Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 35 )


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Twinkle runs to her room
Kunj follows her ..She comes and falls on the bed and cries bitterly
Kunj comes to her and caresses her head
She hugs him tightly and he too hugs her back
T : y does this happen to me kunj ? Now wn everything was going to set right Y has she cme back
K : i can understand ur pain
He makes her face him and cups her face
K : u can’t give up this soon u cannot
I am always with u .. We will fight against her evil plans
Twinkle looks at him lovingly
He clears off her tears and kisses her on her forehead
Agar tum saath ho plays
Mahi looks at them and thinks
Ma : am not gonna let u both stay in peace
She smirks at them and leaves
Kunj gets twinkle down while mahi , cherry and usha have their breakfast
Mahi smiles at twinkle as she comes down
Twinkle sits on her seat and kunj sits next to her
Maya comes and sits next to kunj
C : Bro pass me the chutney
Kunj takes the bowl to pass and mahi intention holds his hand and takes it from him
Ma : I’ll pass
Twinkle gets angry at it and hurts herself with the knife as she accidentally cuts her finger while slicing her bread
It starts bleeding and she kunj sucks the blood
Twinkle looks at him lovingly …
Banjara from ek villian plays
Mahi looks at them in anger
U : twinkle bets b careful. .
T : yes maa
Kunj leaves her finger
Maya smiles looking at twinj as they keep staring each other
Cherry coughs to tease them
Twinj come to their senses
Mahi leaves angrily
C : now wt happened to her ?
M : 4get na bhaiyya. Well so my dear bhaiyya and bhabi v have planned an surprise honeymoon trip 4 u both
C : oh wow congrats Bro
Twinj blushes
Mahi comes to her room and burns twinkle’s pic
Ma : I will separate twinj at any cost
Kunj has to b mine

@twinj room
Kunj is preparing an presentation on his laptop
K : twinkle
T : ya
K : hmm wo actually
T : wt ?
K : plz don’t pack sprees and salvars now
T : wt ?
K : hmm aa ya all I mean to say is that v r going 4 an honeymoon r8 so ya ie y
Twinkle folds her hands and makes an weird face at him
K : i mean to say is that u look good in modern dresses
T : oh really! !! I don’t feel ur intentions r8
Twinkle was ironing his shirt during the conversation and realises that she had burnt his shirt
Twinkle thinks
Oh god this kunj will kill me if he gets to know
K : 4gt give me my shirt got to go
Twinkle comes to him with another shirt which was already ironed
T : wear this
K : this 1 ? But I asked u to iron Sm other shirt
T : ya but this looks good on u
So wear this na ..
K : (famous one eyebrow up style ) Is everything 5ne with u ?
T : ya ya y ?
K : cse u initially told me Sm other shirt looks good on me and u took that for an press
T : ya but now am telling u na
This 1 looks good
K : Sm thing is very fishy
T : no no I didn’t burn ur shirt srsly
Twinkle realises wt she just said
Twinkle thinks
Y d hell did I tell him that I didn’t burn it now he will doubt more on me .. oh babaji wt to do now
K : no ways !!
He hurries to the iron stand and sees his shirt burned
Kunj gives her an death glare
T : that happened by mistake
She tries to run out of the room but kunj locks the door
Twinkle runs around and kunj tries chasing her
Twinkle gets over kunj and uses the pillow for the defence
Kunj grabs the pillow
Both pull it from either side and the pillow tears and both fall on the bed with kunj over twinkle and feathers falling over them .. tujko jo paaya plays
Twinj share an romantic eye lock

Precap : twinj honeymoon and mahi’s evil plans

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Credit to: Sanam

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