gives an broad smile and shows her his burnt shirt
Twinkle holds her ears and makes an childish face

K: usse kaam nahi chalega meri pyari siyappa queen
Kunj pulls her close by her waist and leans forward for an kiss
Twinkle closes her eyes and clutches his shirt
As their lips r about to meet when they hear some noise
Twinj get to their senses and twinkle moves out to find vase fallen down
Kunj comes to her and sees the broken vase
T : kunj I guess sm1 is having an eye over us
K : twinkle it might have fallen accidentally
Y wd sm1 look over us
Twinkle nods in agreement and leaves inside and locks door
Mahi comes out from her hiding place
Ma: I will never let u both enjoy u r honeymoon
She feels an hand on her shoulder and turns back to find cherry
C : wt r u doing here ?
Ma : nothing bus simply
C : actually I wanted to ask u something
Ma : ya tell wt ?

C :I know v got married under wrong circumstances and v don’t know each other well since its just been an while
So I thought to spend some time together
We’ll get to know each other better
Ma: matlab ?
C : I mean to say we’ll go for out somewhere like twinj r
Ma thank u so much
she hugs him and smirks
Cherry hugs her back and smiles
Ma : so wt abt shimla? I love that place and it’s so awesome to return to India after long
C : ya sure I’ll book tickets
He leaves
Ma : now it’s gonna b a lot of fun

Twinj pack stuffs and then kunj leaves for his meeting

Everyone gather at the dining 4 their dinner
U : twinkle putter packing sab hogaya
T :g maa. . Sab set hai ,ab to bas kal ka intezar hai
Ma :maa even I and cherry r going for an outing to shimla
Twinj and everyone r shocked

M :wt ?
Ma : yes
Twinkle gets angry and leaves after having her food

@twinj room
kunj comes in and sees twinkle eating chocolate to set her mood right
T : so u came (angry tone)
K :now wt ?
T : do u have sm prob regarding u r ears
Kunj comes to twinkle
K :let go of it
T : how ? Mahi won’t let us stay in peace
kunj cups her face
K : nothing like that Is gonna happen
I am with u na
Twinkle ignores and continues having her chocolate
Kunj comes close to her face

More close
Twinkle moves aback until she is blocked by the wall
Kunj pins her and comes very close to her face
She close her eyes
Kunj eats the chocolate from her hand and leaves
Funny tone plays
Twinkle opens her eyes and gives an death glare and goes to the bed and covers her in blanket and sleeps at one corner
Kunj also comes to the bed and lies down
Both facing their back to each other
Kunj covers the blanket over him but twinkle pulls the whole blanket towards her and sleeps
Kunj makes an frustrated face and sleeps

In the morning both get ready to leave
They take everyone’s blessings
Mahi and cherry also come down
Mahi smirks at twinkle and she ignores it
They all leave to the airport

Kunj and cherry go to get their passes
Mahi comes to twinkle
Ma :hi Di
Twinkle ignores
Ma : tututu feeling so pity 4 u di
Twinkle is about to say something but cherry and kunj return to them
They leave
They get in
Kunj asks twinkle to go and wait he wd cm in 5 mins
Kunj goes to buy chocolates and some girls cm to him
Girls : he is d well known artist recently awarded as the best artist in the whole of London
The girls get engaged in taking selfies and twinkle gives an death glare to kunj and leaves angrily
He leaves from there and follows twinkle
The same act occurs with twinkle and she purposely keeps chit chatting with her fans
Kunj gets jealous seeing her with boys
Twinkle bids an bye to them and comes to kunj
T : so Chale
Kunj nods in frustration
Twinkle smiles

Precap : twinj sweet nhok jhok and sight seeing

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Credit to: Sanam

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  1. Guys need ur suggestion
    Do u want chehi n twinj to go to same place for d honeymoon ie shimla or Los Angeles! !!
    Actually I’ve planned to introduce an twist if there is an change in plan n they both land up in d same place

  2. Awsm episode.Love it??

    1. Tysm anushka

  3. wow….wonderful …fabulous….mind blowing….sweet…cute,….episode…just loved it..♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Missed u so much
      N missing ur ff too

      1. Tysm gopu

  4. Awesome episode…..plz upload the next episode fast Sanam

    1. Tysm lama

  5. Nooo plz don’t send them on same places……so that we can see twinj romance

  6. It’s fabulous yrr, keep going…

    1. Tysm sanu

  7. wow sweet episode luv it

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  8. Gopika how u have set image of kunj on ur icon plse tell me yrr i am trying but it is not happening dear…

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  10. M so sry sanam 4 not being able to cmnt on d last epi as i was busy…but u r just awsum yaar..claps…

    1. Plz don’t tell sry n Tysm prapti
      Eagerly waiting for ur ff

  11. Amazing….. Waiting for next episode…. But yar I didn’t understand ki why is twinkle frustrated as twinj r going to LA & chehi r going to Shimla…….

    1. Actually she doesn’t trust mahi
      And in d upcoming episode chehi n twinj will land up in different same place as per as mahi’s plan

      1. I press d n my dictionary changed it to diff

      2. Well Tysm yukku

  12. its awesome sanam n plz dont send them to same place….add some romance to their trip n later when they return they can mess wid mahi..plz plz plz

    1. Tysm loveleen n ya I’ll add twinj cute scenes

  13. Osm yaar plz cont soon…

    1. Tysm zikra

  14. Muskan{News reporter}

    Awesome keep writing in same way….

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  15. awesomeeee sanam…luved it to the core

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  16. No plzz keep dat Mahi away from twinj

    1. Mahi’s plans r gonna fail
      So relax aarti
      Well tysm

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