Twinj ki ek kahaani ( Episode 29)


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Aliya is shocked to hear wt kunj said
Aliya thinks
Do whatever u want kunj but I will get u back by hook or crook
I will never let u and twinkle unite again

Kunj is at party with girls surrounding him
Twinkle looks at this and thinks
Wt kind of person is he !!! He is flirting with these ladies
4get hw does it even matter to me
She searches for poorab
Poorab is busy having fun with his friends and ladies
Twinkle thinks
Ya I thought kunj is so n so person but this poorab is less o wt?
God knows how did v bcm gf bf
Oh freak srsly Wts wrong with me ?
I mind if kunj is with some other girl but never care if poorab does the same
Since wn did I start caring for him
Twinkle u must go home and have some rest !!

She plans to leave when sm1 holds her hand
It’s none other than kunj
Twinkle gets surprised at this
He takes her to an side and pins her to the wall
T : wt r u doing? Leave me (serious tone)
Kunj comes close to her
They both are really very close
Twinkle feels butterflies in her stomach
T : Kk kunj
He puts his finger on her lips and stops her
twinj share an intense eye lock. .. mere rubaroo plays
Kunj comes close to her ear
Twinkle closes her eyes
K : i …
Twinkle opens her eyes gently and stares at him
T : ( in an soft tone) u wt?
K : i … I wnt ur help
T : wt? (funny tone plays )
K : ya well wt did u think I wd say?
T : I thought u wd say that I lo. ..
K : wt ?
T : I look good
K : u r absolutely right. .. well u were waiting for my complement ha?(teasing her)
T : well 4gt abt that n tell wt help u need ?
K : u
T : wt ?
K : ya I want u 2 my gf
T : have u lost it?
K : 4 ur kind information girls die for me and m not interested in u….I am asking u 2 just act
T : y?
K : cse v look hot together …hw many questions du u ask it’s just to make aliya feel jealous
T : oh i see
K : so will u b my gf
T : well u r pleading so much then I’ll accept
Kunj makes his one eyebrow up like that in tei
T : wt?
K : nothing

On the other hand aliya is busy searching for kunj
Kunj enters with twinkle with her hand in his arms
Aliya gets jealous angry looking at them
Aliya goes to an guy and starts flirting with him but the guy doesn’t seem interested
An guy comes to her and lends her an Red rose
aliya is shocked at it and asks him to get lost
He is an buddy of somewt 60 .. 😉
Twinkle tries to control her laugh
Aliya sees this and leaves in anger
Poorab sees her with kunj and stares at her angrily
She ignores it
Poorab comes to her and asks her to come with him
But twinkle doesn’t agree
Poorab tries to force her but she pushes him away and slaps him
T : poorab (shouts )
Poorab is shocked at this and pulls her towards him in anger twinkle tries to free herself but he holds her by waist
P : u slap me in front of everyone and now u will kiss me in front of them
Poorab tries to kiss her forcibly and she cries asking him to leave her
Kunj punches poorab hard and twinkle goes and stands behind him crying
Kunj hits him badly and poorab hits him back
Finally poorab leaves and before he cd leaves he tells twinkle that she wd have to pay for this
Twinkle goes and hugs kunj tightly and cries bitterly
Kunj hugs her back and caresses her head

He too has tears in his eyes …agar tum saath ho plays
Everyone leave
Kunj cups her face and wipes her tears with his hand
K : twinkle it’s fine .. I won’t let anything happen to u
T : thank you kunj
She hugs him again and he too hugs her back

Precap : twinj cute moments

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