Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 33)


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Twinj take everyone’s blessings
Twinj come out of the church
Twinkle turns towards the church and tosses her beautiful bouquet backwards and maya holds it
Twinkle turns and smiles at maya
T : so u r next ha?
Maya blushes
M : may b … she blushes looking at uv
Even uv smiles at maya

T : oh so uv got his dream girl and maya her dream boy
Both smile looking at each other

So now as u all know it’s time for twinkle to go
She runs to leela and cries badly and hugs her tightly
Leela hugs her back and pats her back and consoles her
Kunj comes to them
K : today I’ll make an promise to u aunty that I’ll always stand by twinkle and will love her more than myself
Leela gets happy to hear this
Kunj wipes off twinkle’s tears with her hands
Twinkle looks at him lovingly
Twinkle goes and hugs uv and bids an bye to everyone and leaves in car

@sarna’s mansion :
The mansion is been beautifully decorated
Twinkle looks at the house and smiles
M : so finally I got my bhabi

T : u know what maya. . M really lucky to have an sister
Ops no sister in law like u
M : kunj wd have died just now if u called me as ur sis!!!
Hai na bhaiyya?
Twinj and maya smile

Twinj r at the doorstep
All the rituals r done and now it’s time for twinkle to get into her new house
Twinkle was about to step in but kunj stops her
K : not this way
He lifts her up in his arms and takes her to their room

@twinj room
Twinkle gets down and rotates happily to see their room beautifully decorated
Kunj comes to her holds her by her waist and makes her to face him
He tightens his grip and gets her more close
Twinkle puts her hand around his neck
He comes close to her ear and whispers
K : u r an angle sent to me from above
Twinkle blushes on hearing this
He kisses her on her forehead
Twinkle closes her eyes and clutches his suit tightly
He feels her face with his lips

He kisses her on her cheeks and then finally their lips meet
He kisses her softly on her lips and then deepens it
They both break the kiss
Both open up their eyes and smile at each other
He lifts twinkle and places her both legs on his and they have an romantic couple dance on pehli nazar
He lifts her up and rotates her in Joy
He slowly gets her down and share an eye lock
He lifts her in his arms and moves towards the bed
He places her gently on the bed
He gets over her she moves close towards her face
Twinkle closes her eyes and he kisses it
His eyes fall on her lips
He kisses it softly and then it deepens
They both cross their fingers with each others and hug each other and sleep peacefully in each others arms

Precap : an new twist awakens

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  1. M extremely sry 4 the error
    kunj wd obviously wipe twinkle’s tears with his hands and not hers

    1. nice eepi sanam and finally today i success fully read all ur epis so giving my comment btw i really loved ur ff

  2. Todays was the mindblowing episode of ur ff i mean ir episodes are always the best but today was the special one. And ur Precap is also intresting hope the twist doesn’t apart them but love ur ff

  3. Awesome sanam love your FF

  4. Its outstanding sanam asusual

  5. love is in d air….luv it

  6. Can’t wait for next epi….

  7. Mind-blowing sanam it was just suoerb , i always become speechless for ur ff’s , they r just amazing , keep writing and yeah 1 more thing upload your next ff soon. And i think twinj romantic scenez should be lil long. Overall the episode was 222222 and tooooooo… gooooooooood
    Keep writing

  8. Romantic episode sanam ! Hope the twist doesn’t create rift between Twinj.

  9. sanam d episode was jst mindblowing …. wtng fr d nxt one

  10. tysm guys 4 ur awesome comments and keep commenting the same way. ……..
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  11. Xtrekely romantic;)

  12. Nice episode sanam

  13. So romANtiCc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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