Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 30)


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Both feel awkward and break their hug
T : thank u so much kunj ,… u did so much 4 me
if u weren’t there then I would have
Kunj puts his hand on her mouth
K : no matter wt happens. .. even if I have to risk my life
I will never let sm1 harm u

Twinkle looks at him with teary eyes
Kunj releases his hand
Twinkle eyes him lovingly. ..agar tum saath ho plays
K : it’s too late , I’ll drop u home
Twinkle nods and both leave
Kunj opens the door for her and makes her sit
They both leave in car
Twinkle and kunj share some awkward moment
Kunj turns on the radio and swear it again of westlife plays
Twinj think
Y do I relieved wn u r wth me … I feel my life is complete
When I see u smile I feel happy but y

The versus of the song plays
Am never gonna say goodbye
Cse I never wanna see u cry

I swore to u my love will remain
And I swear it all over again
Am never gonna treat u bad
Cse I never wanna see y sad
I swore to share ur joy and ur pain
And I swear it all over again

Twinj look at each other for a while and kunj looks forward and drives to her house
They reach to her house
T : thank you so much kunj
K : don’t tell me thanks … u can consider me as ur friend
T : u r more special to me than an friend
Kunj stares at her in surprise. ..
Both wave an bye and leave

T : mom M back
Getting no response she realises that she has gone to Mumbai for some work
T : Ohh god I forgot that maa isn’t home
Idk to prepare food and at this time I don’t think restaurants wd b open
She gets an call from an unknown no
She picks it up
Person : I love u and u r only mine … do u get that
T : who r u ? And wt rubbish is this
Person cuts the call
She gets scared and feels someone’s presence in her house
She takes an bat in her hand and slowly steps forward

An person comes from behind
Person : bhoo
Twinkle gets scared and starts hitting the person badly until she gets tired
The person is none other than kunj
T : kunj !!
K : who welcomes the guest in this manner
T : am so sorry kunj ..but wt r u doing here?
K : i came to return u this
He shows twinkle her chain with an beautiful pendant
T : oh thank god! ! It’s very precious to me
My maa gifted me this on my previois birthday
K : atleast now show some mercy on me

T : oh ya sorry
She goes and gets the 1st aid box
She applies medicine and he keeps staring at her lovingly
Main tenu samjhavan from humpty sharma ki dulhaniya plays
Twinkle is done with it
T : Well u r not that bad as i thought karoos sarna! !!
K : nor u r that bad siyappa queen! !!
Unknowingly they address each other in the same names by which they did b4
They both smile
K : did u have ur food?
T : no actually my mom is gone out and Idk to prepare
K : i know to prepare noodles
T : oh thank god u saved my day
K : but it’s n8
T : ya r8 n8

Both smile
Kunj is preparing noodles and twinkle is busy staring at him
K : will u keep staring at me or will u too do something?
T : am doing na staring at u
Kunj is surprised to hear this
Twinkle realises wt she just said
T : hmm I meant to say ki
K : i can understand. ..If an handsome is in front who will not stare at him
Twinkle gives him an fake smile
T : 4 ur kind information I’ve been miss amritsar !!
K : Ohhhh..kunj looks at her
K : wt did u just say ? Amritsar
T : ya

K : even M from there
T : wt?
K : ya .., so strange
T : ya strange (in an awkward tone)
K : well noodles r ready
He gets 2 plates and keeps it on the dining
He gets the noodles
Twinkle goes and sits on her seat
Twinkle takes the bowl and offers herself the noodles
And tastes it
K : how was it ?
T : I feel up

She empties up the noodles in her plate alone
K : oh hello madam. .even am hungry!!
T : u prepare again
He takes the bowl to the kitchen
There was a bit more left in it and he tastes it
He goes to the fridge and empties up the whole milk packet and feels relieved
He goes out to find twinkle drinking lots of water
K : twinkle r u mad ? How r u eating it …it’s damm spicy!!!
T : no its perfect !!
K : enough I tasted Sm… don’t lie now
kunj takes her plate and goes to throw the noodles in the dustbin but she stops him
T : Kunj don’t do that … u have done it with so much of love
She takes the plate from his hand and eats the rest of the noodles and smiles
Kunj is touched by her words.. ishq bulava plays

Precap : poorab and aliya’s plan to separate twinj

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Credit to: sanam

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