Twinj ki ek kahaani (Episode 3)

To Thanks u guys for ur comments .. well I don’t know whether I could upload my episodes regularly but I’ll try my best. …. love u all ♥♥♥♥♥

The episode starts with everyone leaving to their house kunj goes to cafeteria to clean it and twinkle reaches there
K : twinkle u here?
T : actually I came here to help you
K :how did you know about this?
T : actually I heard yours and yuvi’s conversation. . I tried to speak to yuvi but he is ignoring me … He thinks that I am in your favour and not in his.. u know him na
K : it’s Ok twinkle u don’t tell me sorry from his behalf. …well u came here to help me because u thought I would complain about yuvi to principal sir right? …don’t worry I won’t do that
T : it’s nothing like that ….. u have done so much for me then can’t I do this little for you .. plz kunj

K : no twinkle u go home…. ur mom might be tensed for u
T : don’t u worry about that. … mahi will manage everything there… u know na I don’t like anyone going against my wish
K : Ok fine then
Twinkle cleans the table while kunj mops the floor . Both accidentally collide and twinkle falls on the floor over kunj… Both share an eye lock … sajna ve plays
K : twinkle I know that I am very handsome but that doesn’t mean that you would take advantage of we being alone … and upon that u r so heavy ..
Twinkle gets up
T : shut up kunj , am not heavy
well some people have a lot of misunderstandings about themselves
U and handsome? She starts laughing
K : oh really siyappa queen! !! He laughs
T : don’t call me an siyappa queen or else…..

K : or else what siyappa queen?
T : kunj I said na don’t call me by that name, or else. or else
She goes to the cafeteria kitchen and gets an egg and points it on you
T : or else I will throw this egg on you
K : kunj oh god plz save me help help!!!!
He starts laughing
She gets angry and throws the egg on kunj
Kunj looks on shocked and twinkle starts laughing
Kunj comes to her but she runs away
She slips and is about to fall but kunj holds her on time in his arms
Both share an intense eye lock. .. mere rubaroo plays
Kunj comes closer to twinkle

Twinkle thinks what is he upto and closes her eyes
Kunj secretly takes the ketchup from the table and puts it on her
He leaves her and starts laughing
Twinkle looks at him angrily
K : so I win
He leaves and twinkle stares at kunj angrily while he leaves

Luthra mansion
Yuvi comes back home and sana greets him
Yuvi feels happy seeing sana and hugs her tightly and says do u know how much I missed you my jaan
S : even I missed you a lot Bro
Y : well when did you come?
S : I came in the morning.. u had gone to college
Y : am so happy that u came. … I’ll keep an party for ur u tmr in an 5 ★ hotel
S : ( exhited) thank you so much Bro
She hugs him tightly. ..He too hugs her back

Sarna mansion :
Kunj returns home
U: what’s all this kunj?
Maya comes there and starts laughing at him
Ma: seems like you had a lot of fun , I can understand
Kunj makes an weird expression at maya and leaves
Kunj goes to his room and goes to change
He comes back and thinks about his moments with twinkle and smiles

Taneja mansion :
Twinkle comes back home
Leela looks at twinkle and starts laughing
L: what have you done of yourself twinkle
Mahi comes and asks mom y are u laughing
She looks at twinkle and she too starts laughing
Ma : di u look so cute awww
L: mahi , …twinkle didn’t have her bf na … so she might have been very hungry and then looking at her condition u can make a guess of the way she might have eaten
T : Ha ha ha very funny …. go on with ur job of making fun of me
Twinkle gets pissed off and leaves to her room
Mahi also leaves
Leela gets someone’s call and goes to her room and locks the door
Leela attends to the call

L :I told you not to call me …. If someone would have got to know about this
Listen to me now, I’ll meet you tmr and she cuts the call
Episode ends at leela’s tensed face

Precap : sana follows leela and is shocked to see something

Hope you guys would like it and plz do comment
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