twinj ki ek kahaani ( episode 27)

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Twinkle stares at kunj leaving and she too leaves 4 shopping
Inside aliya was waiting for kunj since long and finally he comes to her
A : kunj srsly do u have any idea since how long have I been waiting 4 u ???
K : M sorry aliya … I know u r upset with me. .but
A : 4gt it now … let’s go inside for shopping
They both leave and enter some shop
A : Wow so many collections! !! Kunj y don’t u shop urself and I will buy some dresses 4 me
K : K 5ne

Twinkle is in the same shop busy selecting the dresses kunj goes to another shop and buys a suit for himself
He returns back to find aliya not yet done with her shopping
K : aliya my sweet heart how long wd u take?
A : kunj u came so soon ?
Kunj makes his one eyebrow up as that in tei
K : i thought it was already an hour …it’s k u keep going kunj is about to go out but he accidentally collides with twinkle and she falls over him with her hair on her face covering it
Kunj was about to take the hair off her face when he hears aliya calling him
Twinkle gets up turns to the other side and makes her hair proper and leaves
K : excuse me … hmm M sorry for this
Twinkle leaves without hearing it
She leave a from there
Aliya comes to him
A : kunj am calling u since so long and u ??
K : sorry r u done with ur shopping?
A : ya I m done
K : let’s go then……. they leave
Twinkle comes out and calls poorab
P : hello baby u r done ?

T : ya come soon
She cuts the call
Aliya and kunj come out holding hands speaking something
Wind blows and twinkle feels the voice familiar to her
She turns to find kunj and aliya going to their car with their back facing towards her
Twinkle tries to see their face but poorab gets his car and comes to her
Twinkle sits in the car and they leave
Aliya and kunj also leave

They both are stuck in an traffic jam with their cars side by side
Kunj looks here and there and is about to see twinkle but the Jam gets cleared and poorab and twinkle leave
the car behind kunj’s plays an horn
A : kunj wt r u doing? Start the car and lets leave from here
Kunj does so
A : Wts wrong with u kunj ? Where r u lost
K : nothing like that
A : kunj stop the car house has come
K : M m soo sorry

A : is everything 5ne with u ?
K : ya
He bids an bye and leaves
Kunj thinks
Wts wrong with me today ?

In the evening kunj comes to aliya’s home to pick her up and they both leave for the party
On the other hand even twinkle and poorab leave for the party
Kunj and aliya reach to the party and everyone greets them
Aliya leaves with her friends
Twinkle and poorab arrive and poorab gets busy with his friends
The other fashion designers r also present and r quite jealous that twinkle wd b awarded as the best one
They plan to ruin her day and purposely spill juice on the floor ..twinkle unknowingly walks through it and slips and is about to fall but kunj holds her in his arms on time (same as that in tei -their 1st meet in party )
They both share an eye lock fitoor mera plays
Aliya and poorab are shocked to see them together that way
Twinj compose themselves
Twinkle says thanks leaves hesitantly
Twinj think

Y do I feel like I know him /her very well though we never met …honge judaa na hum serial track plays
Poorab and aliya comes to twinkle and kunj and ask if they are fine and both nod in an yes
Mc greets everyone
Mc: as u all know we all have gathered here to award the best artist and best fashion designer in the whole of London
So I kindly request twinj to come on stage
Kunj comes to the stage
Twinkle is about to step up but kunj stops her and gives his hand and smiles
twinkle gives an awkward smile and gives her hand in his. ..kunj takes her to the stage
Aliya and poorab gets pissed off seeing this
Mc calls out someone to give them the award

They both are awarded and everyone clap for them
They both congrat each other and smile
Kunj thinks
Wts wrong with me ? Y did I offer my hand to her
Twinkle thinks
Y I felt an known touch
Episode ends at their face

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  1. precap: twinj romantic dance
    well I forgot to make an mention of it
    kindly note
    twinkle is wearing an royal blue gown
    She looks fabulous and stunning
    kunj is wearing an black royal suit

    1. wow sanam nice precap

  2. Nice one..I like it

  3. Nice but take out this aiya…I hate her…..

  4. hope twinj regain their memories soon….

  5. Nice one yr…

  6. Awesome sanam….u r just fab….

  7. awesome….

  8. guys this is an article written by me plss do read it!!!


  10. Thanks ff reader for this update
    hope twinj will unite soon

  11. A good episo. Hope that Twinj gain there memory back soon.

  12. Its just awesome sanam

  13. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Alia and poorab, they’re just delivering fake love.
    Anyways nice episode.

  14. Thanks a lot guys 4 ur awesome comments
    love you all to the stars high above
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  15. wow….sanam …the episode is fantabulous…just like u…….waiting eagerly for t moment when twinj gains there memory..

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