Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 34 )


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Morning time
Birds chirping , cool breeze flowing and curtains dancing along
The sun rays make their way through the room and fall on twinj’s faces
Twinkle wakes up and blushes seeing her in his arms
She caresses his hair and kisses him on his forehead
Kunj wakes up by the gentle touch of her soft lips
T : Gm kadoos sarna
K : Gm siyappa queen
He kisses her softly on her cheeks
Both smile at each other
Twinkle gets up to leave but kunj holds her hand and pulls her towards him and she falls right over him
K : where r u going ha?
T : got to go Kunj .. leave me
Kunj gives an naughty smile
K :not that easy
His hands move to her waist and he leans forward to kiss her in her lips but stop as they hear an knock at their door
Twinkle escapes from his hold and goes to the washroom to change
M : if u all r dne with ur romance then cm down to have d breakfast
She leaves smiling
Twinkle comes out wearing an beautifull blue salvar with floral embroidery
She looks so damm beautiful
She stands b4 d mirror to set her hair right
Kunj comes to her from behind and hugs her
K : u look sooo beautiful siyappa queen
Twinkle looks at his reflection on the mirror and smiles at him
He makes her wear her earrings and kisses them softly
He moves her hair to her one shoulder and makes her wear her beautiful pearl chain and kisses her neck
Twinkle turns to him and smiles
Twinkle wraps her hand around his neck as he holds her by her waist
T : so Mr karoos sarna if u r done with ur romance go get ready fast and come down for the breakfast
K : ya but b4 that u have to refresh me with ur .. hmm (giving an naughty smile)
Twinkle pushes him away and runs out
Kunj smiles at her as she leaves

Kunj gets ready and comes down to have his breakfast
Twinkle comes to him and serves him
They hear the door bell and usha goes and opens the door and is shocked to find sm1 with his luggage
An guy is seen wearing an white shirt and black jacket and black jeans .. He is none other than cherry
He is kunj’s cousin
He takes usha’s blessings
Kunj is happy to see him and hugs him
K : hi Bro u know how much had i missed u ?
He hugs him back
C : me too
(Here cherry isn’t playing an negative role )
Twinkle smiles looking at them
Kunj introduces twinkle to cherry
C : oh wow Bro u r very lucky ha
Both laugh
C: but u know that M never less lucky than u
Twinj and usha looks at him in surprise
He goes and offers his hand to someone and gets her in
She is none other than mahi
Twinj and usha r shocked to see her
C : so meet my wife Mrs mahi cherry sarna
Mahi smirks at twinkle
Mahi comes to twinkle and hugs her
Ma : di I missed u so much
Twinkle doesn’t hug her back
Maya comes down and is shocked to see mahi
M : u ?
C : hey so u all know her from b4
Ma : yes darling cherry they know me very well isn’t it di
K : cherry Wts all this .. u and mahi
C : relax Bro I thought of informing u all abt my marriage but it all happened in an wrong situation
Fb is shown
Cherry sees Sm guys misbehaving with mahi
Cherry comes and hits them badly and they all leave
Mahi cries bitterly
Ma : thank u so much
But now it’s just too late ..I have no respect now
No 1 will ever accept me ..where am I to go
C : plz Don’t tell that ,. Everything is fine
Don’t worry plz don’t cry ,,, I’ll marry u
Mahi hugs him and smirks
Fb ends
Cherry holds her hand and gets her in
They leave to their room leaving the others tensed

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. that’s kunj leans forward to kiss her on her lips and not In

  2. twinj scenes were too cute..but cd u plz kick dis mahi out…

    1. tysm prapti … mahi wd b kicked out soon dont worry

  3. it was too good…sanam …

    1. thanks a lot loveleen .. m glad to know that u like it

  4. Awesome episode dear

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  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Good one

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  6. ha ha ha nice epi and keep going sanam i luv to see cherry in positive character and i am very impressed with him on day of manohar’s heart attack day in the serial

    1. thank u sooo much sudha

  7. To good Sanam I enjoy tdy epi so mch I hope you will post the next soon love you and all the best

    1. tysm salma love u too

  8. Gud one sanam

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    superb sanam re

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