Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 31)


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Kunj leaves to his house
Twinkle smiles at him as goes
Twinkle thinks
I wonder whose call was that …shall I talk about this to kunj
No that’s personal, how can I tell him
But I can’t stay quite either
She calls kunj
Kunj was driving and all of sudden he puts an break when he finds someone lying on the road unconscious
He gets down from the car and goes to the person
The person gets up at once and injects kunj something
The person is none other than Aliya

T : Oh god his phone is switched off now wt to do
( guys 4 those who r wondering in btwn the tashan hw cm she got kunj’s no u can give work to ur brains to smehw imagine it 😉 )

Kunj falls on the road unconscious
Aliya puts him in car and drives it off
Aliya calls sm1
A : M dne now it’s ur turn
Person : good yes now it’s time for poorab to cme into the battle field
Aliya drives to some remote place
The next morning kunj finds himself tied to an chair
K : how did I reach here and which is this place
He finds someone coming to him
She is none other than Aliya
A : Gm kunj darling
K : where have you brought me ? And y ?
A : oh cm on … don’t get so hyper atleast on this special occasion
K : wt occasion?
A : oh ya !!! I didn’t inform u I forgot to
I meant our marriage darling
Kunj is hell shocked at this
K : wt ?
A : yes my darling… today v will get United and then will live happily ever after
She laughs evilly
K : this will never happen … not even in ur dreams
A : awwww sooo sweet but it has to happen and not even ur beloved twinkle
K : beloved twinkle! !!
He recalls his past (everything plays in negative)
A : ya she was ur past and an ur present
K : i will never marry u
Aliya calls some ppl and asks them to get him ready fast
They take him and kunj tries to resist but fails

@ church
Aliya is ready in bridal attire
Kunj is brought in white suite
A : let’s go in my darling
K : M not gonna
A : K then 5ne
If u don’t want ur mother to b alive then fine I won’t resist
K : wt my mother ?
A : yes she is in my captive and now if u don’t marry me u will lose her 4 ever
The choice is all urs u want twinkle or ur mom
She laughs evilly
Kunj having no option agrees to marry her
Both enter the church
Priest starts the rituals
P : do u take aliya as ur husband?
A : yes I do
P : do u take aliya as ur wife ?
Kunj doesn’t answer and is in tears
A : kunj answer
Episode ends

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Credit to: sanam

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  1. Hii sanam.. m jst loving ur ff 1 request plz reunite twinj bcoz i cant see kunj with that chhipkali ( lizard ) aliya and twinkle with that dumbo poorab ..
    Hate u aliya and poorab .. love twinj.
    Plz update the next part asap ..if possible then today. .plz if possible then plz do ..eagerly waiting fr ur ff …..
    Plz get a longer episode next time….
    Plz.. plz…plzx .a
    Actually u and ur ff both are sweet and awesome. .
    I dnt wanna hurt any ff writrr
    Coz i look for ur episodes eagerly ..
    Love u all ff writers. .
    U all just rock…

  2. very nice episode..

  3. plz unite kunj……plz…..

  4. I think so its a judaai trck for Twinj but please unite them soon…
    And love ur ff dear.

  5. Its really nice but pls keep it a bit long.and pls unite twinj soon

  6. No dear its amazing.but plz… Unite twinj soon

  7. Plzz say no kunj plzz..don’t marry dat brat aliya..plzz

  8. Omg, whose gonna save kunj ?
    N its interesting.

  9. Thanks a lot guys 4 ur lovely comments
    luv u all loads and loads♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    🙂 🙂 😉 0:-)

  10. Seems 2 b intrsting…..?
    Feeling excited….
    N u don’t need to end it Sanam

  11. wow sanam…awesome episode……….love u loads

  12. amazing as usual…….sanam..

  13. wanna punch that witch hard…hope u’ll do that for me sanam…

  14. Meenat Abubakar

    Nice 1 sanam! Tu mera sanam hua re

  15. Thanks a lot guys and keep commenting
    luv u all

  16. Hey sanam it was nice plse update nxt part soon

  17. I like ur twists coz they are nt boring at alllLll

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