Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 32)


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P : do u take aliya as ur wife
Kunj remains silent
A : kunj tell him that u do
K : i do
Kunj and aliya exchange their rings and both share an kiss
Twinkle gets shocked at this and runs out crying and kunj follows her
Twinkle just couldn’t believe wt her eyes had seen and commits suicide by hanging her to the fan
Kunj breaks the door and sees twinkle suffocating
He gets her down and places her head on his lap and cries asking her to get up
Twinkle gains an bit of consciousness and says him that she loves him and dies in his arms
Kunj cries bitterly
Aliya looks at them and laughs evilly

P : i repeat do u take kunj to b ur husband?
Aliya realises that it was just an day dream
A : i do
P : do u take aliya as ur wife?
K : i do. ….
Aliya asks him to think over again
An voice comes
He wouldn’t have to think over it aliya
It’s none other than maya
A : u?
M : yes me ….ur game ends here
A : oh really! !!but I don’t think so !!

M : but I believe so
She comes to aliya and slaps her hard on her cheeks
Aliya looks at her in anger
A : how dare u ? Do u know ur this slap òn my face wd cost u lot
She calls the goons and orders them to kill usha
Aliya laughs evilly
Person : sry but I can’t do it as am not the goon
He laughs
A : wt? Who r u ?
P : uv
Aliya is shocked at this
A : how is this possible?
M : I’ll tell u
Fb is shown
On the function day as maya entered she saw aliya getting pissed off seeing twinj together
Maya follows her and hears her speaking to goons to kidnap usha
Maya is shocked to hear this

Maya informs about this To Uv
Uv comes to kunj’s house and sees goons taking usha with them
He hides seeing them coming out and later follows them and informs police
Police reach there and arrest the goons and uv frees usha
Maya comes there and takes her home
A : oh wow I must say u r smart but I am smarter
U saved kunj but how will u save twinkle
She laughs evilly
M : ya u r r8. . U r smarter but I am smartest
She smirks and aliya is shocked
Fb is shown
Poorab tries to rape twinkle and she repeatedly cries for help uv breaks the lock and punches poorab hard
Police come there and arrest him
Twinkle goes and hugs uv tightly
Maya continues I knew u wd always have an second plan along with u
Kunj comes to aliya and slaps her hard
K : how dare u hurt my twinkle
Police comes to church and arrest aliya

K : i want to meet twinkle
Uv comes there with twinkle dressed as an bride
Kunj gets teary eyed
Uv comes to kunj and gives twinkle’s hand in his
Twinj hug each other
Usha leela and the others come there
P : do u take kunj as ur husband?
T : yes I do
P : do u take twinkle as ur wife?
K : yes I do
Twinj exchange rings and share an passionate lip lock
The versus of beautiful in white by westlife plays

So as long as I live I’ll love u
Will have and hold u
U look so beautiful in white
And from now up until my last breath
This day I’ll cherish .. u look so beautiful in white tonight

Everyone hug each other happily
Leela and usha hug each other
Twinj smile
Screen freezes

Precap : twinj romantic moments

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. Awwww!! Sooo cute episode sanam!! I love you Maya and UV for making twinj Unite??

  2. Finally..dat brat is out n twinj r married

  3. reading the precap m eagerly waiting fr ur nxt episode….plz update soon

  4. Nice one Sanam…

  5. Just awesome
    No words left in ur praise
    M just speechless. . Loved it …awesome
    Plz keep writingand update the next epi sap ..m just spellbound ..
    thank u soo much for this wonderful
    Sanam ty

  6. u took my life almost by writing twinkle ‘s dead…awsum update as usual… n 1 more thing.. is westlife ur fav??

    1. westlife is my life

  7. Thanks a lot guys 4 ur awesome comments
    and keep commenting the same way. ..
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  8. Ur ff is awesome like always..??

  9. ur ff is jst ossum….

  10. Is this the last ff?? But toooooooo nice

  11. sanam wow nic episode very lovely episode i luv it i donot hav words to express my feeling about ur ff ur r rocking…

  12. Thanks a lot guys 4 ur awesome comments and keep commenting the same way. ……love you all lots

  13. No words to say…. It is amazing fabulous ………..

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